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Asian Baptist Student Koinonia

We are a Christian undergraduate fellowship committed to loving God and each other. We believe that fellowship within the body of Christ is essential to living out a Biblical faith. Even as we strive to glorify God through our studies here at MIT, we want to grow spiritually in our relationships with Him and each other as well.

MIT ABSK was founded at MIT in 1991 by undergraduates with a vision to worship God with fellow MIT students. Don’t be fooled by our name however. You don’t have to be Asian or Baptist or even Christian to join, everyone is welcome. Currently, we are comprised of over 30 undergraduates and members of the MIT community, evenly divided between men and women. We’re small enough for everyone to know everyone else’s name, but too big to go to a movie or a restaurant all together. As a club, our only regular official meeting is Friday Night Bible Study, where we come together to relax after a week of stressful schoolwork.

Throughout orientation, we will sponsor many events to help new students get better acquainted with the members of our fellowship. Our first official group meeting will be Friday Night Bible Study at 7pm, September 1st. We will meet on the Student Center Steps at 6:45 and then go to Bible Study on campus. However, you can also find us at Activities Midway and holding events throughout the week like our Late Night Chinatown Run or Game Night. Details are on our webpage <>.

Campus Crusade for Christ

MIT Campus Crusade for Christ is one of several Christian fellowships here at MIT. Well, what is a Christian fellowship and why do they exist. I can’t speak for every fellowship, but I hope that we all exist with the same unified purpose, to spread the news that there is a God who created this amazing universe in which we live. And He didn’t just wind up this tinker toy universe and leave it to hop around His desk aimlessly. No, He made it interactive. He got involved and introduced an unconditional love that is extended to all who choose to receive it. Love, joy, peace, acceptance, faithfulness, fulfillment, it’s all in there, in one package, namely, Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

This is why MITCCC exists. To share the good news of a solid faith founded in a solid God of love. We do this several ways. We hold weekly bible studies along with biweekly prayer and worship. Because we are affiliated with Campus Crusade for Christ, International, we also meet Friday nights with Christians from other colleges around Boston to fellowship in Christ.

We invite any and all who are even the slightest bit interested to join us for our first meeting of the fall term, Wednesday, September 6 at 7:45 p.m. in the Student Center. If you have questions or are interested, you can contact Greg Nelson at <> or 617-225-6244. Also, our URL is <>. We look forward to meeting you and God bless!

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship is a Christian group of friends, who hang out, have fun, study the Bible together, and provide support for each other in all areas of life. The group was founded on campus in 1992, and is an active member of the United Christian Orientation (UCO). Chi Alpha currently has around 15 members, and is looking to grow even more this year.

Chi Alpha chapter meetings are once a week, and last one and a half hours. In these meetings, we discuss issues that affect our daily lives and look to grow closer to God and to each other. There are also weekly small group Bible studies offered on different days and with an emphasis on different subjects. Chi Alpha also has many social gatherings which are planned regularly.

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship’s website can be found at <>. The Chi Alpha office phone number is 253-2327, and the e-mail is <>. Chi Alpha’s first group meeting will be Tuesday, September 12, at 7:30 p.m. in the CFL (Christian Fellowship Lounge) in the basement of W-11, across the street from Ashdown.

The Graduate Christian Fellowship

The Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF) is a group of Christians in the MIT community who desire to know, love, and obey God better, and to reflect the love and presence of Jesus Christ. In particular, we try to meet the specific needs of Graduate students here at MIT. This year, our hope is for each member to take one step closer to God, and to help others to do the same, through knowing God, living in faith, loving one another, and boldly proclaiming the Gospel.

While GCF is composed primarily of Christian Graduate students, with about 50 active members, we welcome anyone who desires to learn more about God and to explore the claims of Jesus Christ. More information can be found by visiting our website at <> or by e-mailing <>.

Our activities include Bible Studies, large meetings with music and speakers, social activities, service projects, and special-interest discussion groups. The first meeting will be a dinner followed by a brief meeting on Friday, September 8th, at 6 p.m. in Room 491 of the Student Center (W20). Thereafter, we meet every Friday at 6 p.m., although our location varies.


MIT Hillel is the foundation of the campus Jewish community. Hillel sponsors social events, sports teams, religious services, Judaic classes, community service projects, regular kosher meals, and much, much more!

You can be as active and as involved as you want to be. We all come from different Jewish backgrounds with various customs, traditions, and practices so there is something for everyone. Many different interest groups and committees operate under the Hillel umbrella. A sample of future events include: trip to a Red Sox game, High Holiday services, Mega Brunch, Sukkah on Kresge Oval, Hebrew classes, weekly Shabbat dinner and services.

The Hillel Center in the Religious Activities Center (Building W11) is used for classes, worship, lounging, and study. The Judaic Library in the Hillel Center is available for use by the MIT community. To contact MIT Hillel visit Religious Activities Center, Building W11, call 253-2982, e-mail <> or visit <>

Korean Christian Fellowship

MITKCF is a community of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology devoted to demonstrating the realness of God in all that we do, living out the connection between faith and daily living. In order to help us fulfill our purpose, we meet regularly as a large group as well as in small groups a few hours each week.

MITKCF is composed of a co-ed group, and is mostly (but not exclusive to!) undergraduates. Also, as a “Korean” Christian Fellowship, most of the members of MITKCF are Korean, but this is by no means a requirement.

We started in Spring of 1990 as a small group of people seeking to establish a place for English speaking Koreans to find a place to worship. Now, 10 years later, we are a thriving group of over 50 students and are affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (a nationwide organization). We are also a part of MIT United Christian Orientation, which is a cooperation between other Christian fellowships of the same faith. Our first meeting is on Wednesday, September 6, place TBD.

