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Gadget Review

Logitech Noise Cancelling Headphones

By Kailas Narendran


•Great sound

•Affordable price

•Very comfortable


•Priced higher than some competitors

The Lowdown

Logitech Noise Cancelling Headphones deliver a fantastic atmosphere, devoid of ambient noise, without leaving your wallet devoid of cash! It’s one of the newest offerings from what I believe is really the best electronics accessory company out there. The headphones provide an exceptionally comfortable fit and excellent sound, at a fraction of the price of other noise cancelling systems. You can either use the system with music playing through them, or simply flip on the noise cancelling feature and enjoy the engulfing quiet. They do an amazing job copying the look and feel of the competition, but miss the price point by a factor of two!

Daddy, what does silence sound like?

The most striking experience as I tested these headphones was using them simply as noise cancellers. It should be known that if you’re trying to drown out the sound of your roommate practicing the drums (or crappy bands practicing in the basement of the warehouse you live in), you should really just make an investment in $1 foam earplugs. The SilentSound TM technology in these headphones doesn’t do so well with high impact noise, but does an amazing job with more ambient, flat noise. You may want to trade your drumming roomie for the dull rumble of the student center (or the whir of the air compressor in the fridge that’s about to die, like your eyesore of a warehouse living space building in your rapidly developing neighborhood).

The effect starts with the straight up comfort of the fit of the headphones, and the quality of the music that comes out. I’ve generally found it hard to distinguish audio products from one another, once you get out of the checkout aisle at WalMart, but the combination of the comfort of the fit, and noise cancelling capabilities of this device really separate it from the pack.

Once you put on the headphones and flip the switch, the next few seconds engulf your ears in a strange, soft feeling. I really don’t know how to describe it, but it’s like your head suddenly surrounded by something soft and fuzzy. There are still remnants of the audio reality you leave behind around you, but for the most part, it’s just really quiet!

At that point you can choose your own adventure, either enjoying the silence, or letting it be infiltrated by anything from the sound of mountain streams, the latest Japanese pop music like that 6.111 lab group next to you, or MP3s of that crappy band from the basement (ah, the greatest irony of all).

But … Why?

I’ve generally been pretty resilient working in an environment with distractions, but using these headphones is really quite addictive! I find the silence really helps focus my razor sharp writing skills, allowing my fingers to deftly ink the pages of The Illustrious Tech. I see the neurotic premeds in the study lounge reading the Arts and Campus Life pages, searching for that competitive, humanizing edge. I know that my words and the efforts of Logitech PR have found their mark.

The Bottom Line

If it’s not obvious from the last couple paragraphs, I was blown away by these headphones. They cost $150 MSRP, and that’s pretty much what they go for online. The noise cancelling field is pretty wide and varied, with offerings from $25 to $300. The Logitech headphones do perform and provide a very solid, comfortable, value for your parents’ hard earned dollar (or one hundred fifty of them, as the case may be). The design carries through the entire product, as it comes with a very nice case and airplane headphone adapter. The headphones do use a single AAA battery, which never ran out even with many hours of use (they are spec’d for 8-10 hours). You can find out more at