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Just Say No to Bush

Veena Thomas

You know it’s election time when mit-talk clogs your inbox with e-mails detailing every stupid thing Bush has ever said and every claim Gore has ever exaggerated. Since it’s the first presidential election in which I’m eligible to vote, I figure I should pay attention.

I don’t believe in the two-party system, and I don’t like any of the candidates. Don’t try to get me to vote for Nader. It’s clear that either Bush or Gore will win this election. Consider this: who would you rather have running our country, Bush or Gore? If you don’t have a preference between those two, then go ahead and vote for whichever minor-party, impossible-to-win candidate you like.

I, however, would look upon it as a sad commentary on the state of the country if Bush wins the election. I’m surprised that more people haven’t seen through Bush’s little ploy. He thinks he can ride his father’s coattails and become president on his name and wealth alone. Underneath all the fuzzy math and vague plans, why does Bush want to become president? Is it because “all the cool kids are doing it?” At least Gore appears to have a genuine interest in running the country. Can you really see Bush, who can’t even speak an intelligible sentence in front of the press, leading our country into war? I didn’t think so.

The only reason I’m voting is to ensure that Bush does not become president. I would vote for Mr. Rogers if it would keep Bush out of office. (Mr. Rogers could teach those people in the Middle East a thing or two about being good neighbors.) The most common criticism of Gore is that he’s boring. Critics of Bush, however, say that he’s dumb. Compared to a president who can charm the pants off people -- literally -- maybe boring’s not so bad after all.

Of course, as logic has it, my vote won’t matter anyway because of the electoral college system. Since all the Massachusetts electoral college votes will go to Gore almost no matter what, in theory I could vote for ALF and let the rest of the country decide who will be elected. The electoral college system is long outdated and should be overhauled -- why should my vote have more of an impact in an undecided state like Michigan than in liberal Massachusetts?

After conducting my election research on mit-talk, I realized I am faced with a choice. Do I want a president who lies about his dog’s arthritis medication, or one who will gain the sympathy vote for his lack of intellect? Neither, really. Still, vote for the person who’d embarrass us least as the leader of the free world -- vote Gore.