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Dalene Kurtis, Stacy Fuson, and Becky Delos Santos

By Brian Loux

Don’t stare at her chest. If you stare, it’s all over.

I recited this sage piece of advice taken from the movie 100 Girls a couple of times before I got to the Hynes Convention Center. It’s difficult to follow when the task at hand is to interview three Playboy bunnies.

As our crew waited around to be let into the College Fest, it was pretty easy to recognize when the playmates entered, and it wasn’t because of the logos on their shirts. We were scheduled to interview Playmate of the Year 2001 Dalene Kurtis, X-treme Team member Stacy Fuson, and Boston native Becky Delos Santos just as the gates opened.

Believe it or not, the girls were not that intimidating. All of them were down to earth people and not pretentious about their fame and looks. They walked and talked like the college kids around them. Furthermore, all of the playmates made for good interviews.

Even though they’re willing to answer almost any question you’d throw at them, let me just say that it’s a lot easier to write down “Dalene, you said in a Playboy chat interview that you’re always shaven. Why is that?” than to actually ask her.

Playboy publicist and fill-in bodyguard Melissa Gorski escorted the playmates around the convention center and watched over the interviews. I guess they didn’t trust me that much.

Dalene Kurtis and Stacy Fuson

The Tech: What did you guys do before you worked for Playboy?

Dalene Kurtis: I worked at an insurance company for three and a half years prior to becoming a playmate.

Stacy Fuson: I moved to L.A. to start modeling and I worked at the Limited.

TT: Dalene, you’ve said in other interviews you have “duties” of being playmate of the year. What do they entail? Hopefully the main one isn’t talking to frustrated journalists?

Kurtis: I had 30 appearances that I had to do for playmate of the year, and I also represent Playboy in different countries and all around the States.

TT: Stacy, What are the perks of being on the X-treme Team?

Fuson: Getting to challenge people and showing off how tough you are.

TT: Who do you challenge?

Fuson: In general, just other people. Sometimes playmates get to go against each other.

TT: Do you think athletic bodies are becoming sexier as time goes on?

Fuson: Yes, absolutely. And I’m pleased to see that.

TT: Dalene, you have a Web site, and Stacy, you’re working on one right?

Fuson: I’m going to start. However, someone bought my name. But on you can go to the cyber club and I have my own page there.

TT: Considering the wealth of options people can use to get photos for free, is there some draw to just having one’s own Web site?

Kurtis: I just kind of put it up for people that wanted me for modeling jobs; like my own portfolio. But I do have over 1,000 members already. Actually, my Web site links directly over to

Fuson: I can say an unfortunate situation is when people take our names or our pictures and place them on other sites, specifically porn sites. It’s very unfortunate, because none of it’s true. We don’t have any connection to the porn industry. So people presume we are in porn when we’re really not. People just like to use our name because we’re playmates.

TT: So how do you find Boston?

Fuson: I’ve never been, but I’m excited to have some lobster for once.

Kurtis: This is my second time, but I like it.

TT: What do you guys plan to do in the next couple of years?

Kurtis: Work for Playboy.

Fuson: Yes, go to (laughs)

TT: Dalene, you earlier mentioned that you wanted to do television? How did that work out?

Kurtis: Yes, I actually just got the job. I’m going to be a TV host. I’m going to work for TNN.

TT: Which show?

Kurtis: It’s called The Fast and The Furious, a racing show.

Fuson: Oh, cool! Congratulations!

TT: In the World Cup this year, countries that did exceptionally well noticeably had very attractive sections of female fans decked out in the country’s colors, such as Brazil and South Korea. With your status as playmates, do you think you could convince Playboy to sponsor a Team USA cheering section for 2006?

(Confused silence)

Kurtis: Well, I think they should have one. I was in London when I hosted a party for the [Brazil vs. England] game. We watched the game; it was really cool.

TT: Do either of you follow soccer?

Kurtis: No, but to be honest, I did like watching it.

TT: Did you guys go to college?

