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American Pie 2

Same Cast, but Stifler Takes Center Stage

By Patrick Hereford and Briar Lowe

The bare bosom of Shannon Elizabeth is nowhere to be found in American Pie 2. However, not to fear, punk rock and nudity are still rampant in this uproariously funny sequel. The ensemble cast from the first American Pie is reunited to satisfy the party gods. Oz (Chris Klein) and Stifler (Seann W. Scott) use their charm and animal magnetism, as usual, to lure many women to “Stifler’s Palace of Love.” Everything, from lesbian seduction to communal urination, can be found in American Pie 2.

Eugene Levy, “Jim’s dad,” plays a central role in this sequel, as might be expected. He becomes more active in both awkward and comical situations, proving himself to be once again the “cool” dad through many acts of understanding and apathy. In one such situation, Jim’s father stumbles upon Jim’s dorm room to find Jim and some college babe in coitus. This begins a series of laughs and giggles that last throughout the film.

Finch (Eddie K. Thomas) continues his search for the ultimate sexual pleasure after his initial pool table encounter in the last episode. He employs numerous methods in his quest for better sex, even venturing into the occult world of tantric sex. Sadly though, Finch’s role is as miniscule as Jim’s father’s in the original American Pie. Perhaps his once-famous fecal habits lost their market value and made this Über-loser character into something American teens aren’t interested in?

The famous Jim, played by Jason Biggs, is still as “unique” as he was in the first movie. He continues to plague the world with his crazy antics and uncomfortable situations.

Jim’s character is by far the most disappointing in this short comedy. Biggs’ great appearance in the first American Pie overshadows his mediocre performance in this new installation by leaps and bounds. Why? Simply because the deflowered Jim seems to be after the same goal as the first movie. After so many years, how can he not achieve his goal? This dork seems to be in all the wrong places at all the wrong times. He never catches a break with anything in this movie.

Another integral character is Kevin, played by Thomas Nicholas. He persuades the guys to throw some amazing party at a beach house during the summer. Now, why would he want to throw a huge party at the beach? Could it be for the women? How about the beer? What about Victoria? Kevin still tries to urge Victoria, played by Tara Reid, to have some sexual experiences with him. She denies him, again, and continues on with her life. Who could have figured? For the first time, Kevin is stuck and has no idea what to do.

Stifler, played by Seann Scott, decides to help poor Kevin out. Stifler provides the cash for the entire gang to hang out at the beach house for the summer. Quite unlike the first American Pie, he is now the centerpiece of the film. Without the “Stiffmeister,” there is no American Pie 2. His words of wisdom and gestures add to the hilarity of this movie for one important reason: he’s one-dimensional, and therefore can be laughed at without remorse.

As a whole, American Pie 2 is a must see. There are only a handful of times during the film when the laughter stalls. In general though, the script follows the American Pie formula well enough to keep the audience bursting with laughter.

The film also proves to be somewhat better than the first. The acts of comedy are far different from those found in the original. Situations people would never think of actually occurring transpire during this hilarious movie.

In anticipation of this movie, watching American Pie is not recommended. The movies are nothing alike, which is why the second one is so great. Most sequels contain many implicit jokes that refer to the first movie. This is absolutely not so in American Pie 2, and therefore deserves two thumbs up for its originality.