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Big Fuss Over Loux’s Choice

To the Editor:

There is not enough space on a page to address every problem with Brian Loux’s Oct. 21st column “Big Fuss Over Little’s Choice in 7th Game,” so I will highlight as few as possible while satisfying my need to speak out on something I read that made me angry.

The first thing Loux did wrong was to compare the Red Sox with the Baltimore Orioles in terms of World Series droughts. The Orioles won the World Series in 1983, and the Red Sox last won it in 1918. There is no comparison.

Next, Loux tried to absolve Grady Little by saying that he was only trusting Pedro when he told Little he wasn’t tiring in the 8th inning. Of course, as the ace of the pitching staff, Pedro has an ego, and he would never admit, “I can’t do this.” It is a skilled manager’s job to take this into account and determine for himself his pitcher’s status. Little should have seen the facts staring at him in the face: Pedro had thrown well over 100 pitches and Mike Timlin was rested, ready, and nearly perfect in the postseason.

Loux claimed that there was a deeper problem that faced the Red Sox this year. Guess what? The two problems were the bullpen and Grady Little. The bullpen got its act together in October. Grady Little did not. Throughout the season, he would do specific things that made little to no sense (pitcher changes, pinch runners, lineups, etc.) at the time they occurred. In particular, he sent 3 runners into strike-’em-out, throw-’em-out double plays against the Yankees in this year’s ALCS. Little was out-managed consistently this year, and his boneheaded decisions cost the Red Sox several games, possibly enough to have won the division.

Disparaging the fan attitude in Boston is uncalled for. The article claimed that Sox fans are always compelled to find a single scapegoat in order to move on as opposed to blaming the team or their opponent. This weak generalization relied on just a few notable examples, Babe Ruth notwithstanding. The article then stated that the fans’ attitude is “such that if maybe they lost it all, it wouldn’t be all that surprising.” Implying that Sox fans expect to lose every year is insulting. To the contrary, we might be the most hopeful, enthusiastic, and optimistic of all sports fans.

The Red Sox had the pennant all but wrapped up, and Grady Little gave it away. He made bad judgments this year, and his most recent one was the worst of all. Brian Loux was either not watching the Red Sox closely this year, or wasn’t watching at all. His article was nothing more than a sequence of puzzling and uninformed arguments. If he wants to make his “way back to Camden Yards,” that’s just fine with me and many other actual, loyal Red Sox fans.

Andrew M. Lee ‘07

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