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Scratch Paper

Sleepy Hollow

By Tiffany Kosolcharoen

You and I are equal for approximately six hours a day. You are also on par with Britney Spears, the Queen of England, and the drunken dude on Massachusetts Avenue at 3 a.m. in the morning. Yes, 100% equal.

Whether the thread count of your sheets is ten or 200, or your bed is a cold pavement rather than a cozy mattress, the realm of sleep makes us all the same. Is this what the realm of death feels like, too?

This Halloween day is the most appropriate day of the year to examine death. After all, “I died on this test” is said all year round, and Salem, the town of witchcraft, is just a puff away.

Amid the graveyards of Boston, it is odd that humans are so fascinated with death -- its numb, cold nothingness -- rather than ways to defy it.

You can never truly “die” if you play the game of life well. Your life’s ultimate report card will be written after you die by someone you cannot control. The obituary.

Sadly, the hours spent cramming for midterms in Hayden will not end up there. What will we all be known for if today, tomorrow, or the day after were your last day to live?

Name: Masochist

Cause of Death: Nervous breakdown from 6.111, commonly called “digital death lab.”

Aspirations: 5.0 GPA, triple-major.

Remembered for: playing loud music, showering freshmen, and pulling all-nighters.

Survived by: One goldfish, unnamed.

Virtual Friends: IM list of gqboi232, xoxochica32, hottie23

Items bequeathed: 2 half-empty cans of Starbucks Doubleshot Shaken Espresso, two tokens on the T, and dirty laundry.

If we knew the dates of our deaths, every day would be more important. Although it wouldn’t be practical for one to know his date to R.I.P. because life would be experienced as a ticking time bomb. Life in the grand scheme flips our daily priorities upside down.

Will our lives even be memorable enough for an obituary to be written? What will people say about you? Who will be your undying friends?

Obituaries are subjective truths. Your life is written by those you hold dearest, and the only elixir to life is to live through the eyes of others.

At the end of the day, it is your memories, your time, and your impact on others that will make your life successful.

The time you surprised your best friend for her half-birthday or made your best buddy a home-cooked meal will be remembered forever. It puts the personal goal of getting a 5.0 GPA all in perspective. Who gives?

As we dress up as skeletons and ghosts (or, for the seniors, feel the spirits on your booze cruise), visit graveyards, and conceal ourselves in black, think before you mock death on this night of All Hallows Eve.

On this Halloween, the trivial Salem tombstones that costumed trick-o-treaters walk on with total apathy could be ours -- unless we make our lives worthy of something more.

Instead of acting just plain wicked, please do something kind unto others. Have a memorable Halloween, MIT.