Latter-day Saint Student Association

The MIT Latter-day Saint Student Association (LDSSA) is a priesthood-directed organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) that seeks to meet the needs of individual college students.

Events and activities help MIT LDSSA members to create and strengthen friendships. Helping each other as well as the MIT community and beyond, our activities include weekly “Family Home Evenings” as well as campus-wide service activities and speaker events. Recent activities have included Christmas caroling at a local retirement home; a talk by Dale Murphy, former Boston Mission President and Atlanta Braves baseball star; a retreat at Walden Pond; and a summer barbecue at our faculty advisor’s home.

Membership in LDSSA is open to all interested MIT affiliates, regardless of religious background or preference. Membership consists of participation in LDSSA activities to any degree and we welcome with open arms of fellowship all who are in need of some good wholesome fun and rewarding experiences. For more information and a list of planned Fall Semester activities, visit our webpage: <> or send us an e-mail: <>.

Our first meeting of the term will be Monday evening, September 11 at 8:30 p.m. in the Private Dining Rooms on the 3rd floor of the Student Center. All are welcome!

Lutheran Episcopal Ministry

For more than two decades, Lutherans and Episcopalians have combined forces at MIT to provide a vital, pastoral, and liturgical ministry. We offer a vibrant, supporting environment to all people seeking to explore their spiritual life and a thoughtful, caring Christian community providing a respite from day-to-day life at MIT.

The Lutheran-Episcopal Ministry gathers in the MIT Chapel for Eucharist every Wednesday afternoon at 5:10. Students join the chaplains in planning and celebrating our liturgies. Students read lessons, lead prayers, serve at the altar, preach, compose hymns and musical settings, set up for services, bake bread, launder linens, and lead prayer services. In addition to worship, LEM organizes many social activities such as apple picking, bowling, movie excursions, bible study, hiking, outings to MIT theater and music productions, and retreats.

There is no time commitment required for membership. Schedules at MIT are inevitably busy; LEM provides an opportunity to take a brief time out to worship God and be ministered to. Chaplains are also available for individual pastoral care.

Your first opportunity to check out the Lutheran Episcopal Ministry at MIT will be the first Wednesday evening you’re available . Service is at 5:10 p.m. in the MIT chapel. If you’d like more information, please contact Jane Gould, our Episcopal chaplain (<>, 253-2983) or Constance Parvey, our Lutheran chaplain (<>, 253-2325). You can also use our student officers/chaplain mailing list at <> or check out our web page at <>.

MIT Muslim Students’ Association

MITMSA is a community of Muslims on campus, dedicated to providing an Islamic environment for Muslims at MIT, and providing information about Islam to non-Muslims. The MIT Muslim Students’ Association brings together Muslims on campus by holding events throughout the year. In addition, we are strongly committed to being an active participant in the MIT community.

MITMSA ccomprises over 50 members. We have a prayer room (musalla) on campus where daily congregational prayers as well as Friday prayers are held. The prayer room is located on the first floor of the Religious Activities Center (W11) at the corner of Amherst Street and Massachusetts Avenue.

Our members define their own level of involvement; we are always interested in new ideas and activities. Please look for the following activities The Muslim Guide to MIT: Roundtable will be held Tuesday, September 5th at 6 p.m. in Twenty Chimneys (Student Center). The MITMSA Welcome Dinner will be held Friday, September 8th, at 7 p.m. in the Mezzanine Lounge (Student Center). The locations are subject to change, so please look for postings; for information contact us at <>.

If you have any questions regarding the MSA or life at MIT (housing, food, concerns, etc.), or if you are just curious about Islam, you can send an e-mail to <>, or visit <>.

Protestant Student Community

The Protestant Student Community (PSC) is an ecumenical ministry begun to allow students and others at MIT to pursue matters of the spirit as well as those of the mind. The mission statement of our sponsoring organization, the Boston-Cambridge Ministry in Higher Education (BCMHE), affirms that its various campus ministries must be “grounded in a concern for social justice,” and that they “build open safe and inclusive communities” to serve as resources to students, faculty, and staff in the growth of their faith. These virtues are supported by MIT’s own ministry through weekly services, weekly bible studies, retreats, and community service.

PSC serves the campus through services and activities for all who want a break from their usual patterns of study. Past activities have included ice skating, apple picking, and game nights. MIT’s ministry also supports service to communities in the Boston area. We have made trips out to soup kitchens in Boston and every semester we sponsor a weekly program to tutor students at the Fourth Presbyterian in South Boston.

Our services are Sundays at 11 a.m. in the campus chapel across from the Student Center and Kresge Auditorium. Services begin again for the Fall semester on August 27th. If you need more information, please go to <> or e-mail <>.

United Christian Fellowship

UCF is community of students who seek to understand the fullness of God’s love and to “follow Jesus” in the world we live in today. Whether you’re just curious about matters of faith, or you’re already a committed Christian, we welcome you to discover more about Jesus with us.

UCF is affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, an interdenominational, multi-ethnic movement on college campuses throughout the country. UCF is also a member of United Christian Orientation (UCO) at MIT. UCF has been part of the MIT community for over 50 years. We currently have about 50 active members, most of whom are undergraduates.

We have Friday night Large Group meetings from 7:15pm -9. These usually meet in Twenty Chimneys (Student Center, 3rd Floor - the exceptions are posted) Our first meeting is September 8 at 7:15 in Twenty Chimneys. We also have weekly small group Bible studies meeting in the dormitories and FSILGs. Please contact us on the closest one to you. Several times throughout the year we go on retreats.

For more information e-mail Elizabeth Dale, <>, Jennifer Maurer <> or<>, or visit <>.