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The following movies are playing this weekend at local theaters. The Tech suggests using <> for a complete listing of times and locations.

HHHH Excellent

HHH Good

HH Fair

H Poor

Dinosaur (HHH)

Despite stunning visuals, Disney’s first animated story of the new millenium is no more interesting than any of the animated films of the old one. The film disappoints because of its formulaic plot, lack of three-dimensional characterization, unmemorable dialogue, and vast amounts of potential which are never fulfilled. However, the film is still worth seeing merely for the gorgeous visuals. --Fred Choi

Dolphins (HHH)

Like most OmniMax movies, Dolphins is strong on visuals, filling the screen with eye-popping images, but falls somewhat short on story and characters. The film is stunning as it follows dolphins as they play and hunt, but is less successful when it attempts to say something about humans. -- Vladimir Zelevinsky

Fantasia 2000 (HHH)

An excellent sequel to the classic original, Fantasia 2000 features music by Beethoven, Ottorino Respighi, George Gershwin, Dmitri Shostakovich, Camille Saint-SaËns, Paul Dukas, Edward Elgar, and Igor Stravinsky. Overall it is a must-see movie, nobly continuing a grand tradition, though there are moments of mediocrity. -- VZ

Gladiator (HH1 2)

This is a film that evokes mixed feelings. On one hand, Gladiator is an exhilirating movie to watch. Director Ridley Scott pulls all the stops to create a visually stunning piece for the audience’s viewing pleasure. However, the movie feels intellectually lacking. By the end of the film, one becomes acutely aware that for the past two and a half hours, he has been exposed to little more than a stream of brutal violence. -- VZ

Hollow Man (HHH)

Three things stand out about this movie. First, the direction proves that director Paul Verhoeven (Robocop, Total Recall) is at the top of his game. Second, Kevin Bacon sizzles on screen, even when he appears only as a digital effect. And finally, the visual effects are, not surprisingly, spectacular. It’s enough to almost make you forget this movie has no real story. -- VZ

The In Crowd (1 2)

This cheap teen-sploitation thriller is horrible in every way a movie can be -- with one exception. Though the cast is utterly forgettable, the plot is pathetic, and some serious editing gaffes somehow slipped past the editors, The In Crowd unintentionally provides a few laughs. See it only if you enjoy so-bad-it’s-good movies like Plan 9 From Outer Space or Showgirls. -- Karen Feigenbaum

Scary Movie (HHH)

Director Keenan Ivory Wayans succeeds with his latest spoof Scary Movie. This film hysterically parodies a genre that perhaps most deserves it, and its crude humor and advance NC-17 rating is well worth the price of admission. It’s base, it’s shocking, it’s blatantly disrespectful, and it’s made more money than the movies its parodied in its opening weekend. -- Jumaane Jeffries

Small Time Crooks (HHH)

As a humorous look at ever-changing luck and fortune, Small Time Crooks has characters who shine in the comedy. From Tracey Ullman as the sardonic wife of Woody Allen to the self-effacing Allen himself, the characters are enjoyable to watch and keep the movie from going stale. Sometimes poignant, sometimes insightful, but always amusing, this movie captures the essence of classic Woody Allen films. -- Amy Meadows

What Lies Beneath (HH1 2)

You may think you already know the story from the trailer: there’s a woman who looks like Michelle Pfeiffer haunting a house. But what follows the painfully slow beginning is a somewhat suspenseful thriller with a surprisingly creative ending. Obviously, you can’t rely on the trailers -- you’d have to go to the theaters to find out what lies beneath the surface of this movie. -- KF

X-Men (HHH)

Marvel Comics’ hit comic book series about a league of mutants comes to the big screen this summer, and the film is exceptional. The movie centers on Rogue and Wolverine, following their initiation into the league of X-Men, and remains mostly faithful to the comic book series. This action flick lives up to expections while providing smart commentary on the issues of prejudice and injustice in today’s culture. -- JJ