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The following incidents were reported to the MIT Campus Police between March 1-April 1, 2001. This summary contains most incidents reported to the Campus Police but does not include incidents such as medical shuttles, ambulance transfers, false alarms, general service calls, etc.

March 1: Massachusetts Avenue bus stop, homeless person; Bldg. E25, homeless person sleeping on steps; Bldg. E15, homeless person; Bldg. E25, coat stolen, $220; Hayward Garage, two juveniles arrested for trespassing; Bldg. 10, ATM card left in machine and $100 withdrawn from account.

March 2: East Campus, annoying phone calls; Bldg. 10, coat stolen, $420; Bldg. 57, person refusing to leave area; Bldg. NW61, check and inquiry of individual.

March 3: MacGregor, identity fraud; McCormick, report of missing person, same later located; Windsor Lot, vehicle broken into and camera equipment stolen, $3,480; Bldg. E39, suspicious person; Boston, Dale Francis of 27 Boylston St. #4, Jamaica Plain, Mass., arrested for disorderly person and other related charges.

March 4: Senior House, noise complaint; Bldg. W34, suspicious activity; Westgate lot, attempted break into a vehicle; Bexley, check on student, advised to call home; Bldg. 36, suspicious person.

March 5: Westgate lot, suspicious vehicle; Bldg. 14, CPU stolen, later recovered; Boston, Theta Chi, report of snowball thrown at a car, smashing the windshield.

March 6: Boston, assist Boston Police, Theta Chi, unauthorized persons on roof and snowball fight; New House, window smashed from snowball; Westgate, Latasha Long arrested for domestic assault; Bldg. NW10, assist Cambridge Police with homeless person.

March 7: Du Pont, unwanted persons in gym; Student Center, check and inquiry, trespass warning issued.

March 8: Assist Cambridge Police at Westgate on a 911 hang-up, person attempting to make international telephone call; Bldg. 7, snowman hack on dome; Bldg. E28, suspicious activity; Student Center, Courses, suspicious person.

March 9: Westgate, stove fire, extinguished by resident; Bldg. 26, homeless person; Bldg. 68, report of person in building going through trash; Student Center, report of suspicious person.

March 10: East Campus, non-affiliated intoxicated person placed in protective custody of Cambridge Police; Bldg. N51, suspicious person.

March 11: Cambridge, WILG, report of homeless person; Bldg. W31, Jay-Hawn Lee of 10 Museum Way, Cambridge, Mass., arrested on an outstanding warrant; Sloan lot, report of suspicious person; Albany Street, report of a disturbance, notified Cambridge Police; Student Center, Hugh Ennis of 84 Wheatland Ave. #2, Dorchester, Mass., arrested for larceny; Rockwell Cage, wallet stolen containing $500 cash; Bldg. 26, report of a suspicious person, homeless.

March 12: Bldg. 9, 1) palm pilot stolen, $300; 2) office items stolen, $710; New House, bike stolen, $220; Bldg. 7, annoying phone call; Du Pont, wallet stolen, $40; Bldg. N42, suspicious person; Bldg. 37, report of suspicious person.

March 13: Bldg. E52, report of suspicious package, discovered to be books; West Lot, vehicle broken into and attempt to steal same, 2001 VW Jetta.

March 14: Massachusetts Avenue by 77, Joseph Marquez of 5 Madison St., Cambridge, Mass., arrested on outstanding warrant; Bldg. 38, threats between MIT employee and construction worker; Bldg. NW10, emergency line hang up call, responding officers discovered person attempting to make an international call.

March 15: Bldg. 9, homeless person tore papers off bulletin board; Bldg. E60, officers respond to a report of a verbal disagreement; Bldg. 66, larceny of paper.

March 16: Senior House, officers conduct a well being check; Bldg. 66 and 68, report of a strange odor; Bldg. 2, report of suspicious activity.

March 17: Bldg. NW10, noise complaint; Bldg. 66, report of persons leaving area with a couch; Bldg. 54, report of person stuck in revolving door; Du Pont Gym, report of altercation; Main Street, assist Cambridge Police with vehicle accident.

March 18: Bldg. W31, report of a past assault; rear of Bldg. NW22, officers respond to a sudden death.

March 19: Bldg. 7, attempted hack discovered; Cambridge, No. 6 Club, sporting equipment stolen, $168; Bldg. 14, backpack stolen, $30; Green Hall, report of a suspicious package, discovered to be a gift.

March 20: Bldg. E19, wallet containing $70 stolen and debit credit card used; Bldg. 2, VCR stolen, unknown value; Du Pont, unauthorized youths in area.

March 21: Bldg. E40, wallet containing $60 stolen; Bldg. 18, larceny of a pump, $544; Bldg. E17, vacuum stolen, $100; Bldg. E15, suspicious activity; Bldg. W20, assist Boston Police with serving an arrest warrant; Bldg. W31, disorderly person at MIT Police, same was removed; Bldg. 68, suspicious person.

March 22: Bldg. N52, people sleeping in a room, persons identified; New House, cell phone and cash stolen, $330; Student Center, suspicious activity; Bldg. E51, VCR stolen, $500; Bldg. E19, suspicious person, trespass warning issued; Edgerton, homeless person.

March 23: Bldg. NW10, illegal use of stolen MIT ID; Bldgs. 18 and 66, in three men’s restrooms sinks were ripped off the walls; Ashdown, larceny of mail; Bldg. E60, wallet and contents stolen, $80 cash; Bldg. 6, larceny of a suitcase and backpack, unknown value; Ashdown, noise complaint; Lobby 7, hack; Main Lot, person called from cell phone to state he was stuck in his car and can’t get free; Du Pont, unauthorized entry; Bldg. NW61, suspicious person.

March 24: Student Center, 1) male taken into custody for two outstanding warrants; 2) suspicious activity; Tang Hall, suspicious persons; Bldg. 24, construction tools stolen, $2,000; Bldg. 16, laser stolen, unknown value.

March 25: Boat House, report of female screaming, unable to locate any problem; Briggs Field, received call from State Police stating they received a call about a fight and a possible gun involved, other party had left and no gun was involved; Bldg. 5, damage to a computer and larceny of books, $60.

April 1: Daylight savings begins; Cambridge street cleaning begins, too.