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Things I Did, Things I Wish I Had Done, Things I Wish I Had Done Earlier, Things I Will Do When I Come Back

Satwiksai Seshasai

UROP with a Nobel Prize winner. Skip a final freshman year (fall term only!). Get high at Steer Roast. Go to Beast Roast. Get laid at Tower Court. Start a company. Go public. Wait in line all day for Bad Taste tickets. Climb the walls of Simmons Hall. Work security at the Spring Concert. Work hospitality at the Spring Concert. Organize Spring Weekend. Take an orange tour. Eat steak every night of rush. Get 16 flavors crammed into one scoop of Tosci’s (in Central Square!) Eat at Lobdell. Complain about the food at Lobdell. Help select a new vendor for the food at Lobdell. Photocopy 16 pages of past exams at 25 percent onto your one page crib sheet. Rollerblade down the Infinite Corridor. Rollerblade along the Esplanade. Date a sorority girl. Don’t date her sorority sister. Write for The Tech. Edit for The Tech. Become the chairman of The Tech. Use company site visits as free vacations. Sit in the bleachers at a Red Sox game. Sing on the field before a Red Sox game. Stay up through 72 hours of the Mystery Hunt. Subscribe to reuse. E-mail reuse. E-mail reuse with a fake item at your worst enemy’s room number. Climb the walls of the Stata Center. Walk across the iced over Charles. Learn to sail. Sex in the McCormick penthouse. Work front desk. Start your own student group. Tech Night at the Pops. Watch 6.270. Do 6.270. TA 6.270. Build community. Laugh at people who use words like “build community.” Subscribe to mit-talk. Write to mit-talk. Read mit-talk. Unsubscribe from mit-talk. Eat at the food trucks. Print to w20color. Major in course XIII. Double major in course IX. Write a thesis. Day trip to New York on the Chinatown bus. Road trip to Montreal. Weekend trip to London. Watch Lip Sync. Perform in Lip Sync. Kiss a dean. Date a dean. Become a dean. Fire a dean. Do a load of laundry. Do sixteen loads of laundry, with a shopping cart. Leave your clothes downstairs and let a stranger do your laundry. Date your TA. Go running with Chuck Vest at 6 a.m. Next Act: hot Asian girls. SAAS Culture Show: hot Indian girls. Join Dance Troupe. Pull an all-nighter. Get through MIT without ever pulling an all-nighter. Copy a problem set. Organize a problem set solution ring. Take 8.02. Take 8.02 again. And again. Take 15.301. Take 15.301 in your sleep. Take 4.301. Seriously, take 4.301. zwgc -ttymode. zwrite. zlocate. lastlog. finger@hostname. Sleep through class. Sleep in class. Log in from class. Build toys at the Media Lab. Leave your mark on the Dome. Ride cross-country in a solar car. Four quarters of partner dance = 8 PE points. Pistol. Join the MIT Skydiving Club. “LSC! Sucks!” Use your card at La Verde’s. Design your Brass Rat. Tour the cogen plant. Throw a piano off the roof of Baker. Have class in Killian. Sleep out on Kresge Oval for Habitat. Get showered. Shower cute freshmen. Visit every dorm. Even the grad dorms. Don’t stop going to FSILGs after rush. Get from Kendall to Mass Ave, underground. Pizza Hut pizza at the Marriott. Late night drinks at the Thirsty. Spontaneous job interviews at the Muddy. Join SIPB, learn their tricks. Stand outside during a middle-of-the-night fire alarm. Sleep through a fire alarm. Learn to ice skate. D-league IM hockey. Log in from a roofdeck. Sleep on a roofdeck. Buy a CD at Newbury Comics without walking across the bridge. Clambake in the Johnson BBQ pits. Eat lunch on the Dot. Eat lunch in the Bush Room courtyard. Attend CPW. Fire in the Alley. Ride SafeRide. Miss SafeRide. Log on and track SafeRide. Steal an Athena chair. Underage car rentals through MIT. Buy furniture with the MIT Office Depot discount. Take Econ as a humanities class. Make a drop poster. Tear one down. Enter $50K. Meet Jack Florey. Be Jack Florey. Play tennis in the rain. Play tennis in the bubble. Midnight sushi. Join a tool-in. Download mp3s. Serve mp3s. Download pirated movies. Learn to use digital video cameras. Film an I3 video. Steal shopping carts from Star. Watch movies in technology enabled classrooms. IM your roommate -- in the same room! Check laundry machine status on the web. The Social Beaver, on the MIT Cable button. Build a snowman on Killian. Call 3-SNOW in April. Call 3-SNOW in May. Sleep in on suicide prevention day. Sleep for 4 weeks in January. Dress up as .T.I.M the Beaver. Don’t take .T.I.M to Harvard. Ask the birds for answers during tests in Walker. BSO, MFA, MoS: cultural enlightenment, free with the MIT ID card! Check away messages every 5 minutes instead of doing problem sets. Use course bibles as a freshman. Lend course bibles as an upperclassman. Forbid course bibles as a professor. Maintain balance while walking across the bridge in the freezing rain and wind. Maintain balance while biking across the bridge in the freezing rain and wind. Student rush tickets to Blue Man Group. Usher and get in free to Blue Man Group. Attend an MIT sporting event. E to the u, du/dx, e to the x dx! Get in the police log. Get in the police log again! Moat someone. River someone. Get lost exploring the hallways on campus. Laugh at people who are lost, exploring the hallways on campus. Meet the alum who invented ethernet. Or walked on the moon. Or won an Emmy. Or ran the CIA. Or was the attorney who delivered the Monica Lewinsky tapes to Ken Starr. Become one of those alums. Have fun.


Make a list of things you wish you had done.

Do them.

Satwiksai Seshasai served as Chairman of The Tech from June 1999 to February 2001. He graduates today with a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.