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The UA answers your questions about undergraduate issues

By Harel Williams

and Rose Grabowski

UA Senators

Dear UA,

What is the UA? Ugly A-holes? Underwater Angioplasty? Uganda’s Ampere?

--Acronyms Suck

UA stands for Undergraduate Association, of which all 4,000 plus undergraduates are automatically members. It has a huge number of committees that work on specific issues for undergraduates as well as a legislative body that directs policy and advocates for students. Oh yeah, and by being a member of the UA you are automatically super cool, so pat yourself on the back.

Dear UA,

I did student government in high school and it was a bunch of bull crap. I mean, planning lame school dances gets old after a while. Is that all that MIT student government does? If yes, then I gotta warn you, I’ve already hung up my helium-balloon-tying hat and dancing-in-the-cafeteria shoes.

--Streamers up the Wazoo

No, that is NOT all that the UA does. Although there are formals and semi-formals put on every year for the students, the UA does much more. They give money to student groups, advocate for student issues to administrators and faculty, and provide many other services that undergraduates benefit from every year. And we periodically give out free food, which, of course, is by far its most important duty.

Dear UA,

Sometimes I feel powerless to change things. For example, there’s no A1 steak sauce on campus. How can I rectify this atrocity?

--Boldless in Seattle

We feel your pain. The UA Committee on Student Life is involved in a lot of issues like this, and even has a subcommittee to address them -- the subcommittee on dining. You can check out this as well as a plethora of other UA committees and hot and steamy UA committee chairs at the UA Open House on August 31, 2:30 - 4:30 p.m., in W20-491.

Dear UA,

Why are you writing this column? Are you wannabe SIPB members or something?

--Dazed and Confuzed

“Ask SIPB” is a great column that is written to give more information about computing at MIT. UA Q&A is intended to be more of a sounding board for students to ask questions about MIT and undergraduate life. The UA is a resource for all undergraduates, and we want to help you get to know the campus better -- and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Got More Questions? E-mail with your quizzicality.