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Police Log

The following incidents were reported to the MIT Police February 1-28, 2003. This summary contains most incidents reported to the MIT Police but does not include incidents such as: medical shuttles, ambulance transfers, false alarms, general service calls.

February 1: Bldg. 14, report of suspicious person in building.

February 2: Tang, report of unknown male carrying computer cable, checks out okay; Bldg. 8, report of stolen laptop, $3,400; Baker, report of loud music.

February 3: Bldg. W31, report of stolen laptop, $1,400; Bldg. 4, report of two unknown males trying to open doors, gone on arrival; Bldg. 8, report of stolen wallet, credit card, debit card, and cash $110; Bldg. 57, report of stolen aluminum, $1,000; Student Center, male arrested; Sigma Chi, identity fraud; Delta Kappa Epsilon, 1) laptop computer stolen, $3,200; 2) laptop stolen $1,400.

February 4: Bldg. W31, report of stolen bike, $300; Bldg. 9, report of stolen projector, $7,588.

February 5: Baker, report of stolen laptop, $3,500; Bldg. 4, report of past larceny of a saxophone $4,600; Bldg. 50, report of stolen purse, $150; Bldg. 66, report of stolen coat, unknown value; Bldg. E25, report of suspicious package.

February 6: Student Center, report of suspicious male, trespass warning issued; Audrey Street, report of suspicious person attempting to gain access to dormitories on Memorial Drive; Bldg. 8, report of stolen laptop, $3,600; Student Center, Dennis Nickerson taken into custody on an outstanding warrant; Westgate Lot, '89 Toyota stolen.

February 7: Senior House, report snowballs being thrown at passersby, subjects gone on arrival; Bldg. NW86, report of skateboarders in area causing a disturbance.

February 8: Bldg. E51, report of graffiti in men's room; Amherst Alley, Ramon Downes arrested.

February 9: Student Center, 1) report of stolen purse $170; 2) stolen backpack, items and cash $75 Bldg. E55, report of stolen wallet, cash and leather coat $520.

February 10: Bldg. 35, report of stolen cash, $40; Bldg. 4, backpack stolen, $170; Bldg. 35, report of stolen vacuum, $1,000.

February 11: Bldg. 45, stolen cell phone, $200; Religious Activities Center, report of graffiti; Student Center, jacket and keys stolen, $270; 1) Bldg. NW14, vandalism; 2) cash stolen $5; Chi Phi, suspicious activity.

February 12: Student Center, report of suspicious male, trespass warning issued.

February 13: Student Center, Carlos LaFontaine arrested for trespassing; Bldg. 1, report of stolen tools, $300, Zesiger Center, radio reported stolen, item found later; Bldg. 18, attempted larceny of construction equipment.

February 14: Bldg. E55, domestic dispute; Sigma Phi Epsilon, stolen wallet and articles of clothing, $105; Student Center turnaround, traffic dispute.

February 15: Zesiger Center, report of stolen wallet, cash and credit cards, $35.

February 16: MacGregor, report of harassing phone call; Student Center, report of larceny of cash from a safe; Bldg. N42, report of stolen motor vehicle.

February 17: Bldg. W31, report of assault and battery.

February 18: Bldg. 66 exterior, report of students horse playing around administration building, sent on their way; Bldg. 5, report of breaking and entering, computer equipment stolen, unknown value; Student Center, report of female soliciting, gone on arrival; Charles River, report of two students attempting to walk across river; Lambda Chi Alpha, report of loud music.

February 19: Bldg. 68, laptop stolen, $4,000; Next House, report of harassment; Bldg. 1, stolen computer monitor, keyboard and a skate bag, $620; Bldg. W35, report of stolen MIT ID, Bldg. 66, MIT ID stolen.

February 20: Bldg. 2, VCR stolen, $300; Theta Xi, wallet stolen, $5.00; Johnson Athletic Center, report suspicious person; Student Center, annoying e-mail; Bldg. 13, animal complaint.

February 21: Bldg. E15, suspicious person; Bldg. E52, wallet stolen, $200; Bldg. NW12, report of suspicious activity; Bldg. NW21, report of suspicious person, checks out okay; Bldg. 62, report of graffiti; Bldg. W84, storage box stolen, $530; Bldg. E2, suspicious activity; Student Center, backpack containing laptop and calculator stolen, $1,100; Bldg. W35, 1) wallet stolen $25; 2) assault and battery, while playing basketball.

February 22: East Lot, ’89 Mazda stolen; Lambda Chi Alpha, report of persons throwing snowballs from roof.

February 23: Phi Beta Epsilon, suspicious person, gone on arrival.

February 24: Bldg. 10, MIT ID stolen; Student Center, two homeless persons assisted to shelter; Bldg. 1, suspicious activity.

February 25: Bldg. E52, suspicious person in area, trespass warning issued; Student Center, 1) wallet stolen, $70; 2) male taken into custody on an outstanding warrant.

February 26: Rotch Library, backpack stolen $100; Main Street, report of three males cutting a lock on a bike, checks out okay; Bldg. 4, wallet stolen, $10.00; Bldg. W79, cash stolen, $101; Bldg. 37, annoying telephone calls.

February 27: Bldg. 1, suspicious person in office, gone on arrival of MIT PD; Bldg. 50, food stolen $40; Bldg. E40, wallets stolen, $140; East Campus, report of stolen credit card; Bldg. E23, laptop stolen, $1,800; Windsor St. Lot, vehicle stolen elsewhere, recovered here; Bldg. 56, student problem; Bldg. E52, cash stolen, $500; Rotch Library, two way radio stolen, $280; Bldg. E56, jacket and clock stolen, $40

February 28: Bldg. E52, past larceny, computers, $3,500; Bldg. 1, stolen tools, $400; Bldg. 7, report of suspicious package; Bldg. E18, suspicious activity.