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No ‘Fun’ With ‘Clip Art’

I just glanced at The Tech online at the request of a friend, and was disgusted by the “Fun with Clip Art” comic. It isn’t simply that the comic strip doesn’t actually do anything original in terms of artistic talent, though that much is telling already.

Frankly, I find the jokes about bodily functions, or crude comments about sex, to be not only without humor, but offensive as well. I can hardly imagine anyone making such crude comments in the company of people they respect -- so when did it become acceptable to make such lewd and juvenile jokes in The Tech? The captions are mostly unimaginative at best, and disgusting, degrading, and tasteless at worst. In some circles, they would be considered morally offensive as well in their tone and subject matter.

I strongly urge the editors to pull the comic from your pages. Please reconsider whether you want The Tech, and MIT, to be known for publishing a comic that can do no better than the crude locker-room humor of a rude seventh grader. The MIT community deserves better, and the reputation of MIT calls for far more.

Eric Ding ’95

I’m a pretty regular reader of The Tech, and the new comic called “Fun with Clip Art” has caught my negative attention. I find the comic very perverse and disgusting. I’m not sure if the comics go through any sort of “screening” or whatever, but I find the comic excessively perverse.

Michael Chu ’01

“Fun with Clip Art” is quite stupid and unimaginative. On top of that, its humor is unnecessarily crass. I enjoy wry humor that has wit, such as the comic strip “Red Meat.” “Fun with Clip Art,” on the other hand, consistently uses only cheap humor. The jokes run in only one line of thought, which is to be perverted. After a while, I’m quite sure people will get bored with seeing the same bag of jokes and realize how dumb this comic is.

Bruce C. Po G

I’d just like to express my dislike of the comic “Fun with Clip Art.” In my opinion, it is perverse and disgusting and holds no redeeming value. I’ve heard it said that The Tech has received much positive feedback about this comic, mostly from fraternity students. Well, I am also from a fraternity, but I abhor the demented humor that is in this comic. So, I would like to put in my two cents to the effect that I think you should stop printing this cartoon.

David Von Stroh ’03

I found Friday’s “Fun with Clip Art” incredibly offensive and am amazed that you guys decided to run it. Humor that relies purely on x-rated shock value isn’t funny and in my opinion the cartoon borders on child pornography -- it certainly exploits the sexual innocence of children for a cheap laugh. I hope you consider giving the space currently wasted by “Fun with Clip Art” to someone who can actually draw and write original humor.

Kurt Leafstrand