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Speak Your Mind, But Speak the Truth

I write to express my sadness and strong disappointment in the actions of WMBR in broadcasting materials that were virulently anti-Semitic and intellectually and historically inaccurate and ignorant on Thursday, October 11, at 6:30-8:00 p.m. This is disturbing in and of itself, but takes on an even greater significance as an act of mean-spiritedness and divisiveness at a time when the members of our community and nation have come together so strongly in a spirit of mutual understanding and supportiveness. I am appalled.

This campus must and will remain a place of free speech. I imply no censorship by sending this letter. WMBR has the right to broadcast whatever ideas it wishes, but I, too, have a right to tell share opinion of this material and to state my belief that it is shameful to give it a home in a community dedicated to rationality and collegiality.

As a community resource, WMBR has an obligation to understand how a presentation will be received and to avoid creating divisiveness and hurt through its programming. Questioning the presentation of “facts” or having guests who would offer an alternative point of view, for example, would be appropriate in dealing with controversial issues.

Charles M. Vest

[Editor’s Note: A copy of this letter was sent to Christopher D. Avrich, the General Manager of WMBR.]

[LTE]Objectivity is Relative[body]
It is wonderful to find that among the members our very own Institute is one person who has access to “the truth.” Somehow, Matt Craighead has acquired this precious gift, no longer needs to struggle with how we are to try to understand the world in which we live, and is now looking to share his “truth” with the rest of us. His “truth” is predicated upon the falseness of truths that others in history have found and adopted. Clearly, this is an enlightened view, and those who fail to accept it are necessarily doomed to the dark existence Matt predicts.
I look forward to learning more about those assertions that can be proven correct by reason and consistent logic. Goedel couldn’t do it with mathematics, Heisenberg and Schroedinger couldn’t do it with physics, but clearly Matt Craighead has found some way to prove his “truth.” Let us have faith in his claims.
Brian Rubineau G

After recovering from the shock produced by the article “Religion is to Blame” that appeared in The Tech on October 5th; I felt like I needed to response to it. Religion in my life has been an extremely important factor that has only led to better things and still inspires me to be the best I can be. I wanted to share this with your readers. Then I read the response by Dan Tortorice [“The Reality of Faith,” October 12]. I could not have said it better.
Thanks Dan, for responding and giving such an enlightening perspective. And I hope this helps Matt see what he was missing in his argument.
Maria Alejandra Quijada G[sig]