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Ask Nutty B

By Bruce Wu

Nutty B is currently a graduate student at MIT, and this is his first attempt ever at writing an advice column (that he stands behind). Please e-mail him with whatever question you would like someone to listen to, and help him have an excuse to procrastinate at 3:00 a.m. Please send all questions to

Dear Nutty B,

The semester is about to start, but I still have no clue about what classes I should take. I picked something already, but I’m not sure if I’ll like it. Do you have any suggestions, as in what classes an eager undergrad should take?

-- Nervous about school

Dear Nervous,

I wish I knew that answer myself! I, too, picked a few classes months before the registration deadline with no other intent than to avoid the fine. I really can’t tell you what to take since I have no idea what your interests are. I mean, if you want to be a future president like Mr. Clinton, I’d definitely recommend a class in office morals and ethics.

At any rate, since you are “eager,” as you say, why don’t you take them all? It’s not like you need to sleep at MIT anyway!

By the way, have you try basket-weaving at Harvard or facial care at Wellesley? Look into those fun classes at our neighbor schools and cross-register! You will meet more people and can escape your hellish undergrad life here.

Dear Nutty B,

I just moved into my room in my dorm to start my first year here. It’s so small compared to those college rooms they show in the movies! Also, I’ve never had someone living in the same room with me before. Now I have a roommate who is from the other end of the continent. While I am excited, I’m not really comfortable with this new living arrangement. What should I do?

-- Stephanie

Dear Stephanie,

My first advice for you would be to stop watching movies and snap out of your Legally Blonde image of college life. What did you expect? A 600 square-foot room with beautiful hardwood floors all to yourself? Did you bring your puppy here too? As for having a roommate who is from the other side of the continent, what’s the problem again?

While living with someone may be something to get used to, it has its advantages. You know, perhaps this sleep-walking, snoring-all-night, and showering-once-a-week person in your room will be someone that helps you complete (or copy) your assignment quickly when school starts!

Also, this roommate you have may become your best friend and even your bridesmaid. Even if this doesn’t happen, it would still be great for you to learn to get along with new people and not end up killing them. Or being killed, for that matter.

Therefore, the only thing you should do is be nice to this new roomie of yours, or else she will be sending me questions asking me how to murder you!