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A Letter to Mr. Gore

Michael Borucke

Mr. Gore:

I am concerned with the future of this country, as I’m sure you are. And as the coming election will have a lot to do with that future, I’m writing this letter to ask that you abandon your bid for the presidency.

You are not the best person for the job; you are not even a “good enough” person for the job, if there be such a thing. As Election Day approaches, an alarming number of polls show that you are losing to Bush -- BUSH! What does it say about you as a leader when you can’t even beat Bush? And don’t blame Nader or those voting for him. Those same polls show that Nader’s percentage is too small to make a difference. Nader is not going to lose this election for you; you are.

Have you ever stopped to think that one of the reasons you are losing to Bush is because you’re no different than he is? On nearly every issue, you are in agreement with your opponent. If the debates didn’t demonstrate just how similar you two are, then your record surely does.

One of the few supposed distinctions between you and the governor seems to be your overarching commitment to the environment. Yes, you have been dubbed the environmental presidential candidate. You and Clinton have supported bills preserving thousands of acres of forest (with the help of environmental groups). You’ve even written a book. But then there is the glaring inconsistency with regards to your stock in Occidental Petroleum -- a company determined to drill illegally for oil on tribal lands in Colombia. Members of the Rainforest Action Network have brought this to your attention time and again, giving you ample time to do the environmentally conscious thing and divest from Occidental, yet you ignore their requests all the while keeping silent on the issue. What, sir, are we to make of this?

Are you the environmental president solely inside the U.S., where it will bring good press? Maybe the answer can be found in your campaign contributions? You are for campaign finance reform, right? Since you have virtually the same campaign contributors as Bush, I have to wonder if you are the environmental president when it comes to the part of the environment the corporations don’t want. Will you cave in to the oil companies that can pay the right price?

With the apathetic position you’ve taken toward the concerns of Americans while claiming to be the environmental choice, and the willingness with which you’ve taken corporate money while pledging finance reform, you are a disgrace to the principles of democracy.

In all seriousness, quit the race before it’s too late. You’re taking votes away from Nader.