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Presidential Candidates and the Issues

Issue Al Gore Bill Bradley George W. Bush John McCain

Abortion Strongly pro-choice Strongly pro-choice Pro-life; no litmus test Pro-life

Budget & Economy Fiscal discipline; cut waste Open markets; cut taxes Simplify and cut taxes Balanced budget; lockbox

China "For most favored nation, WTO entry" One China; defend Taiwan Compete with China; pro-WTO Engage China; pro-WTO

Civil Rights Pro-ADA and women9s rights Pro-aff. action and racial unity Anti-quota Anti-quota; for flag protection

Crime 3 strikes; death penalty; COPS Death; anti-terrorism 2 strikes; less parole More prisons; less parole

Defense Build down nuclear weapons Eliminate weapons; less money More engaged; rebuild More engaged; more pay

Drugs More kids9 programs Less drug war money More education "More border patrol, penalties"

Education Smaller classes; more money Nat. Service and Lifetime Education Local control; back to basics "Local control; testing, prayer"

Environment Cut CO2; more parks; less cars Pro-gasohol; anti-pollution Deregulate; voluntary cleanup End farm subsidies; expand CWA

Families & children Restrict smut; drugs & tobacco "Parents team with business, govt" Abstinence; V-chip; tough laws Content labeling for parents

Foreign Policy Internationalist & interventionist Lead world Free trader Assertive multilateralism

Free trade & immigration Open trade; open immigration More trade organization More trade; imm. maybe Open trade; open immigration

Government reform Reinvent government End PACs; reduce role of money "Limit terms, judges and lawsuits" Anti-influence peddling

Gun control More gun laws Many more gun laws More gun laws and rights More gun laws; more gun rights

Health care Incrementally insure 15 million Universal coverage Reform HMOs and Medicare Patient rights; limits HMOs

Juvenile crime Tough laws with Second Chance No blaming parents Boot camps; tougher laws Blame the media

Kosovo War OK to stop ethnic cleansing No intervention; need exit strategy Distrust Serbia War OK to establish US power

Principles & values Reinvent government Respect people of all races Compassionate conservatism Set an example

School choice No vouchers; keep public Vouchers and school choice Vouchers and charters Vouchers for private and charters

Social security Protect trust fund and Medicare Separate trust fund Lockbox and privatize Lockbox and privatize

Tax reform Reinvention and some cuts Pay debt before cuts Simplify and reduce taxes Simplify and reduce taxes

Technology Pro-V-Chip; Triana; Genome Deregulation and self-censorship No Y2K lawsuits No internet tax; porn filters

Welfare & labor Faith-based volunteerism No workfare; no block grants Faith-based Armies of Compassion Pro-workfare; pro-block grants