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IFC Rush Rules

These rules are established to support all fraternities in recruitment activities, and to protect the rushees and prospective students in all activities pertaining to Rush and/or Recruitment.

ARTICLE I: General

Preamble - With the understanding that recruitment will occur year round, the IFC has developed the following rules that are effective year-round.

1. General

A. All recruitment events are dry.

B. All MIT Rules governing provision and consumption of alcohol apply at all times.

C. Fraternities may address complaints through the IFC Judicial Committee.

D. All recruitment events and paraphernalia must be in good taste.

E. No Fraternity member shall badmouth another living group. This includes, but is not limited to, members of the IFC, the Panhellenic Association, and the Living Group Council.

F. No Fraternity apparel may be given to a rushee until a bid is accepted. Loaning such articles for the purpose of comfort (warmth, dryness) is acceptable. Also acceptable is the temporary loaning of such articles during participation in an intramural sport event. However, these articles may not be worn to another Fraternity.

G. No Fraternity shall contact a prospective member who has previously expressed that he/she does not wish to be contacted.

H. All events in the dormitories must follow the outlines and rules described by the IFC Recruitment Chair.


The purpose of Pre-Rush actions and activities is to convince high school applicants to attend MIT, promote the Fraternity system, and aid Admissions and other MIT offices in their goals with regards to pre-freshmen applicants, admitted students, and/or special programs.

1. A. Fraternity members must obey the rules of the MIT Admissions Office while contacting any prospective or admitted students at any time.

B. If a visiting pre-frosh wishes to change housing assignments at any time, he/she must be directed to make changes through the Admissions Office. Members of a Fraternity shall not take direct actions toward helping a pre-frosh make housing changes.

C. All events held during Campus Preview Weekend must be dry.

ARTICLE III: Orientation

The purpose of Orientation rules is to prevent any house from having an unreasonable advantage preceding the start of Rush itself and to encourage new freshmen to actively participate in the orientation programming. Orientation rules apply from the beginning of the first pre-orientation program (August 17, 2003), until the end of the City Days orientation event, (August 29, 2003).

1. Orientation Guidelines:

A. All orientation leaders must abide by MIT orientation rules and regulations.

B. No Fraternity shall hold house events open to non-members during this time.

C. No Fraternity shall overnight a freshman during this time.


The purpose of Rush Week is to allow new students the time to find a Fraternity most compatible with their own interests, and for Fraternities to find members for themselves. Rush Week rules apply throughout the IFC and MIT established formal recruitment period, running from September 5, 2003 until September 14, 2003.

1. Rush Week Setup

A. The one week official Rush period will be entirely dry. No Fraternity shall serve or provide alcohol to anyone during this period, or for two additional weeks or when all bids are closed, whichever is sooner.

B. Each Fraternity shall provide to the IFC Recruitment Chair and IFC Judicial Committee Chair at least two primary phone numbers that shall be operational at all times.

C. Each Fraternity shall provide to the IFC Recruitment Chair and the IFC Judicial Committee Chair a complete list of Rush events with times, size and location no later than August 24, 2003.

2. Records

A. Each Fraternity is required to keep an on-line record of the status of all bids (bid extended/bid accepted) that is accessible to all Fraternities.

B. This record must be updated within one hour of the extension of a bid.

C. This record must be updated within one hour of the acceptance or declination of a bid.

3. Jaunts

A. No Fraternity shall jaunt a freshman overnight before September 14, 2003. A trip resulting in a freshman being jaunted past 1 a.m. or before 6 a.m. shall be considered overnight. Short trips to get a midnight snack, for example, are exempt.

4. Bid Extension

A. Bids may be given out starting 8 a.m. on September 12, 2003 and may be accepted starting 8 a.m. on September 13, 2003.

5. Pledging

A. After a rushee has pledged a Fraternity, no other Fraternity may attempt to recruit him.

ARTICLE V: Introduction to Enforcement

The IFC Recruitment Chair is responsible for taking steps to ensure incoming students are aware that these rules exist including preparing and distributing a “Rushee Bill of Rights.” These rules apply to all who are members of the MIT Interfraternity Council (IFC). Any action taken by a Fraternity to the detriment of a rushee, prospective student, or of another Fraternity, shall be deemed a violation. All violations of these rules shall be immediately referred to the IFC Judicial Committee Chair for proceedings. Any information concerning alleged rush violations must be given to the IFC Recruitment Chair or any IFC Judicial Committee Risk Management Consultant upon request. Violators shall be subject to any and all fines, sanctions, and punishments deemed necessary by the IFC Judicial Committee. Any questions regarding the interpretation of these rules must be submitted to the IFC Recruitment Chair for clarification. The IFC Judicial Committee Chair shall be the arbiter of taste and responsible for enforcing a reasonable definition of badmouthing. In addition, the IFC Judicial Committee shall be the final interpreter of all Recruitment Rules. If the Fraternity of the Judicial Committee Chair is involved, the complaint is to be referred immediately to the next highest official in the IFC whose Fraternity is not involved, following this line of seniority:

* IFC Recruitment Chair

* IFC President

* IFC Vice President

* IFC Secretary

* IFC Treasurer

SOURCE: Interfraternity Council