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By Harel Williams and Rose Grabowski

UA Coordinating Committee Members

Dear UA,

Last week in class, amidst my excitement about knowing the answer to one of the Professor’s questions, I jumped up and scraped my knee on one of those rusty 10-250 chairs. Ashamed, I limped over to MIT Medical. They treated my battle wound with care, but when it came to the choice of Band-Aids, I was unsatisfied with the selection. I wanted a Care Bear one, but got stuck with Scooby-Doo. Is there a way I could talk to MIT Medical higher-ups in order to correct such inadequacies?


We appreciate your love for Care Bears, but we are Winnie the Pooh fans ourselves. That being said, there is a great way to affect change at MIT Medical and that is through the newly formed Student Health Advisory Committee.

Their mission is to improve services at MIT Medical and other health-related services at MIT, and to provide a student voice in the administration and management of those services.

If you are interested, please e-mail Good luck on your quest, and don’t forget about the little people.

Dear UA,

If Ken Nesmith is going to leave for the rest of the term, what happens to his position of VP? Does he keep it? Does the President appoint a new one? It goes to the second place person, right?

--Angry runner-up

Members of the Class Council must be listed by the registrar as members of their class, and since Ken is still listed as 2004, he is able to hold his elected office. In case you were wondering, Ken is spending the semester at Oxford University.

There are no other stipulations on where the officer performs his duties. If at some point the registrar decides that being in Oxford causes him to lose class of 2004 status, the Senate could vote to let him keep 2004 status.

This actually happened in 2000 when Vikram Gottam, VP of the class of 2001, spent a semester away from MIT. The 2001 President presented a motion before the UA Senate to allow Gottam to remain 2001, the motion passed, and Gottam retained his position.

However, if an officer is removed or chooses to leave office, the Class Council would hold a new election to replace him. If you have any further concerns, e-mail your Class Council at

Dear UA,

I'm a big soccer player, and I’ve noticed that the people living on Dorm Row have access to Brigg's field whenever they want. But since I live in Simmons, I can't always get into the field. On behalf of my fellow Simmonites, we will not endure this prejudice any longer. I would like to stand up against this injustice. What should I do?

--Soccer to ‘em

Wow, calm down, man. Being the newest dorm on campus, there are obviously still a few things that need to be done to make amenities equal for everyone.

At last Monday’s Senate meeting, Candace Royer, the director of athletics, updated us on the situation. Apparently there are plans in the works to build a new gate in the Westgate Parking Lot to make it easier for students to walk between Simmons and Dorm Row, although we’ll see if there’s a way to get more off-hours athletics access as well.

You can contact your new Simmons Senator Cameron Sadegh ’06 ( about this because he’s decided to work on this issue.

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