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Police Log

The following incidents were reported to the MIT Campus Police between February 12 - March 1, 2000. This summary contains most incidents reported to Campus Police but does not include incidents such as: medical shuttles, ambulance transfers, false alarms, generals service calls, etc.

Feb. 12: Memorial Dr., report of woman screaming, area checked unable to locate problem; Bexley, report of intoxicated student causing problem, alcohol citation issued for consumption or possession of alcoholic beverage by person under 21; Bldgs. 10, 24 and 36 vending machine broken into; Bldg. E25, male arrested for trespassing; rear of NW21 and NW12, check and inquiry of two individuals; Bldg. 24, coat and backpack stolen, coat and backpack later found minus camera and calculator $195; 33 Mass. Ave. check an inquiry of person; Bldg. E55, noise complaint; Bldg. W34, several hang-up calls on 100 line, check of area no problem found.

Feb. 13: Boston, Lambda Chi Alpha, noise complaint; Next House, report of a party problem, alcohol citation issued for alcohol citation issued for consumption or possession of alcoholic beverage by person under 21; Bldg. 56, small radioactive spill; Baker, report of persons possibly stealing chairs, check of area negative; Pacific Lot, hang-up calls for 100 line, no cause found; Bldg. NW30, suspicious vehicle, checks out okay.

Feb. 14: Bldg. 18, laptop computer stolen $2,000; Burton, wallet stolen from room $20 cash and credit cards; Bldg. 16, TV and VCR stolen, unknown value; DuPont women’s locker room, coat, $100 cash and jewelry stolen; W20, report of MIT computer system being hacked.

Feb. 15: Ashdown, report of harassing e-mail; Bldg. 16, suspicious person reportedly pushing a custodial cart and individual is not a custodian; Bldg. 36, report of brief case stolen $150, not stolen only misplaced; Bldg. 5, suspicious package, checks out okay; Bldg. 66, safety hazard; Senior House, passerby reports laser pointed at her.

Feb. 16: Bldg. 4, 1) laptop computer stolen $2,529; 2) suspicious person, trespass warning issued; Bldg. 10, coat and wallet stolen, it was discovered to have been taken by mistake and returned to it’s right owner; Boston, student approached by a suspicious male known to this Department; Bldg. 15, check on an event; Bldg. E52 and Herman garage, complaint of dog in area, Cambridge Animal Control took same; W20 turn around, suspicious vehicle, checks out okay.

Feb. 17: Wadsworth and Amherst Streets, elderly male disoriented, medical assistance provided; Hayden Library, wallet with $30 cash stolen; DuPont, $100 cash stolen from wallet; Bldg. E51, student problem; Amherst Alley, suspicious vehicle.

Feb. 18: Bldg. 4, report of computer stolen $2,500, complainant called back stating computer not stolen; Bldg. W34, 1) report of vehicle hitting fire lane pole; Vassar St. report of hit and run accident, assist Cambridge Police; 2) male arrested for trespassing; Bldg. W32, report of vehicle stolen, vehicle not stolen miscommunication; Student Center, report of suspicious person; assist State Police vehicle accident at Memorial Dr. and Vassar St.; Bldg. E19, report of light bulbs and $20 cash stolen; DuPont, male refusing to leave, trespass warning issued; Theta Delta Chi, throwing snowballs from roof.

Feb. 19: Bldg. 7, vandalism to bulletin board; Baker and Ashdown, noise complaint; Boston University Police report students throwing snowballs on Bay State Road; Bldg. 56, report of homeless person in rest room; Bldg. E55, report of suspicious person.

Feb. 20: East Campus, report of fight about to start; Bldgs. 24 and 66, suspicious activity; Whitehead Institute, well being check.

Feb. 21: Senior House, report of lights being broken in hallway; Boston, Theta Chi, report of students throwing ice at vehicle; Bldg. 42, suspicious vehicle; Bldg. 4, suspicious activity; Bldg. 2, check and inquiry, trespass warning issued; Bldg. NW21, check and inquiry; Memorial Dr. assist State Police with an arrest; McCormick, report of an assault.

Feb. 22: Westgate lot, report of ’88 Honda stolen, recovered at Pat’s Tow; McDermott Court, hack; Bldg. 3, damage to bulletin board; Bldg. 24, roller stolen $25; Boston, Phi Sigma Kappa, cell phone stolen $100; Bldg. NW14, malicious damage; Student Center, ID and $6 cash stolen; Memorial Dr. assist State Police with suspicious person; Mass. Ave. assist Cambridge Police with pedestrian struck.

Feb. 23: Bldg. E19, light bulbs and cash stolen; East Campus, hateful and harassing e-mail; Bldg. 2, suspicious person, trespass warning issued.

Feb. 24: Bldg. E23, past incident of suspicious person; New House, suspicious persons, gone upon arrival.

Feb. 25: Mass. Ave., suspicious female asking for gas money; Student Center, wallet stolen $5 cash and contents; Bldg. 18 suspicious person taking food from refrigerator.

Feb. 26: Bldg. 64, suspicious activity, checks out okay; McCormick, annoying phone calls; Burton, noise complaint; Boston, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, noise complaint.

Feb. 27: Edgerton and Tang Hall, noise complaints; Phi Beta Epsilon, party problem; Bldg. W31, report of past threats; Ashdown, suspicious person.

Feb. 28: Bldg. 4, laptop computer stolen, $2,500; Bldg. 54, backpack stolen $255; Memorial Dr. assist State Police with person who might harm herself.

Feb. 29: Bldg. NW30, homeless people, assisted to shelter; Bldg. 12, suspicious vehicle, advised to shut engine off; Student Center, blue print of Batman house stolen; Bldg. 7, backpack stolen $20.

Mar. 1: MacGregor, Maurice Samuels arrested for trespassing; West Garage, animal complaint; Bldg. 54, CD player stolen $150; Bldg. W59, check and inquiry, trespass warning issued; Bldg. W34, check and inquiry, trespass warning issued; Bldg. NW30, 1) suspicious vehicle checked out okay; 2) rear of NW30, check and inquiry, trespass warning issued; Bldg. E53, complaint of bicyclist on plaza, left before MIT CP arrival.