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Police Log

The following incidents were reported to the MIT Campus Police between May 6 and May 26. Information is compiled from the Campus Police’s weekly crime summary and from dispatcher logs. The report does not include alarms, general service calls, or incidents not reported to the dispatcher.

May 6: Hayden Library, suspicious person; Kendal Square T station, armed robbery; Bldg. 6, report of suspicious person, same checked out okay; Boston, Mass. Ave., assist Boston University Police with suspicious person; Albany and Pacific Streets, report of homeless persons walking in street, assisted to shelter; Memorial Dr. assist State Police with motor vehicle accident; New House, wallet stolen $60; Bldg. NE43, computer equipment stolen $63,000; Student Center, persons sleeping, checked out okay; Boston, SafeRide struck by another vehicle; AEP noise complaint.

May 7: Eastgate, report of suspicious person; Boston, assist Boston University Police with a possible domestic situation; Main Street, report of suspicious person, gone upon arrival; Main St., suspicious person fled Bldg. 9 bike rack area, was issued trespass warning; Amherst Alley, person stopped for excessive speed; Kresge, rain coat stolen $125; duPont, credit cards stolen; Bldg. E40, wallet stolen $24 cash and contents; Sloan Lot, suspicious person, trespass warning issued; Bldg. E51, pocketbook containing cell phone, calculator and other items stolen $1,000; Bldg. E18, report of backpack rifled through nothing missing; Bldg. E17 report of suspicious person, left before CP’s arrival and went to Whitehead, where same was a issued trespass warning; Bldg. W11, suspicious person issued trespass warning; Bldg. NW14, suspicious person, trespass warning issued; Baker, fraudulent use of credit card; Walker, report of person screaming, area checked out okay; Bexley, report of loud music, situation unfounded.

May 8: Student Center, check of individual, trespass warning issued; Pacific Lot, check of individual, trespass warning issued; Student Center, harassing e-mail; East Campus, noise complaint responding officers observed person under 21 in possession of or consumption of alcohol and issued an alcohol citation; Ashdown, unregistered party with alcohol, alcohol confiscated; Burton House, noise complaint, group asked to quiet down; Landsdowne and Green street, assist Cambridge Police with an arrest.

May 9: Rockwell Cage, $60 cash removed from wallet; Endicott St., license plate stolen from vehicle; 33 Mass. Ave. bike rack, front tires stolen $50; Burton, received report of three suspicious males, all issued trespass warnings; Bldg. W11, suspicious person issued a trespass warning; New House, ducks flew into window breaking same, ducks escorted back out window by CP’s; Sloan Lot, suspicious person, gone upon CP’s arrival; East Campus, nightwatch requests assistance in breaking up a party; Edgerton House, noise complaint, same asked to quiet down.

May 10: Bldg. NE43, computers stolen, unknown value; Student Center, backpack stolen $100, later recovered minus a calculator; Bldg. NW30, officer observed a large amount of empty alcohol bottles, area cleaned up; DuPont, two individuals stopped, issued trespass warnings to persons attempting to gain entrance into building; Commuter lot, assist Conrail Police with homeless persons on railroad tracks; Bldg. 5, report of persons on roof, same checked out okay; Westgate, noise complaint, same advised to quietdown.

May 11: 77 Mass. Ave., demonstration; W31, report of annoying e-mail; Bldg.1, report of homeless person, same gone upon CP’s arrival; Memorial Dr. and Audrey St., assist State Police with motor vehicle accident.

May 12: Boston, Phi Delta Theta, noise complaint, music turned down; East Garage, report of suspicious person, same gone upon CP’s arrival; Amherst alley, vehicle stopped for excessive speed; McCormick, suspicious activity.

May 13: Bldg. W31, call received about student wishing to speak with Dean on Call; Sigma Phi Epsilon, unwanted visitor; Bldg. E17, suspicious person report, individual located and issued a trespass warning, assist StatePolice, motor vehicle accident; NW12, two suspicious persons stopped and issued trespass warnings; Bldg. E32, harassing e-mail; Bldg. 4,tools stolen $117; Amherst Alley, vehicle operating recklessly, verbal warning issued; MacGregor, suspicious activity; Pacific Lot, suspicious person, issued atrespass warning; Bldg. 38, bicycle stolen, $500; Bldg. 16, pocketbookreported stolen, later recovered at residence.

