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By Brian Loux

By Brian Loux

Name: Joshua “Spanky” Yardley ’04

Occupation: Interfraternity Council Rush Chair 2002

The Tech: Do people actually call you Spanky?

Joshua Yardley: Some people do.

TT: Of what fraternity are you a member?

Yardley: Zeta Psi.

TT: In one reason, can you tell us why you joined?

Yardley: I guess when I first got there, I met a couple of guys who just jumped out at me and I enjoyed hanging out with them. So I stayed.

TT: Zeta Psi’s in one of the poorer parts of Cambridge. Do you like to wear that as a badge of honor?

Yardley: It’s not really too far into Central Square. We’re not really in the bad section of town, but it does make for some interesting characters.

TT: Do you think this Rush will be more work, or the same amount of work spread over a longer period, and is it the same for you overseers as well as the houses?

Yardley: It will be more work for everyone. I told a lot of houses that we need to pace ourselves over the course of Rush, but I think that everyone’s so excited that we’re going to be going all out. But there are other things that are on an MIT student’s plate, like classes. I think it’ll be a learning experience for us to see now much we should throw ourselves into it.

TT: Do you feel nervous about this rush?

Yardley: Yeah, especially this year. Everyone is at least a little bit nervous whether they lot on about it or not. A lot of people I know are optimistic about how they’ve changed their rush programs, but they are definitely still anxious.

TT: Do you still get to say, “Let the Rush begin?”

Yardley: Yeah, we’re gonna say that this year. There was some debate over it, but what works, works.

TT: What do you plan to do when Rush is over?

Yardley: Well, first it’ll be my birthday, so I’ll celebrate. I plan to sleep a lot more, that’s for sure. I think I will actually try to take more leadership roles in my house and give back to them more. I’ve been solely on IFC duties for a while.

TT: What course are you?

Yardley: VI [Electrical Engineering and Computer Science] and XV [Management].

TT: Why?

Yardley: I came here for computer science. But I took a management class and I was intrigued by it. It’s definitely two sides of the brain there.

TT: Did you give blood today [in the Red Cross blood drive]?

Yardley: No, I was in meetings all day. I’ll try for [Thursday].

TT: Do any of the freshmen recognize you from Orientation?

Yardley: Yeah, some of them do. It was us just being up on stage the whole week. I hope they come to recognize me as Rush Chair as time goes on.

TT: Have the freshmen on campus this year made you feel any different about yourself? Older? Bigger? Smarter?

Yardley: I definitely feel older. I was sitting in the west lounge of the student center during Orientation when kids were coming, and I was just surprised that they all look so much younger than us. I know that some people that come to MIT as freshmen are not high school seniors, but all of them seemed to have a young look about them. It was kind of scary seeing how fast my time here has gone by.

TT: Do you plan to go to grad school?

Yardley: Yeah. I will probably [get a Masters of Engineering] here and either an MBA here or at work. I enjoy school, so I’ll keep going there as long as I can.

TT: What’s the most interesting fact about yourself?

Yardley: I’ve been to all 48 continental United States.

TT: Have you ever traveled outside the country?

Yardley: Just to Canada and Mexico.

TT: Which one was better?

Yardley: They’re fun for different reasons. Tijuana, for instance, is different from Quebec (laughs). My father’s family is from Canada so I won’t knock it too much.

TT: At Orientation, you told the freshmen that you were really into sports. Are you looking forward to the upcoming IM seasons?

Yardley: Yeah. I’m planning on doing every IM sport that our house signs up for. So far it’s worked. It’s been really hectic for the past few weeks and I’m looking forward to relieving some stress.

TT: What sports are you playing?

Yardley: Soccer, tennis, and football. Oh yeah, bowling as well.

TT: Which one do you like the best?

Yardley: Well, I played tennis in high school. That’s the one I actually play. The others I just do to have fun.

TT: Where did you grow up?

Yardley: In Bangor, Maine.

TT: So the Boston sport teams are your home teams?

Yardley: Yeah, we don’t really get to many sports in Maine.

TT: So do you like the Patriots?

Yardley: Love the Patriots.

TT: Are they your favorite Boston sports team?

Yardley: No. It would have to be the Red Sox, as much as I hate to admit it. I just went to a game of theirs this week.

TT: Lastly, what’s you favorite ice cream flavor?

Yardley: Mint Chocolate Chip.