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The following movies are playing this weekend at local theaters. The Tech suggests using <> for a complete listing of times and locations.

HHHH Excellent

HHH Good

HH Fair

H Poor

Blade II HHH

Although the plot is even less original than the first, Blade II still delivers with its blood-drenched, dark vision of the world hidden beneath our own. If you want a serious movie with a deep story, move on, but if you want hard action and horrific visuals, see Blade II. -- Dan Robey

Death to Smoochy HH1 2

Warner Brothers markets the film’s mascot as an adorable plush rhinoceros in a body bag, a symbol evocative of the guilty laughs and twisted humor that characterize the movie. Smoochy viewers will raise eyebrows or do double-takes at twisted concepts like the involvement of the Irish mob, Edward Norton dressed as a giant rhinoceros, and Danny DeVito, in this hilarious satire of the children’s television industry. --Sandra M. Chung

Monsoon Wedding HHH

The arranged marriage of a young Indian couple in Delhi brings together a whole cast of delightful characters who sing, laugh and cry as they are reawakened and strengthened by the power of love to bring people together. Monsoon Wedding is a vibrant, light-hearted romantic comedy with a talented, all-star Indian cast and the intimate creative touch of Mira Nair. -- Jonathan Choi

Panic Room HH1 2

While thrilling and fun for a while, Panic Room falls short of its ultimate potential and is overall forgettable.Though the last part of the burglary saga is spectacular, the ending leaves much to be desired. Fincher decides to end the story in no particular fashion, only notifying the audience that it’s time to go home. --Brian Loux

Resident Evil H1 2

While its violence is barely excessive enough to make you cringe, its plot is not dynamic enough to make you truly care. If you’re looking a cheap thrill ride, Resident Evil can adequately conjure your adrenaline. If not, then avoid this one like the T-virus. -- Jumaane Jeffries

Y Tu MamÁ TambiÉn HHH

Two doped-up and horny friends, convince a scorned cousin-in-law to accompany them on a road trip to an imaginary beach on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Along the way the three friends learn to live, laugh and love. What Y Tu MamÁ lacks in setup and loses in slight excess is more than compensated for by an unusual sobriety rarely found in American teen movies. --Jed Horne

The Scorpion King HHH

Even though The Scorpion King isn’t flawless, and even if it doesn't make sense at times, it makes up for it in coolness. If you're not prepared to overlook the movie’s flaws, don't see the movie. If you are, however, prepare to put your brain in neutral and be entertained, because The Rock delivers everything you would want in a good action movie. --Brian Loux