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Stay in the Rye

Stephanie Wei Wang

Disagree. I expect nothing less from you.

Seek the truth but never believe that you have found it.

Tool the night away but don’t be a tool.

Examine life but don't forget to live it.

Relativity isn't just a concept in physics.

Binaries are for computation, not for society.

Life is a class with no final so be prepared for everything else.

If it doesn't work, you might be making progress.

Don't keep the default settings. Always modify.

The absolutes are just statistical approximations.

If it doesn’t make sense, don't accept it.

Know the rules if you want to break them.

Teaching is learning.

Find perspective, and if you do, please give me some.

In a big debate, it’s always both.

Choose your struggles but don’t settle.

The unknown doesn’t get smaller.

There are never enough boxes to fit everything into.

Labeling the boxes adds to the confusion.

If we are all Sisyphus, we are at the bottom of the mountain.

Youth is thinking about the questions that cannot be answered.

“Supposed to” is a figment of our imagination.

Nothing is mandatory.

Destabilize the status quo for something better.

Reality is in the eye of the beholder. So is beauty, order, and all the other inscrutable concepts.

Our existence is luck and the rest is up to us.

42 is better than nothing.

Punting can be good for you.

Balance is overrated. The jury is still out on happiness.

Even if you skipped kindergarten, those lessons will be learned.

Wisdom doesn’t come with age but with experience.

It is one world no matter how many ways we try to divide it.

There is no [fill in the blank] so don’t wait for the proof.

Very few things never change. Hold onto those things.

Some advice gets better with age; the rest you will forget.

Expect nothing. Imagine everything.

Love without expecting anything in return.

Dare to disturb the universe.

Celebrate deviance.

Activate our differences.

Flout fear.

Don’t defer dreams.

Cynically idealize.

Overcome inertia.

Embrace change.

Reclaim humanity.

Be passionate.

Make it possible.

Question everything.