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Pro-life poster burning hurts groups on both sides

This past week, MIT Pro-Life sponsored an Abortion Awareness Week. The purpose of this was to inform the MIT community about the Pro-Life ethic and to educate the public on some basic facts about abortion. The focus of the awareness week was intended to be a positive one. We collected signatures for the cause of women and the unborn. We held an event which stressed positive alternatives to abortion. There was a great deal of support and participation from many members of the MIT community.

But our awareness week was also the focus of a great deal of antagonism. Many members of the "pro-choice" community vandalized, mutilated and tore down our event posters. This type of behavior does not seem consistent with the philosophy of a group that claims to champion constitutional rights. Freedom of speech and freedom of the printed word are the one of the cornerstones of our rights as individuals. Demanding "women's rights" while attempting to deny others the freedom of speech is twisted and obscene. If others have a difference of opinion, fine, let them sponsor their own events, but don't impinge on the rights of others for their "cause."

The last night of our Abortion Awareness Week a few anonymous members of the "pro-choice" community burned down the Pro-Life drop poster. Again I ask you, is this appropriate behavior of a group that claims to defend the rights of others? Other posters could have easily caught fires as well as the wooden railing, endangering the whole MIT community. This dangerous display was only intended to frighten and humiliate. These actions seem much more consistent with groups like the Ku Klux Klan who anonymously burn crosses on the lawns of blacks in order to frighten and humiliate, rather than the actions of civil rights groups.

Fortunately, such heinous crimes did not prevent the black community from demanding its due civil rights, but rather it strengthened the community. In the same way, the malevolent actions of the "pro-choicers" who seek to prevent us from defending the rights of unborn have only succeeded in strengthening us. We will not disappear because of these insulting actions; rather, we will only fight harder until the unborn are guaranteed the rights that the rest of us enjoy.

Those of you who participated in destroying our event posters and drop poster, please realize that such behavior only hurts the "pro-choice" movement. These actions easily injure the dialogue between the two sides and are certainly not progressive. Some members of the "pro-choice" community have already apologized on your behalf, but we feel that you should try to help your own cause by taking responsibility for your actions. Also, I would urge you to please look inward. Question your motives. I will not venture to guess what your true motives might be, but they certainly cannot be to defend the rights of others.

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