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Police Log

The following incidents were reported to the MIT Campus Police between January 1 and February 11, 2001. This summary contains most incidents reported to Campus Police but does not include incidents such as: medical shuttles, ambulance transfers, false alarms, generals service calls, etc.

January 1: Theta Chi, malicious damage, Bldg. W34, suspicious activity, Bldg. E23, suspicious activity, Vassar Street suspicious person, check and inquiry.

January 2: East Garage, attempted larceny of car by damaging ignition, but thief stole laundry basket full of clothes instead; Bldg. 16, suspicious computer activity.

January 3: Bldg. E15, employee problem; Albany Garage, report of excessive dirt on vehicle; Bldg. 54, larceny of miscellaneous items.

January 4: Student Center, odor of something burning, discovered it was fish cooking; 500 Memorial Drive, malicious damage to vehicle; Student Center, report of suspicious activity; Bldg. 9, check and inquiry of individual, trespass warning issued.

January 5: Bldg. 4, audio visual equipment stolen, $630; Student Center, shoplifting from The Coop of a scooter; Bldg. 68, annoying phone calls.

January 6: Bldg. 42, suspicious activity; Bldg. E19, harassment.

January 7:Student Center, report of person smoking in building; Random Hall, report of car alarm sounding, disturbing residents.

January 8: Student Center, Christopher Toppi of 411 Walden Street, Cambridge, arrested on an outstanding warrant; Baker, candle left burning in an unattended room causing small fire; Du Pont, backpack stolen, $40; Bldg. E19, assist with an employee problem.

January 9: West Annex lot, Jeep Cherokee stolen, later recovered in Medford; Sloan Lot, report of an altercation, discovered to be a person talking loudly to himself, issued him a trespass warning; Cambridge, Zeta Psi, bikes stolen 1) $300; 2) $1,200.

January 10: Bldg. 16, two laptops stolen, $6,400; Bldg. 48, check and inquiry of person; Bldg. W32, report of person refusing to leave area, checks out okay.

January 11: Bldg. N52, coat stolen, $330; Ashdown, report of smoke, same discovered to be burnt popcorn; Bldg. N51, report of suspicious activity, discovered to be an employee problem; Bldg. W34, check and inquiry of individual who was issued a trespass warning.

January 12: Student Center, three homeless persons, issued trespass warnings; rear of Bldg. NW61, suspicious persons.

January 13: Theta Chi, report of students throwing oranges out window causing damage to vehicle; Bldg. 36, report of three males in women’s room; Hayden Library, report of unattended child, located parents; Du Pont, wallet stolen, $70, wallet later recovered minus cash.

January 15: Bldg. 18, 1) identification stolen; 2) computer equipment stolen, $5,100; 3) walkman stolen $300; Bldg. 66, suspicious person.

January 16: Bldg. 6, report of suspicious person; Pay Lot, report of person panhandling; Memorial Dr., report of suspicious activity; Bldg. E18, laptop and other items stolen, $1,570.

January 17: Bldg. 36, man sleeping on a table, checks out okay; Bldg. 35, report of person with a knife, situation investigated and resolved; Bldg.9, bike stolen, $289; Bldg. 14, software stolen, $660; Bldg. W16, bike seat stolen, $20; Du Pont, student ID stolen; 500 Memorial Drive, wallet stolen, $65; Bldg. 56, bike stolen, unknown value; LaVerde’s, pocketbook stolen, $430.

January 18: NW12 lot, report of a fight, parties gone upon MIT Police arrival; Lobby 7, wallet stolen, $5 cash and credit cards; North Lot, ’90 Mazda stolen, recovered in Lawrence; Bldg. 7, report of person sleeping on floor, gone upon MIT Police arrival; Bldg. 2, furniture stolen, unknown value; Rockwell Cage, backpack stolen, $50 cash, backpack later recovered minus cash; W92 lot, vehicle broken into and laptop computer stolen, $1,500; Student Center, suspicious persons, trespass warning issued; Bldg. W31, wallet stolen, $30; Baker, annoying phone calls.

January 19: 500 Memorial Drive, cash stolen, $74; Bldg. 10, two vacuums stolen, $600; Rockwell Cage, 1) jacket stolen $150; 2) wallet stolen, unknown value; 3) jacket, shoes, wallet and cash stolen, 296; Bldg. 37, registered laptop stolen, $4,000.

January 20: Burton, suspicious activity; Amherst Street, recovered stolen vehicle.

January 21: Bldg. 56, well being check; Bldg. W20, past assault; Burton, suspicious activity; Rotch Library, laptop and passport stolen, unknown value; Bldg. E39, fire in microwave oven caused by overcooked potato; New House, homeless person, assisted to shelter.

