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Police Log

The following incidents were reported to the MIT Campus Police between Aug. 3-30. Information is compiled from the Campus Police’s weekly crime summary and from dispatcher logs. This summary contains most incidents reported to Campus Police but does not include incidents such as: medical shuttles, ambulance transfers, false alarms, generals service calls, etc.

Aug. 3: Broadway, MIT Police motorcycle officer was struck by another vehicle, minor injuries; Theta Delta Chi, bike left unlocked in house stolen $250; Bldg. 54, bike seat stolen $40; Alumni Pool, $70 cash stolen from wallet; Bldg. E1, report of suspicious vehicle, gone upon CP’s arrival; Amherst St. check on vehicle operating erratically; Bldg. E23, report of skateboarders, same asked to cease and move along; Mass. Ave. and Vassar St. assist Cambridge with person having chest pains; Ashdown, report of suspicious person, checks out okay.

Aug. 4: Bldg. 4, suspicious activity; Bldg. E25 plaza, skateboards, same asked to cease and move along.

Aug. 5:Bldg. 3, report of suspicious person, same checked out okay; Next House, bike secured with a “U” lock stolen $250; Amherst St. check on vehicle operating erratically; Mass. Ave. and Memorial Dr. assist Cambridge with vehicle vs. bicyclist accident.

Aug. 6: Theta Delta Chi, noise complaint; Student Center, male taken into custody on an outstanding warrant; Bldg. 56, suspicious activity; Bldg. 35, suspicious person; Main St. and Vassar St. assist Cambridge with minor motor vehicle accident; Main St. and Ames St. suspicious person, checks out okay; Boston, Sigma Phi Epsilon, suspicious person.

Aug. 7: 33 Mass. Ave. check of suspicious person, issued trespass warning; Bldg. E15, two suspicious persons issued trespass warning; Purrington St., well being check on three individuals; rear of Bldg. NW12, check on well being of individual; Boston, homeless person removed from steps of AXO.

Aug. 8: Memorial Dr. near Baker House, report of suspicious activity; Bldg. 14, juvenile arrested on a warrant; MacGregor, noise complaint discovered to be a radio alarm clock; Student Center plaza, two juveniles attempting to steal a bike, trespass warning issued; Kresge, 1) cash box stolen $250; 2), $35 cash and a credit card stolen from wallet; Bldg. 13 bike rack, bike secured with a cable stolen $90; Ames St., suspicious persons checked out, trespass warning issued; Student Center, dispute between brother and sister.

Aug. 9: Bldg. 68, report of person collecting cans, persons left building prior to CP’s arrival; Bldg. E19, construction equipment stolen $300; Bldg. 14, printer stolen $266; West Garage, malicious damage to vehicle; Bldg. 56, malicious damage to emergency telephone; Bldg. E15, computer equipment stolen, $15,870; public property, Kendall Sq., bike stolen $120; W34, suspicious persons, check out okay; Bldg. W89, suspicious person, trespass warning issued; Bldg. NE20, camera stolen $2,000.

Aug. 10: Bldg. E19, suspicious person, check of area unable to locate; Student Center and 33 Mass. Ave., HP door controls stolen $300; Bldg. E15 plaza, bike parts stolen $10; Mass. Ave. suspicious person, issued trespass warning; Student Center, assist Cambridge in attempting to locate missing person; Bldg. E17, computer stolen, $1,464; Bldg. 18, suspicious activity; Bldg. 10, employee problem; Student Center, Wesley Price of 23 Betty Path, West Yarmouth, MA, arrested for shoplifting and other related charges; Bldg. E25 plaza, skateboarders, asked to leave the area; Bldg. NE20, camera stolen $400; Green Hall, bike stolen $20.

Aug. 11: Bldg. W34, bike tire stolen $50; Westgate, pocketbook stolen $300; Hayward Lot, parking situation resolved; Memorial Dr. assist State Police with minor motor vehicle accident; East Lot, trespass warning issued to female.

