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The following movies are playing this weekend at local theaters. The Tech suggests using <> for a complete listing of times and locations.

HHHH Excellent

HHH Good

HH Fair

H Poor

40 Days and 40 Nights HH

Just as Josh Hartnett vows to go 40 days and nights without sex, he meets the woman of his dreams. While it has its moments, 40 Days and 40 Nights relies on the charm of Hartnett to carry the film, and fails. The tired repetition of one theme grates on the viewer and leaves the film stretched thin. -- Dan Robey

Blade II HHH

Although the plot is even less original than the first, Blade II still delivers with its blood-drenched, dark vision of the world hidden beneath our own. If you want a serious movie with a deep story, move on, but if you want hard action and horrific visuals, see Blade II. -- Dan Robey

The Count of Monte Cristo HH1 2

An illiterate sailor finds himself imprisoned because of the jealousy of his best friend. Seeking revenge, he manages to escape from solitude confinement to become a member of Europe’s high society, in an attempt to win back the woman and the life he once had. -- Eric Chemi

Crossroads H

Three little girls bury a box of their goals for the future. Many years later, the girls meet up to open the box and talk about their dreams and decide to take a road trip out west. Many adventures ensue on the car trip. The girls bond through N*SYNC sing-a-longs and giggling. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll sing and dance, you’ll get to see Britney in a pair of little boy’s BVDs. -- Megan Ginter

I Am Sam HHH1 2

I Am Sam centers around a mentally challenged father, Sam Dawson (Sean Penn), and his fight against the state for his daughter Lucy (Dakota Fanning). Abandoned by Lucy’s mother shortly after her birth, Sam single-handedly raised Lucy until a social worker questions Sam’s ability to raise his daughter. With the help of Rita Harrison (Michelle Pfeiffer) as his lawyer, Sam takes on the state for the biggest challenge of his life. -- Ashley Robinson

Monsoon Wedding HHH

The arranged marriage of a young Indian couple in Delhi brings together a whole cast of delightful characters who sing, laugh and cry as they are reawakened and strengthened by the power of love to bring people together. Monsoon Wedding is a vibrant, light-hearted romantic comedy with a talented, all-star Indian cast and the intimate creative touch of Mira Nair. -- Jonathan Choi

Resident Evil H1 2

While its violence is barely excessive enough to make you cringe, its plot is not dynamic enough to make you truly care. If you’re looking a cheap thrill ride, Resident Evil can adequately conjure your adrenaline. If not, then avoid this one like the T-virus. -- Jumaane Jeffries

RollerBall H

Plot congruity, plot understandability, and finally, plot existence follow character development down the toilet in this atrocious movie. As for action scenes, there aren’t many, and what is there isn’t memorable except for its ridiculousness. If you’re thinking of going to this one, just stay home. --Brian Loux

Super Troopers HH

Dumb cops play tricks and have wacky fun while on duty. The movie starts off cleverly but quickly degrades into a clichÉd story about catching drug smugglers and saving the troopers’ jobs. Good for a few laughs but quickly forgotten once you leave the theater. --Megan Ginter

The Time Machine HH

A mediocre time travel movie based on the classic novel. Though mostly enjoyable, with wonderful supporting performances by Orlando Jones and Jeremy Irons, the film lacks continuity in both plot and theme. -- Rich Redemske