January 22: Burton, noise complaint; Student Center, report of homeless person; Bldg. NE20, laptop stolen, $5,000; Bldg. E25, graffiti; Bldg. E52, cell phone stolen, $75; Bldg. W31, routine check and inquiry, three individuals issued trespass warnings.

January 23: Delta Upsilon, past larceny of computer, $495; Bldg. 16, annoying phone calls; Student Center, routine check and inquiry, individual issued a trespass warning.

January 24: Student Center, past larceny of cell phone, $100; Bldg. E17, suspicious e-mail; MacGregor, well being check on student; Rockwell Cage, 1) wallet $20 cash and credit cards stolen; 2) check and inquiry of two individuals.

January 25: Bldg. 15 plaza, report of skate boarders; Bldg. NE43, laptop stolen, $2,000; Ashdown, suspicious activity.

January 26: Boat House, bike stolen, secured with cable lock, $800; Bldg. 6, report of stolen cell phone, later found by owner, only misplaced.

January 27: Student Center, Mark Avellino taken into custody on two outstanding warrants; Rockwell, suspicious person; Amherst Alley, report of students taking a goat for a walk, unable to locate same.

January 28: Tang Hall, bike secured with cable stolen, $80; Tang Hall, well being check on student.

January 29: Bldg. 38, suspicious person, same checked out okay; Bldg. 34, unauthorized use of a room; Bldg. 68, suspicious activity; Bldg. 36, tools stolen, $460; Bldg. E53, bike secured with cable lock stolen, $375; 500 Memorial Drive, wallet stolen, unknown value; Bldg. 2, glass jar and bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups stolen, $5; Audrey Street, vehicle broken into, unknown if anything taken.

January 30: Bldg. 36, annoying phone calls; Bldg. E51, computer equipment stolen $2,000; Sloan lot, ’94 Acura stolen, later recovered in Boston; vehicle stolen in Brookline recovered in Sloan Lot; Bldg. E52, report of homeless individuals, trespass warnings issued.

January 31: Bldg. 5, suspicious persons; Boston, Theta Chi, malicious damage to windows; Bldg. 10, assault and battery between two people; Bldg. 7, suspicious person, issued trespass warning.

February 1: Bldg. E38, suspicious duffel bag left in a chair; Walker, bomb threat; Bldg. N52, camera stolen, $686; Bldg. 4, suspicious activity; Student Center, suspicious activity.

February 2: Bldg. W92 lot, ’99 Ford truck stolen; DuPont, past larceny of wallet and cell phone, $100; Bldg. 3, suspicious activity; Bldg. NW12, suspicious activity; Bldg. NW22, report of homeless persons in building, same removed and assisted to shelter; Memorial Drive and Fowler Street, report of person hiding in bushes, no one located.

February 3: Bldg. 16, report of person sleeping, discovered to be a student; Random Hall, report of suspicious person, discovered to be MIT workers; Bldg. 6, suspicious activity.

February 4: Bldg. W31, check of two individuals, check out okay.

February 5: Bldg. 5, report of office in disarray, discovered shelf had fallen down; Walker, two laptop computers stolen, $4,000; DuPont, wallet stolen, $100 cash.

February 6: Boston, noise complaint at Sigma Phi Epsilon; Bldg. 37, annoying mail; Bldg. E23, radio stolen, $150; Bldg. NE43, laptop computer stolen, $2,000.

February 7: Bldg. 9, report of persons soliciting; Bldg. 16, report of graffiti; Bldg. W32, hang-up call on “100” line, check of persons in area all okay; Student Center, report of homeless person, transported to shelter.

February 8: Bldg. W13, attempted larceny of equipment; Student Center, suspicious person; Burton Hall, report of suspicious activity; Pay lot, report of suspicious persons; Westgate lot, report of people screaming, discovered to be people having a snowball fight.

February 9: Ashdown, report of person on roof, discovered to be an employee looking for lost wallet; Fowler Street, report of suspicious person, Cambridge Police handles incident; East Lot, report of suspicious activity.

February 10: Cambridge, Theta Delta Chi, backpack stolen, $660; Amherst Alley, report of fight, all okay; Bldg. 18, 1) room broken into and pen stolen; 2) suspicious activity; Boat House, person refusing to leave area; Hayden Library, coat, wallet and credit cards stolen, $140; Westgate, noise complaint; Bldg. E25, suspicious person; Memorial Drive, report of person possibly sleeping in vehicle, checked out okay; Bldg. 56, report of suspicious person; Boston, Phi Kappa Theta, noise complaint.

February 11: Bldg. 9, noise complaint; Boston, Sigma Phi Epsilon, complaint of items being thrown from windows; Student Center, report of homeless person; Barker Library, backpack stolen, later recovered in stacks.