Fuson: You know, every time I’ve tried, something [with Playboy] comes up and I end up dropping all the classes.

Gorski (publicist): We keep them pretty busy.

Kurtis: I went to junior college for a year and a half and then business college that my parents paid for. I have nothing to do with that anymore, so they’re really pissed.

TT: What is the sexiest single article of clothing that a woman can wear?

Kurtis: Huh? Nothing!

Fuson: Well, I guess it could be a thong.

Kurtis: Or possibly a guy’s t-shirt.

Becky Delos Santos

TT: So you’re from Boston? What are your thoughts on MIT?

Delos Santos: MIT? I never really went over there. It’s a good school.

TT: Well, how sexy is intellect?

Delos Santos: Very sexy.

TT: Did you go to college here?

Delos Santos: No. When I was 17, I went to pursue modeling in Europe and I lived in Europe for seven years and traveled the world. I eventually moved back to Miami and I’ve lived in Boston for the past four years.

TT: What’s your favorite thing about Boston? Any favorite area or neighborhood?

Delos Santos: Neighborhood? The Back Bay. (Laughs) No. But, Boston is a great city. It’s small but it has a lot to offer. It has the beach close by and the mountains close by, it’s really a quaint little city.

TT: Did someone or something get you interested in modeling?

Delos Santos: I started when I was eight years old here in Boston for Filene’s, department stores, and magazines, and that’s how I started. My First Communion photographer said to my mom that she really should take me to a modeling agency. So she did, and the rest is history.

TT: What crowd did you run with in high school?

Delos Santos: I was pretty much friends with everyone.

TT: How did you view the geeks?

Delos Santos: Hell, I was kinda geeky myself.

TT: So there is a new game demo here for Playstation 2. More or less, we all grew up in the video game era. Do you play them?

Delos Santos: Oh, I was Atari, Pong and Space Invaders, man. I’m old. But of course I played them and loved them when I was young. But I haven’t played these games for a long time.

TT: Does it disturb you that some men find video games more appealing than women?

Delos Santos: (laughs) Well, most women like shopping, and I know a lot of guys that don’t. So to each his own.

TT: Okay, there is a controversy this year over who should hold the title of Miss North Carolina because the winner was discovered to have posed topless. Do you think the treatment was fair?

Delos Santos: I don’t think it’s really fair. Well, it really depends on the paperwork of what she signed and if there was something she said that she wasn’t going to do. But if it was topless and not full nudity, then I guess she fairly got her crown back. I mean, think about Vanessa Williams, look what it did for her career. Are we supposed to retract that?

TT: So is nude photography an art form or an entertainment venue? Or can it be both?

Delos Santos: Definitely can be both. And it’s easy to make a distinction.

TT: You have a Web site in progress...

Delos Santos: Gah ... the Web site. I’ve had my problems with webmasters in the past. (laughs) I think all the girls have had some bad experiences.

TT: Stacy was describing some of those. What have been some of your problems?

Delos Santos: First I had a person who was far away and it was really hard to complete the whole thing. Then I had it moved to a person that just took advantage of the situation. Now I have a friend from high school doing it, so I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope one day it will be working and running and I can make a business out of it. (laughs)

TT: Considering the other media options consumers can use as alternative to personal Web sites, are they really that lucrative? Is there some other draw to just having one?

Delos Santos: Well, the thing is five years ago when I started the site, a lot of people were just developing Web sites regardless. Now, the way the internet has gone, there is a lot fiercer competition. But being a playmate, there is always a market for it. Though it is indeed tough.

TT: There seems to be a good camaraderie in between the playmates. Is that common?

Delos Santos: Yeah, we’re all sisters and friends. And all the girls are sweet. I’ve never had a problem with them.

TT: So what are your other playmate duties besides talking to us?

Delos Santos: That’s it. (laughs) You just meet, greet, pose ... sign. (laughs)

TT: All right. Thanks a lot for your help.

Delos Santos: Yeah, good luck at MIT.