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Sex and the SafeRide

Be that Sexy Bitch

By Alex Nelson


In the world of MIT, fashion is often amiss. Style is haphazard at best, with little effort going into a student’s wardrobe, grooming, and accessorizing choices. On the social scene, this puts us at a disadvantage. We are already stereotypically viewed as nerdy and, heck, a lot of us are. But that doesn’t mean it should be obvious from a first glance. There are times when nerdy is a good thing, for instance, in academics. However, in life, nerdy tends to hurt us.

Let us begin with the basics. Here’s a simple color rule: Black and brown do not go together. Far too many times have I seen a student walking down Amherst Alley on the way to an interview wearing a black suit and old, dirty, brown boots. If you spent the money on a nice suit, you should not ruin it by wearing brown shoes. I don’t care if you only have one pair of shoes; though that is a problem in itself. This also applies to belts and jackets. In casual situations, this rule carries less weight. But by no means is it acceptable to attend a formal gathering with an uncoordinated outfit. Your lack of attention to detail reflects upon your character.

Size does matter! I realize you hate to shop for clothing, but please take the extra five minutes to try on your clothing before making a purchase. Dress pants should hit past the ankles and casual pants such as jeans can be longer, but not too long that you step on them or they drag when you’re wearing tennis shoes.

When purchasing pants, look for a straight-leg style or one that does not taper at the ankle. Straight legs are most flattering and fit well over most shoes. When purchasing shirts, keep in mind that you want to choose a size that will fit your body. Too big is unflattering. Too small makes you look fat or like a little kid. Improperly fitting clothing is extremely noticeable. If you’re going to purchase clothing, you might as well spend wisely.

Now please let me address personal hygiene. Hygiene, your personal cleanliness or lack thereof, is an accurate measure of the effort you put into your appearance. Poor hygiene is disgusting. Although you may not realize that showering once a week is not enough, the people around you will smell you and avoid you.

Some basic standards of hygiene involve showering daily using body soap and shampoo. Apply deodorant after showering and before exercise to prevent bodily odor. Teeth should be brushed twice daily, to get rid of morning breath and prevent tooth decay before going to sleep.

Acne and other skin problems are medical conditions that should be treated by a dermatologist. Dermatologist-prescribed ointments and pills can clear up breakouts and prevent further irritation. These personal hygiene measures help to enhance your natural appearance without changing your personal style.

Grooming follows from hygiene. Although not necessary to ensure a healthy body, it can do a great deal of good for your overall appearance. A regularly maintained hairstyle is easier to manage than a hairstyle that has grown out of style.

Hair grows at a rate of about a half-inch per month. For both women and men, getting a trim is important to keep the ends clean. Split ends occur when hair dries out and begins to shear up the hair shaft. Regular haircuts are recommended every 6-8 weeks. Whether at a salon or using a haircutting kit yourself, haircuts prevent split ends and will give you a polished look.

Keeping these simple tips in mind can help a person to maximize their attractiveness with little added effort. Not only will looking great improve your chances for success in love and in work, but it will also boost your confidence level. So what are you waiting for, you sexy bitch?