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Police Log

The following incidents were reported to the MIT Campus Police between December 28 - January 30. This summary contains most incidents reported to Campus Police but does not include incidents such as: medical shuttles, ambulance transfers, false alarms, general service calls, etc.

Dec. 28: Bldg. 56, malicious damage to cabinet; Bldg. 6, suspicious mail, same checked out okay; Student Center, keys reported lost, same found; Bldg. 35, two suspicious persons stopped.

Dec. 29: Bldg. 3, report of alarms and weird noises in hallway; Albany Garage, homeless person, same assisted to shelter; Baker, report of suspicious person, same checks out okay.

Dec. 30: Baker, student report using credit card on-line and discovered it had been used for several hundred dollars; Bldg. 16, a clock, camera and a credit card stolen, over $1,000 unauthorized charges; Westgate, two students report unauthorized use of credit card for over $1,000 each; Harvard Bridge, assist State Police with vehicle vs bicyclist accident; Amherst St. check of vehicle, same checks out okay; Bldg. W71, suspicious activity, all checks out okay.

Dec. 31: Westgate Lot, report of vehicle stolen although same had been towed in Brookline for illegal parking and never stolen; Memorial Dr., suspicious activity; Bldg. 18, suspicious package; Mass. Ave. and Memorial Dr., check and inquiry of person.

Jan. 1: Cambridge, Alpha Tau Omega, Allison Gunther of 23 Pear Hill Road, Roxbury MA, Chistopher Roma of 244 Belleview Street, Boston, David Sullivan of 40 Eliot Street, Boston, and Kent Gunther of 82 Rowe Street, Roslindale, all unaffiliated, arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing; Bldg. E34, graffiti; Burton, camera stolen, $400; Albany Garage, emergency telephone hang-up, area checked al okay.

Jan. 2: Kresge Lot, 1) vehicle plate stolen; 2) stolen vehicle plate recovered on a another car; Bldg. NW30, check and inquiry of individual.

Jan. 3: Bldg. 7, past larceny of VCR and copier, $500; Ames St. assist Cambridge Police with suspicious vehicle; Bldg. 68, suspicious person looking through vehicles.

Jan. 4: Bldg. 7, malicious damage to locks; Bldg. E25, software stolen $90.

Jan. 5: Audrey St. assist Cambridge Police with a disagreement between passenger and taxi driver; Bldg. NW14, homeless person assisted to shelter; rear of Bldg. W59, check and inquiry of individual, issued trespass warning; Westgate report of person soliciting; Ashdown, report of several hang-up calls from emergency telephone, unable to locate anyone.

Jan. 6: Bldg. 2, past larceny of CD Player, $150; #6 Club, number plate stolen, this was recovered on January 2 in Kresge lot; Bldg. NW12, homeless person, assisted to shelter; assist Cambridge Police, report of 911 hang-up, no cause found.

Jan. 7: Front Street, report of two people breaking a car window; Bldg. E23, Brima Wurie Jr, 51, of Spedwell Street, Dorchester MA, taken into custody on an outstanding warrant; Bldg. 13, vandalism to rest room; Bldg. E23, report of suspicious persons, same checked out okay.

Jan. 8: Boston University Bridge, assist Cambridge and BU Police with a foot chase of two individuals; Boston, Nu Delta, noise complaint; Student Center, check and inquiry of individual; Amherst Alley, check and inquiry of individual.

Jan. 9: #6 Club, suspicious person; Student Center,1) report of kids riding bikes on plaza, gone upon CP’s arrival; 2) cash stolen $12; Bldg. 4, check and inquiry; Sloan Lot, pager reported lost, later recovered; Westgate Lot, car vandalized; Mass. Ave. solicitor bothered person, solicitor no longer in area.

Jan. 10: Westgate Lot, 1) ‘87 SAAB stolen; 2) vehicle stolen in Mattapan recovered; Bldg. 26, wallet and CD player stolen $36; Bldg. 39, homeless person, assisted to shelter.

Jan. 11: Bexley, harassing phone calls; Bldg. 5, laptop computer stolen, $2,418; Burton, report of suspicious person; Memorial Dr. assist Cambridge Police with minor motor vehicle accident vs pedestrian; Vassar St. check and inquiry.

Jan. 12: Bldg. E19, suspicious person, same checked out okay; East Campus, assault and battery by persons known to each other; Bldg. N52, homeless person, same assisted to shelter; Westgate, harassing phone calls; East Campus, empty Liquid Nitrogen tank found; New House, wallet stolen $30 and fraudulent use of credit card; Bldg. 3, fraudulent use of credit card; MacGregor, harassing phone call.

