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Character Glossary

Bubs: Runs a concession stand. Check out his dancing game in the Games section.

Coach Z: Has a little trouble pronouncing words.

Homestar: Sexy, but a bit dim. Dating Marzipan, although he finds her to be rather overbearing.

King of Town: Wants to be hip, but mostly just annoys the others.

Marzipan: Hippie. The only female in the cast.

Pom-Pom: Speaks a foreign language. Bounces around.

Poopsmith: Shovels excrement.

Strong Bad: Badass. Be sure to check out his weekly feature where he responds to real e-mails fans have sent him (currently on #99 this week). Uses a Compy 386.

Strong Mad: Big and strong. Looks out for The Cheat.

Strong Sad: Sensitive, artistic, and picked on by his brother Strong Bad and thus chronically depressed. Likes arts and crafts. Check out his blog at

The Cheat: Always referred to as “The Cheat.” Makes animations sometimes. Has a gold tooth. (See Fhqwhgads below.)


Eh! Steve: A character from “Sweet Cuppin’ Cakes,” a kah-razy cartoon that Strong Bad designed. (See Strong Bad’s e-mail entitled “Cartoon.”)

Marzipan’s Answering Machine: A series of messages left by the other characters. Listed under the Toons Features Section.

Fhqwhgads: The name Strong Bad gave to the “I Love You” virus, as his old computer translated the virus as a text file. Was subsequently turned into an unbelievably catchy song by Strong Bad with a music video by The Cheat.

Stinko Man: A anime-styled version of Strong Bad with blue hair from the year 20x6 (pronounced “Twenty Exty-Six,” in reference to the NES game Metroid). (See Strong Bad’s e-mail entitled “Japanese Cartoon.”)

Teen Girl Squad: A comic drawn by Strong Bad, currently on its fourth issue. Features the characters “Cheerleader,” “So and so,” “Whats her face” [sic], and “The Ugly One.” Their main goal is to look “so good!” and attract boys. Listed under the Toons’ Features Section.

The Homestar Runner: The original name for Homestar. The children’s book that spawned the web site can be read in the Museum section (click on the HR logo in the main index).

Trogdor, the Burninator: A drawing of a dragon by Strong Bad (See Strong Bad’s e-mail entitled “Dragon.”). Has a song with a music video as well as a video game.