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Head of the Charles Info.

By Craig Rothman


Good places to watch the Head of the Charles regatta, which will take place this Saturday and Sunday, all day:

Boston University Bridge -- Looking to the east from the Boston University Bridge, you can watch the crews start the race, right across from the Boston University boathouse. Looking to the west from the BU Bridge, you can watch the crews as they complete the first 500 meters of the race and enter the first turn near Riverside Boatclub into Powerhouse Stretch.

Magazine Beach / Riverside Boatclub Area -- This is the area where most visiting crews setup their shells and launch. This is another good place to watch crews during the first 500 meters, and from Riverside Boatclub, you can watch the crews come around the turn and finish the first mile down Powerhouse Stretch.

Weeks Footbridge -- This is a good vantage point to watch the middle of the race. This is one of the hardest turns for coxswains during the race, and you can usually watch a few crashes from novice crews around this turn. If you want to see exciting action during the race, this is where a lot of crews make their moves and boats try to pass each other.

Lars-Anderson Bridge -- This bridge is only a few hundred meters after the Weeks Footbridge and is another turn under the bridge during the race. From the south side of this bridge you can watch people coming out of the Weeks Footbridge turn, and from the north you can watch the crews finish the second mile as they go down into the last third of the race around Eliot Bridge.

MIT Lineups

First Varsity Heavyweight Men

Event: Collegiate 8+

Bow: #16

Time: Sunday 12:26 p.m.

Cox--Craig J. Rothman ’05

8--John J. Cooley ’05

7--John B. Miller ’05

6--Christopher Wodzicki G

5--Robert A. Figueiredo ’05

4--R. Andrew Hill ’05

3--John J. Bergin ’06

2--Alexander C. Ince-Cushman G

1--Ian H. Whitehead CMI

Second Varsity Heavyweight Men

Event: Club 8+

Bow: #53

Time: Saturday 12:00 p.m.

Cox--Lee S. Squitieri ’05

8--Kieran F. Culligan ’06

7--Adam S. Kaczmarek ’06

6--Aaron H. Bell ’06

5--Michael Whitaker ’06

4--Christopher R. Rhodes ’06

3--Harry J. Lichter ’06

2--Nicholas A. Allard ’06

1--Brian T. Neltner ’05

Freshmen Heavyweight Men

Event: Club 4+

Bow: #20

Time: Saturday 12:42 p.m.

Cox--Nestor Lara ’07

4--William G. Tetler ’07

3-- Arthur J. Franke ’07

2--Martin E. Harrysson ’07

1--Francis O’Sullivan G

First Varsity Lightweight Men

Event: Lightweight 8+

Bow: #17

Time: Sunday 2:18 p.m.

Cox--Louise R Giam ’06

8--Bo Morgan ’04

7--Jacob J. Ornelas ’05

6--Derrick O. Carpenter ’04

5--Michael P. Farry ’04

4--Peter S. Jaglom ’05

3--Sven H. Chilton ’05

2--Nick R. Powley ’04

1--Jeremy K. Mason ’05

Second Varsity Lightweight Men

Event: Club 8+

Bow: #17

Time: Saturday 12:00 p.m.

Cox--Ashley T. Richman ’04

8--Steven A. Block G

7--Atif Z. Qadir ’04

6--Frederick D. Wang ’05

5--Aadel A. Chaudhuri ’04

4--Dmitry Portnyagin ’04

3--Ben M. Schwartz ’06

2--Patrick J. Hart ’06

1--Michael Scharfstein ’06

Varsity Lightweight Women

Event: Lightweight 8+

Bow: #9

Time: Sunday 2:28 p.m.

Cox--Linda Z. Tao ’06

8--Laura C. Harris ’07

7--Annemarie N. Grandke ’04

6--Shutsu K. Chai ’06

5--Elina Groberman ’04

4--Yong-Hwa Lee ’05

3--Sarah F. Newman ’06

2--Catherine S. Yao ’06

1--Katherine P. Hung ’06

Varsity Lightweight Women

Event: Lightweight 4+

Bow: #9

Time: Sunday 1:33 p.m.

Cox--Jeanna Q. Liu ’07

4--Ashley A. Shurick ’06

3--Veena G. Ramaswamy ’06

2--Antonella I. Alunni ’06

1--Jeanette C. Fershtman ’04

Varsity Openweight Women

Event: Champ 8+

Bow: #40

Time: Sunday 4:08 p.m.

Cox--Jessica Chiafair ’05

8--Ruth Davidson ’07

7--Akua A. Nti ’06

6--Katthy E. Hufford ’05

5--Kelsey Y. Vandermeulen ’06

4--Teresa W. Shyr ’05

3--Lauren A. Jones ’06

2--Melissa W. Gregson ’06

1--Erin K. Mathewson ’05

Varsity Openweight Women

Event: Club 4+

Bow: #42

Time: Saturday 12:56 pm

Cox--Maria E. Tanner ’04

4--Jessica L. Wargo ’04

3--Jaryn E. Finch ’04

2--Kavitha S. Rameswamy ’04

1--Cynthia Wilson ’06