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Meet Your Class Council Candidates

President, VP Hopefuls Share Their Ideas with The Tech

The Class Council Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates were presented with the chance to submit information about their goals and experience to The Tech. These statements are not endorsements. For more information on Class Council candidates, see the Undergraduate Association Election web page at <>.

Class of 2001 * President

Anish Parikh

Bexley Hall

Senior Class President demands two major duties, whose importance outweighs the importance of all other Class Council duties combined: 1) using the Career Fair to generate a lot of money, and 2) spending the money to have a lot of fun. I was born to do this. The Career Fair is the biggest fundraiser our class does during its time at MIT. Its success depends on who is leading it; his or her drive and business skills will determine how much money the class gets. That leader must be someone with confidence, tact, and business smarts, who will not be intimidated by the big corporations. And once all this money is made, the class needs someone who knows how to spend it well.

Last year I was concert chair for Busta Rhymes, MIT’s largest and most fun concert ever. It cost over $60,000 and involved over 2,500 people from the MIT community. So I have some experience promoting large-scale events.

Those of you who know me, know my philosophies already: Money and fun. I spend most of my time trying to make money and have fun with it. And I can also be a responsible professional when I need to be. I feel I will serve our class well as president, bringing fun to everyone.

Julia Parsons

Burton Conner

I have five terms of experience working with the Class council, having served as Junior Class Secretary, Sophomore Class Publicity Chair and on the Freshman Class fundraising committee. I have mastered the skill of working with other council members and the administration in order to organize many successful class events. Recent events include the third annual Thanksgiving event and the Finals Breakfast in the fall, ‘Pack the Place’ this Spring, and many other outings to clubs and shows in Boston.

I have also held leadership positions in many other organizations around campus. I feel that my experience is invaluable and essential to efficient networking with the administration and the general organization of events. I am dedicated to the class and enthusiastic to represent them to the MIT community.

One of the biggest events sponsored by the senior class each year is the Senior Career Fair. The funds raised by this event are used to subsidize the many large-scale events that benefit the senior class, such as boat cruises and the end of the year Senior Ball. We plan to continue the tradition of these events as well as repeat some of the more successful events organized by our class council in the past. In conjunction with the Career fair, we would like to organize a ‘Career Month’ (building off of the class of 2000’s ‘Career Week’) during which resume, interviewing and networking workshops will be held. We also plan to continue promoting class spirit and unity by supporting class members’ activities. A vote for me will ensure that our senior year is the most exciting one yet!

Erick Tseng

Next House

I am running with Vik Gottam for President and Vice President. We believe our combined leadership and experiences will enable us to bring you the most exciting and rewarding senior year.

My past leadership experiences include: the UA Student Committee on Educational Policy, the Committee on the Undergraduate Program, the MIT Speech Team (Founder and President), and the Sloan Undergraduate Management Association.

As President, I would pursue three integrated goals: class unity, an amazing career week, and tons of fun. I have already begun plans for a Career Week that will host an unprecedented number of companies, which translates into lots of jobs for you and lots of money for the class. This income will help fund a multitude of events, and help unify our class with our own “Millennium Ball.’”

Class of 2001 * Vice President

Vikram Gottam

Sigma Chi

I am running with Erick Tseng for Vice President and President, respectively. We believe that our combined leadership and experience will enable us to bring you the most exciting and rewarding senior year.

My past leadership experience include being the current Co-Chairman of the Sloan Undergraduate Management Association as well as being Vice President of Sigma Chi.

As a team, we are looking to pursue three goals: class unity, an amazing career week, and tons of fun. Erick and I have already begun plans for a Career Week that will host an unprecedented number of companies and lots of money for the class that we can spend on lots of fun events such as casino night at Foxwoods, pub nights, club nights, movie nights, ski trips, and a Senior Ball that you will never forget.