Aug. 12: Tang Hall, annoying phone calls; Bldg. 4, computer parts stolen $1,107; Vassar St. number plate stolen from vehicle; West Garage, vehicle broken into and car stereo stolen $800; Burton, report of suspicious person, same checks out okay.

Aug. 13: TDC, student removing a chair, own property; Bldg. 68, assist Cambridge Police to execute an arrest warrant; Mass. Ave. and Memorial Dr. assist State Police with vehicle accident; Memorial Dr. number plate stolen from vehicle; East Garage, report of stolen vehicle, owner forgot which level it was parked on, not stolen; Mass. Ave. at Amherst St. minor vehicle accident.

Aug. 14: 77 Mass. Ave. bus stop, report of person slumped over individual gone upon CP’s arrival; Briggs Field, suspicious person, checked out okay; Memorial Dr. assist State Police with multiple vehicle accident; Briggs Field, $80 cash stolen from wallet.

Aug. 15: Memorial Dr. at Walker, vehicle accident; Bldg. 3, Tennis racket and backpack stolen $80; Alpha Delta Phi, bottle thrown from upper floor, nearly striking pedestrian; McCormick, a witness called CP’s and described Miguel Maleve of 280 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA stealing a bike. Responding Officers were able to stop the suspect with a stolen bike on Memorial Dr. where he was placed under arrest for larceny, assault and other related charges.

Aug. 16: Memorial Dr. and Mass. Ave. assist State Police with a five car accident; Bldg. 42, check on two individuals, same issued trespass warnings; Westgate, noise complaint.

Aug. 17: Baker, room broken into, discovered to be the construction crew; Mass. Ave. and Memorial Dr. vehicle vs. bicyclist; Bldg. 12, report of suspicious person, unable to locate; Bldg. 6, laptop computer and cassette player stolen $830; Bldg. E52, bike secured with a cable stolen $875; Student Center, assist Cambridge Police with a 911 hang-up call, area checked and no cause found.

Aug. 18: East Campus, report of suspicious person around bike racks, gone upon CP’s arrival; 77 Mass. Ave. suspicious male sleeping in kiosk, trespass warning issued; outside of Bldg. W31, three juveniles acting suspiciously, one taken into custody on an outstanding CHINS warrant; Kresge, event problem; Bldg. 54, radio stolen $150; Bldg. 6, cassette player stolen $30; Main St. at Dock St. suspicious activity, checked out okay; MacGregor, motor cycle stolen from courtyard area, recovered in Cambridge, $1,100; Bldg. 3, bike left unlocked stolen from a room $300; East Lot, hit and run damage to his vehicle; East Campus, suspicious vehicle.

Aug. 19: Student Center, suspicious person trespass warning issued; Bldg. E52, suspicious person, Raquel Ojeda of 11 Wright Street, Cambridge, MA, placed under arrest for trespassing; Mass. Ave. assist Cambridge Police with vehicle vs. pedestrian accident; Pacific Lot, suspicious vehicle; Tennis courts, spoke with two individuals playing hard ball on courts; Bldg. E52, Faculty Club, male, Royster Perry of 339 Concord Ave. Cambridge, MA., placed under arrest for breaking and entering and possession of burglarious tools.

Aug. 20: Random Hall, report of a fight about to break out, skateboarders sent on way; Bldg. 26, plywood stolen, $150; NW12 lot, homeless person assisted to shelter.

Aug. 21: Deacon St. male assaulted and damage to victims vehicle; Bexley, two underage students were intoxicated, one transported to MIT medical. Alcohol citation issued for possession of alcohol for by person under 21 years of age.; Bldg. E51, smoking complaint; Bldg. 10, suspicious person, checks out okay.

