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Ask Nutty B!

By Bruce Wu

Nutty B is currently a graduate student at MIT who tries to give his two cents’ worth on anything and everything. You know the drill! Please e-mail him with any questions, and give him an excuse to procrastinate at 3 a.m. Send all questions to

Dear Nutty B,

I was chatting with this cute guy online recently. In the middle of the chat my internet got disconnected, and when I returned he was gone. I don’t have his e-mail, but I want to explain myself. What is the appropriate etiquette? Should I stalk him?

— Cray Z

Dear Cray Z,

First of all, you don’t happen to be “JuicyBabe,” do you? If so, I … um, I mean my friend PimptasticBeaverPrince, wants you to know that no harm was done, he fell into a drooling sleep as he waited for you the other night. He wants me to let you know that he looks forward to another chat soon.

And if you aren’t JuicyBabe, well, I don’t really have any advice regarding the “proper” etiquette. Stalk him? Nah. If you don’t know his contact info, how can you stalk him? If you could already trace his IP address using your stolen FBI gear, you wouldn’t be asking me this question. I suppose my first piece of advice is to get rid of the dial-up, if you are still using it. Second, since I am an old-fashioned believer of destiny, I think if you two are meant to talk again, you will someday. If that’s the case, not only will you be able to exchange contact information, but you’ll feel more “connected” because then you’ll know you’re both interested. Best of luck!

Dear Nutty B,

After a long year of debate with myself, I’ve finally decided to seek help from a psychiatrist for my depression. I’ve been on some medications for awhile now, and I’ve actually felt a lot better. The problem is that very often I feel that my friends, and even strangers, can sense I am taking medication, and that makes me uneasy. While I am a very social person, I do want to keep that part of me private. What do I do?

— Slightly Paranoid

Dear Slightly Paranoid,

You can “sense” people’s feelings now? Who are you, Miss Cleo, the psychic on TV? Can you also sense what I did last summer? If so, please let me know, so I can move those plastic garbage bags …

I would like to congratulate you first. It’s very admirable and brave that you finally faced your inner demons and seek help, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

You are entitled to keep your private life, well, private. Perhaps you’ve changed and become more confident and cheerful, but that’s a good thing, isn’t it? These uneasy feelings about people’s sensing your medications might be your own doing. One thing that might have an impact on your social life is that common anti-depressants require you to minimize your alcohol consumption. However, unless you are a well-known big lush like I am, no one should really notice any dramatic change if you don’t drink at a party. If anyone asks, you can always say you like to have juice for the night because you are driving, walking, or, um … singing. For peace of mind, I’d also talk to your doctor. I am sure he/she will provide you with the information that will make you sleep more soundly. At any rate, congratulations again on feeling better.