Class of 2002 * President

Sudeb Dalai

Next House

I am currently 2002 Treasurer. I’m also chair of the 2002 Fundraising Committee; last term we coordinated a charity basketball tournament for the homeless, and this term we designed a fly class t-shirt coming next week. Moreover, I’m on the new UA Committee on Student/Faculty Relations and Advising. These experiences, along with working with MIT administrators through Leadershape and helping coordinate the Freshmen Leadership Program this summer, have given me focus, intensity, and vision with which I hope to involve all students in our class, promote enriching, diverse class events, and strengthen faculty/student relationships. I intend to create a Class Congress with FSILG and dorm reps so that our council hears students’ voices. I hope to pursue stronger corporate relations to increase class resources and secure phat internships for students. I will also unify the 2002 Community Service Committee with the Public Service Center to make sure that students have easier access to service. To achieve our class goals, we need the support of administrators that make things happen at MIT. I recently spoke with MIT’s Vice President Kathryn Willmore, who said that we, the students, are the reason our administrators are here instead of that little place up the road. They respect us. Let’s show them that we deserve their respect.

Thank you for allowing me to represent you this year. It absolutely rocked.

Teresa Ko

Next House

Experience: 2002 Class Secretary (2 years), 2002 Community Service Chair (2 years)

Why she is running: There are so many opportunities out there for our class. I want to make those possibilities a reality. My specific skills in organization and working with different people led me to run for the position of President.

Goals as President: I plan to increase the Class of 2002’s unity through increasing our involvement in Community Service, and supporting athletic game attendance through after-game parties or half-time entertainment.

To understand the concerns and needs of the entire class, I plan to give Dorm/IFC representation on Council.

After being on class council for two years, I feel that I have a unique insight to how two different class councils have worked. From this, I believe that I can bring the best out of each member of council, so that we can all create the most amazing junior year possible.

Class of 2002 * Vice President

Sonia Garg

Next House

Experience: Co-Chair of UA Subcommittee on Advising and Faculty-Student Relations Member of Student Committee on Educational Policy (SCEP) (2 years) Member of CAC Program Board (2 years) Spring Weekend (2 years, currently the Spring Weekend Concert Chair,) 2002 Ring Committee

Why she is running: I would like to coordinate and combine the ideas and activities that exist throughout MIT. My invovlement on campus gives me insight on the various branches of the community. I want to change the direction of our council and decrease apathy.

Goals as Vice President: As 2002 Vice President, I hope to represent our classmates, their opinions and ideas. I plan to assist and enhance both the social and academic roles of our council.

Increase Class Unity, Participation, and Community Involvement: Coordinate programs that attract and pertain to students from both sides of the river. Such activities would include: study breaks in the Johnson ice rink, 2002 Talent Show, New England class trips, and sports tournaments.

Link the Class of 2002 to the administration and Institute wide issues: My involvement with UA committees will allow me to voice the opinions and views of our class on issues pertinent to these groups. I will tackle faculty-student integration through forums, mixers, dinners in dormitories and FSILGs, and community service projects, such as Habitat for Humanity. I want to keep the class informed and influential, by enhancing the website, making the 2002 Newsletter more informative, and broadening the 2002 online voting system to include Institute wide issues.

Why people should vote for you: I am excited and enthusiatic about representing my fellow classmates. I have a lot of experience working on committees, with students, staff, faculty, and administration. I will provide new and innovative ideas to the class council and help our class influence the evolution of MIT.

Rishi Kumar

Next House

Experience: Vice President of International Student Association, Director of Finance of the Sloan Undergraduate Management Association and a member of the MIT IEEE Executive Committee

Why he is running: It is always a small group of people, some 20 to 30 percent of our thousand strong class, that run for elections, vote in them and attend class events. I want the class council to be more representative of the class and for more people to feel like they have a stake in it. I feel that I will introduce more diversity in the council, in thought and representation.

