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Boy Band Bliss

By Efren Gutierrez

A new boy band has hit the airwaves that will replace all the boy bands of today -- Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, and 98° -- and that band is 2Gether. If you haven’t heard of 2Gether, you haven’t been watching your MTV. MTV along with TVT Soundtrax has made a soundtrack for MTV’s first made-for-television movie, 2Gether, which will debut Feb. 21 and features the made-up pop boy band 2Gether. The movie is an attempt to show a behind-the-scenes look of what the boy band industry is actually like and how a boy band comes to stardom. MTV has put a lot of effort into the making of the movie; it even made a video for one of the songs.

In the movie, the band 2Gether, formed by Bob Buss (Alan Blumenfeld), definitely has the makings of a typical boy band, even having five different personalities: the heart throb, Jerry O’Keefe (Evan Farmer); the shy one, Chad Linus (Noah Bastian); the older brother, Doug Linus (Kevin Farley); the rebel, Mickey Parke (Alex Solowitz); and the cute one, Q.T. McKnight (Michael Cuccione). Bob Buss’s reason to make 2Gether is to get even with Whoa!, the popular boy band that he was fired from, and to get himself back to the top. Though the line-up for the movie is weird, it contains the similar synthesized formula that all current and previous boy bands like New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys have.

The soundtrack to the movie immediately brings parody to mind: Just look at the wanna-be Backstreet Boys’ Millennium cover. The songs are hilarious. Though they have the same sound and harmonies that all boy bands have, their lyrics are a bit different. One of their supposedly hit singles “U + Me = Us (Calculus)” is a love song that makes a mockery of 18.01 by concluding that love to a girl is based on this equation. The video for the song, with scenes from the movie, is already playing on MTV, and it combines elements of all previous boy band videos like separate rooms for each boy depending on their personalities/ They even have a choreographed move to do to the “U + Me = Us” part of the song. We also get to see Chris Farley’s brother try to be a teen idol in the sight of a gang of screaming girls.

Other songs that mock current popular love songs are “Before We Say Goodbye”, “Say It (Don’t Spray It)”, and “You’re My Baby Girl”. Each song covers a different aspect of love. For example, “Before We Say Goodbye” is about still having sex after the relationship is over, and “Say It (Don’t Spray It)” is about a beautiful girl that keeps spitting into her lover’s face. One love song that doesn’t fit the goofy theme is “Visualize,” by Q.T., which is an authentic love song with no comical addition. Besides the sappy love songs, there is one energetic song, “2Gether”, which is similar to the Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life”. These songs don’t exactly bring into mind Weird Al Yankovic parodies, but they are funny nonetheless.

The album is crafted to give the appearance of a legitimate boy band album, but it doesn’t actually contain anything that a typical boy band would sing about. Audiences will definitely be divided on how they react to this album. While it ridicules all the pop boy bands out there, the popularity of boy bands may actually push this album to the top. Then all MTV would need would be to make another band to bump 2Gether from the top of the charts.