Aug. 22: Bldg. E23, report of a sexual assault; Bldg. NW30, homeless person issued trespass warning; Student Center, 1) suspicious male, trespass warning issued; 2) check of vehicle, checks out okay; Bldg. 1, check on two individuals carrying computers, check out okay; Memorial Dr. assist State Police with a car fire; Mass. Ave. at kiosk, check and inquiry of person; 519 Beacon Street, report of persons throwing items from roof at pedestrians.

Aug. 23: Walker, report of students on roof; Bldg. 3, plaque stolen $82; Bldg. 56, cassette player and gym bag stolen $70; Fowler St. Dodge Neon stolen, recovered in Boston $6,000; Bldg. E53, bike secured with a chain stolen $50; Bldg. NW30, homeless person assisted to shelter; Vassar St. stolen vehicle recovered; Delta Kappa Epsilon, noise complaint; DuPont, dispute between students, same resolved; Tang, report of bird flying around apartment, opened window and assisted same towards fresh air.

Aug. 24: Bldg. E40, report of two suspicious persons, unable to locate; Edgerton House, intoxicated 21 year old student transported to medical; Bldg. NW62, malicious damage to windows; Bldg. W31, report of past sexual assault.

Aug. 25: Delta Kappa Epsilon, report of a truck stealing a mattress, vehicle and suspect gone upon CP’s arrival; Bldg. E23, credit cards and blank checks stolen credit cards used; Bldg. E52, bike secured with U lock stolen $200; Steinbrenner Stadium, wallet stolen, person attempted to use stolen credit card, $30 cash also taken; Alpha Tau Omega, laptop computer stolen $3,500; assist Cambridge Police at Tech Square for a person who was just robbed on Hampshire Street; Boat House, report of suspicious persons; Bldg. 7, report of suspicious person, gone upon CP’s arrival; Phi Beta Epsilon, noise complaint, music turned down.

Aug. 26: Bldg. E18, construction tools stolen $350; Bldg. E52, stamps and bathroom scale stolen $129; Bldg. 31, electronic organizer stolen $300; East Campus, wallet stolen $11 cash and credit cards; Bldg. 18, radio stolen $110; MacGregor, contact student to call home; Briggs Field, report of unauthorized persons using fields; Burton, emergency call hang-up, check of caller, accidental.

Aug. 27: Bldg. E17, threatening phone calls; Bldg. 8 threatening graffiti; Memorial Dr. near Baker, assist State Police with a vehicle accident; Bldg. 4, suspicious activity; Kresge lot, erratic operation of a vehicle.

Aug. 28: Bldg. 13, students in steam tunnel; Westgate, 1) harassing phone calls; 2) unwanted guest; 3) bike stolen $300; Bldg. 39., Carlos Carrion of 141 Washington Street, Cambridge, MA, arrested for attempted larceny of bike and other related charges; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Boston, trash overflowing in dumpster causing a safety hazard; Bldg. E51, two suspicious individuals, trespass warning issued; MacGregor, fight between soccer players, simple assault; Chi Phi, Boston, fraternity problem; Random, report of a disturbance, call unfounded.

Aug. 29: Boston, assist Boston University Police with a noise complaint of loud music; Mass. Ave. and Vassar St. assist Cambridge Police with motor vehicle accident; Pi Lambda Phi, Boston, noise complaint; Tennis Courts, verbal assault; East Campus, noise complaint; Memorial Dr., Juan Pizarro of 27 Brookside Avenue #3, Boston, MA and Franklin Juarez of 16 Copley Street FL1, Roxbury, MA, both arrested for breaking into a vehicle and other related charges; Bldg. 7, report of a suspicious person, same checks out okay; rear of Bldg. NW30, routine check and inquiry, trespass warning issued; Beta Theta Pi, noise complaint.

Aug. 30: Sigma Chi, Boston, noise complaint; Bldg. E52, suspicious male, issued trespass warning; Bldg. 13, report of persons in elevator shaft; Bldg. 5 and 14 report of persons on roof; Beta Theta Pi, Boston, noise complaint.