Goals as Vice President: I plan to implement programs to help the members of our class in their career development efforts and to find the crucial internship before senior year, hold large scale social events completely funded by companies to give our class a chance for social interaction and an opportunity to meet company representatives at the same time, reach out to various groups on campus and bring the class together through social events and forums for students to express their opinions, hold mixers or socials, which enable students to meet Professors of various fields and industries.

I believe that I can implement my goals with professionalism and class. While recognizing the accomplishments of the previous councils and learning from them, I will infuse fresh ideas to make our junior year better.

Allison Neizmik

Alpha Chi Omega

Experience: Serving as co-Social Chair this past year has been an incredible experience, and I’d love the opportunity to serve on Class Council for our Junior year.

Goals as Vice President: I will work to foster more coordination with other Class Councils and the Undergraduate Association. In the previous year, our class council has worked with the classes of 2001 and 2003 to plan joint events. Class councils are a part of the UA, and working with the entire UA is an excellent way to facilitate inter-class involvement. Through better involvement, I hope to see our class, and indeed the whole MIT student body, unite to form a stronger voice, a stronger presence on the MIT campus.

Better relations with faculty: The Current 2002 Class Council recently put together a Faculty-Student luncheon for the purpose of sharing experiences and points of view between students and professors. Students and professors depend greatly on one another, and increasing cooperation can only serve to improve the quality of our days here at MIT.

More opportunities for community service: No one can ignore the ‘bad press’ our school has been getting lately from both local and national sources. Obviously, the best way to correct this is to create some good news. My experience as Social Chair with event planning crosses over to the realm of community service. With a base of over 1,000 MIT Juniors, class council can plan, and the Class of 2002 can execute, a highly successful community service program.

Class of 2003 * President

Sina Kevin Nazemi

Chi Phi

I am determined to make the class council more than just a social committee. If elected, I will implement a focused plan (available at <>) that opens up direct dialogue between our class and the administration, better unifies the class, and provides members of the class access to and information about the class council.

My first task would be to ask President Charles M. Vest and other members of the administration to partake in a question and answer session with members of the class. My political experience both in high school and in the U.S. government have led me to believe that a leader is most successful if he or she first formulates a focused plan. That’s why I put my plan on the web far before asking for people’s votes.

Class of 2003 * Vice President

Ankur Mehta

Hey freshmen, can you believe that our first year at college is already almost over? I find it hard to believe myself. But, for the most part, we’ve survived, and now its time to start thinking about our future here at MIT. How do you want our next years to be? I’m sure that you don’t want our class to simply drift aimlessly. We need to have a strong leader at our helm. That is what I, Ankur Mehta, aim to provide.

As the class of 2003 Vice President, I will provide dedicated service to our class, in an attempt to make ours the best possible. I care about our class, and will do whatever is within my power to improve it. I have shown that I can be there to get things done. Already, I am heavily involved in the future of our class, as a member of the Undergraduate Association Committee on Housing and Orientation as well as Dormcon. In addition, I am a manager in the joint Dormcon/IFC i-campus project. Not only has this provided me with a solid background in some of the more pressing issues for our class, but it also as demonstrated my ability to be our Vice President.

Now, the time has come for us to determine our future. By voting this week for our class officers, you can be instrumental in directing our class. I encourage you to analyze the candidates carefully, reading their statements and looking closely at their qualifications and attributes. Then, vote for the ones who you think can best wear the hat of our class officers. I hope you see that I am the one who can best carry out the duties of Vice President.

The following candidates did not submit statements to The Tech:

James Anderson<blockquote>Delta Upsilon<br>Class of 2001 President</blockquote>

Raul-David Poblano<blockquote>Beta Theta Pi<br>Class of 2001 Vice President</blockquote>

Joanne Chang<blockquote>Next House<br>Class of 2003 President</blockquote>

Ekta Desai<blockquote>Next House<br>Class of 2003 President</blockquote>

Rashmi Melgiri<blockquote>Next House<br>Class of 2003 President</blockquote>

Chirag Shah<blockquote>Kappa Sigma<br>Class of 2003 Vice President</blockquote>