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Sex and the SafeRide

Pain Pleasure In Bed

By Alex Nelson

Features Columnist

A male friend recently asked me about spankings in the bedroom. Do I like them? Hmm, I had to think about that one. I don’t beg for them, but I don’t mind one every once in a while. So I responded, a spanking is alright as long as it doesn’t hurt.

So what is it with spankings? Punishment or pleasure? It’s all in the context, I guess. Of course, sexually, it’s supposed to be a pleasurable action. But what makes spankings, which are used for chiding toddlers and corporal punishment, actually pleasurable in the bedroom?

Suddenly, I remembered man’s obsession with the gluteus maximus. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, of all the features of a female body, the butt is one of man’s greatest turn-ons. Men like something to hold onto and something to squeeze. Hey, they even smack each other’s asses on the playing field.

But with a woman, the butt is an extreme turn-off. In a longing embrace, somehow the male hand always wanders south for a lingering squeeze. Could he be any more obvious?

It’s as if there is some magnetic force drawing his hand to your butt. The magnetic force, which varies with the inverse of r2, is to a woman’s advantage. We can use this force or increasing desire to tease and excite our men. Don’t let him touch you, but instead give him exactly what he wants.

Men love lap dances! Rub yourself all over his body and he’ll go crazy with desire. The power of the female sex is endless when it comes to playing with male hormones. This is probably one of the only ways in which women have it so damn easy. We are so damn sexy that we can turn on a man with little effort at all.

For women, however, our butts are something entirely different. It is something we think about as we devour a piece of chocolate cake or finish an Ankara’s frozen yogurt. Feeling guilty later, we work-out on an elliptical or stair climber to get that butt back into shape.

Women realize that a nicely toned ass is a true asset to any female. In a tight pair of jeans or black pants, a nice ass can turn heads, especially the right ones. The “bend and snap” can work wonders by drawing attention and accentuating certain features. A subtle drop of the pencil can also be quite useful in desperate situations.

Additionally, the butt is an erogenous zone that should not be ignored in the bedroom. Special attention should be paid by gently massaging it during foreplay. As your arousement heightens, more forceful physical activity with the butt will add to the pleasure.

Here is where one may begin to consider spankings. In the most erotic moments of sexual activity, things like spanking are acceptable. They seem appropriate with the mood or sexual atmosphere as well as the tone of the sexual activity (i.e. do not spank a girl while you are making out).

A spanking is best inserted at a time when the butt is easily accessible. Do not try to spank an ass that is unspankable (i.e. against a wall or the bed). Try a little squeeze to position your hand in the right place, then add a little spank. I would like to emphasize the word little. You do not want to turn off your partner or possibly inflict pain.

Through his or her reaction, you can tell whether or not he or she liked it. If this is not obvious, then ask! By varying the pressure and possibly spanking multiple times, you can see what your partner likes best. It is important through all sexual activity to always strive to find the most pleasurable actions for your partner. So go ahead, spank your date!