Jan. 13: West Garage, report of tires vandalized; Amherst Alley, noise complaint, no cause found; W31, report of past sexual assault; Mass & Memorial, assist Cambridge Police with minor vehicle accident; Senior House, report of person on roof throwing snowballs.

Jan. 14: Eastgate, annoying phone calls; Bldg. 4, report of suspicious person, same distributing newspapers; Bldg. 4, laptop computer stolen $3,200.

Jan. 15: Hayden Library, checkbook stolen; Bldg. 56, suspicious person.

Jan. 16: Bldg. N52, fire causing minor damage; Bldg. 54, sprinkler head froze causing pipe to burst causing water damage; Bldg. 7, water pipe burst, no interior damage; Bldg. N52, suspicious activity, same checks out okay; Bldg. 14, wallet stolen, $500 cash; Bldg. W71, missing student; Bldg. 42, oil spill; Edgerton House, Wayne Tropeano of 15 Sumner Ave, Wakefield MA, placed under arrest for possession of cocaine; SafeRide van, a shopping cart was stolen from van, $20.

Jan. 17: Bldg. 6, tools stolen $1,100; Bldg. 56, sections of metal roofing flew off; LaVerde’s, John R. Lahey of 104 Adams St., Waltham MA, arrested for shoplifting and other related charges.

Jan. 18: Bldg. 66, report of suspicious persons, same checked out okay; Student Center, check and inquiry; Bldg. 7, graffiti; Vassar Street @ Bldg. W59, water main break; Bldg. NW12, report of suspicious activity; Bldg. E25, laptop computer stolen $3,600; Bldg. 50, Senior House and E23 all had water pipe breaks causing damage; Main and Ames Street, assist Cambridge Police with pedestrian struck by vehicle.

Jan. 20: Bldg. 6, CD player stolen, $125; Charles River, assist State Police with two person walking on ice; Bldg. E23, under age intoxicated student, alcohol citation issued for consumption of alcohol; Main Lot, suspicious vehicle.

Jan. 21: East Campus, notify student to call home; Student Center, homeless person sleeping in bathroom; Walker, annoying phone calls; West Lot, attempted break into a Toyota; Bldg. E17, report of a suspicious person, one hour passed between seeing him and report; Bldg. E25 report of cash stolen, person left before officer arrived; Bldg. 24, check and inquiry, same checked out okay; Bldg. 14, report of homeless person, gone upon officers arrival; MacGregor, noise complaint.

Jan. 22: Boston, Lambda Chi Alpha, two noise complaints; Bldg. 54, 1) report of a piece of pipe stolen, same later recovered; 2) wallet stolen, later recovered minus $1; Bldg. 10, suspicious activity; Burton, report of suspicious person; Eastgate, report of solicitors.

Jan. 23: Bldg. 13, report of suspicious activity; Student Center, report of person asleep in elevator; assist State Police, report of vehicle accident on Longfellow Bridge; Baker, wallet stolen from room while roommate was asleep in room, $60 cash and credit cards; Bldg. W33, skis stolen $1,500; Charles River, report of persons on ice; Bldg. 54, suspicious activity.

Jan. 24: Bldg. 5, suspicious person; Bldg. 39, check and inquiry; Amherst Alley, check and inquiry of vehicle.

Jan. 25: New House, intoxicated underage person issued alcohol citation; West Annex lot, car window smashed; Baker, suspicious activity; Amherst Alley, ATO reports of persons throwing snow balls.

Jan. 26: MacGregor, 1) room entered and occupant was awakened by noise and observed a suspicious person leaving her room with her bag; 2) report of suspicious person; Bldg. E60, computer stolen $2,000; Bldg. E38, suspicious activity; Senior House, report of persons throwing snow balls.

Jan. 27: Boston, Lambda Chi Alpha, noise complaint; Bldg. 54, hack in elevator; Bldg.7, attempted larceny of library books; Lot 29, check and inquiry of vehicle.

Jan. 28: Bldg. E19, report of suspicious person; Bldg. E52, 2 laptops and CD ROM stolen $10,200; Bldg. 24, assist Cambridge Police with 911 hang-up, no cause found; Student Center, candy, pens and other items stolen $135; assist Cambridge Police Whitehead Institute, cell phone stolen; assist State Police, Memorial Dr. report of vehicle broken down; MacGregor, fraudulent use of a credit card; Tang Hall, noise complaint.

Jan. 29: Westgate lowrise, complaint of car alarm sounding; Bldg. 16, past report of past suspicious activity; Bldg. 35, report of person sleeping in room.