May 14: Alpha Tau Omega and Phi Beta Epsilon, assault and battery, alcohol citation issued for possession or consumption by a person under 21; Bldg. E52, report of suspicious person, checked out okay; East Campus, rooftop violation; Bldg. E70, harassing mail; Kresge, wallet stolen, $50 cash and credit cards; Bldg. 7, bicycle secured with cable stolen $280; Boston, Sigma Phi Epsilon, noise complaint; Bldg. E55, laptop left on sidewalk reported stolen, later returned to owner, laptop was registered; Bldg. W31, Campus Police received a call concerned about the wellbeing of an employee; Bldg. 68, trespass warning issued to a disorderly person; WestLot, suspicious person issued a trespass warning; Westgate, report of homeless person sleeping in doorway, taken to shelter.

May 15: Baker, heat engine and a glass stolen $270; Boston, Sigma Kappa, homeless person, same checked out okay; Boston, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, noise complaint; Harvard Bridge, report of group of protesters heading towards MIT, same passed by MIT without stopping; Bldg. 54, bike secured with cable stolen $170; Kresge Oval, noise complaint, same quieted down; report of sexual assault; Bldg.. 14, report of suspicious activity, all checked out okay; New House, unwanted guest, same left area before CP’s arrival.

May 16: Student Center report of suspicious activity; Bldg. 4, individual issued trespass warning; Mass. Ave. and Amherst St. assist Cambridge Police with a confused person; Bldg. NW30, individual issued a trespasswarning; Albany St., routine check of two individuals; Bldg. W31, person taken into custody on an outstanding warrant; Bldg. NW30, routine check and inquiry; off campus, evidence seized.

May 17: Student Center report of trash can smoldering, same extinguished by passerby; New House, noise complaint, discovered it was coming from across river; Baker, past larceny of bike tire $60; Student Center past larceny ofbike secured with a cable $400; Harvard Bridge, assist Cambridge Policewith a vehicle stop and arrest; report of a sexual assault; Bldg. E19, bikeseat stolen, unknown value; Memorial Dr. assist State Police with vehicle broken into; Bldg. 10, hack; Bldg. 7, suspicious activity; Bldg. W31, stolen wallet $10; Bldg. 1, unwanted guest checks out okay; Bldg. 18, water overflowing sink caused damage.

May 18: Random Hall, report of homeless person on steps, same was gone upon CP’s arrival; Student Center, suspicious person stopped and issued trespass warning.

May 19: Bexley, suspicious activity; DuPont bike rack, bike secured with a cable stolen $800; Bldg. NW12, graffiti; Bldg. 24, 911 hang-up call, no cause found; N10 parking lot, hit and run damage to vehicle; Next House, fire alarm and severe water damage cause by butane torch; Westgate, noise complaint, TV turned down.

May 20: Amherst Alley, traffic violation; Bldg. 9, routine check and inquiry of on individual, trespass warning issued; Ashdown, suspicious activity; Mass. Ave. at State St. student robbed of wallet at knife point; Ford Lot, truck stolen containing several tools, later recovered in Melrose; Bldg.66, tank of Ethylene gas leaking causing evacuation of two buildings for an extended period of time; Westgate, report of suspicious person, gone upon CP’s arrival; Bldg. E19, annoying phone call; Student Center report of person sleeping same checked out okay, students.

May 21: Bldg. NE43, routine check and inquiry of person checked out okay; Paid Lot, hit and run damage to vehicle; Bldg. NW30, person taken into custody on an outstanding warrant; Mass. Ave. at Memorial Dr., minor motor vehicle accident, assist State Police; E23 plaza, complaint of skateboarders; Bldg. E51, bicycle secured with a cable lock stolen $800; Ashdown, 911 hang-up call, checks out okay; Pacific Lot, routine check on individuals who check out okay; Ashdown, noise complaint, student left area upon request to quiet down; Baker, report of intoxicated students, both transported to hospital, alcohol citation issue for consumption of alcohol by person under 21; Student Center, suspicious person checked out and trespasswarning issued; Ashdown and Baker, noise complaints.

May 22: Zeta Beta Tau, past domestic assault; Harvard Bridge and Mass. Ave.Cambridge, assist Cambridge Police, demonstrators heading towards MIT ,continued past without a problem; N52 lot, suspicious activity; Bldg. E39, suspicious activity; Vassar St. at Amherst St., suspicious vehicle, driver asleep in back seat; Memorial Dr. assist State Police with minor motor vehicle accident; Baker, report of suspicious activity; Ashdown, noise complaint; Senior House, noise complaint.

May 23: Bldg. 32, suspicious person, same checks out okay; Bldg. W34, four suspicious persons; Bldg. W53, suspicious activity; Ashdown, check emergency telephone hang-up, no cause found.