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Police Log

The following incidents were reported to the MIT Campus Police between Nov. 20 - Dec. 27. This summary contains most incidents reported to Campus Police but does not include incidents such as: medical shuttles, ambulance transfers, false alarms, generals service calls, etc.

Nov. 20: Edgerton House, noise complaint; Bexley, malicious damage to a window; East Campus, annoying phone calls; Bldg. 13, fire and minor explosion caused by a scrubber; Bldg. 14, hang-up call on 100 line, unable to locate problem.

Nov. 21: Memorial Dr. assist State Police with a vehicle accident; Harvard Bridge person on wrong side of railing; Bldg. 14, check and inquiry of individual who check out okay; Tennis Bubble, student refused to leave, situation resolved.

Nov. 22: Bldg. 14, suspicious activity; Bldg. 7, bike left in room stolen, $230; Bldg. NE20, suspicious person; Bldg. NW12, suspicious phone call; East Campus, officers respond to check out a loud noise; East Lot, vehicle vs. front end loader accident.

Nov. 23: Fowler St., report of suspicious vehicle; Bldg. 14, report of smoke, cause found to be burnt toast; Vassar St. at West Garage vehicle accident; Memorial Dr. vehicle accident, assist State Police; Albany Garage, Edwardo Sanchez and Ronald Flores of 240 Albany Street, Cambridge MA placed under arrest for disorderly and other related charges; Bldg. 3, check and inquiry, trespass warning issued.

Nov. 24: Memorial Dr. assist State Police with vehicle accident; Bldg. 6, computer and computer equipment stolen $3,521; Bldg. 10, report of suspicious male, same located and assisted; Astroturf, gate stolen, unknown value; Bldg. 7, 1) CD layer and headphones stolen $160, 2) CD’s stolen; Student Center, four males refusing to leave, gone upon CP’s arrival; Bldg. N52, Edwardo Sanchez and Ronald Flores of 240 Albany Street, Cambridge MA placed under arrest for disorderly and other related charges arrested for trespassing and other related charges.

Nov. 25: Bldg. 14, suspicious activity.

Nov. 26: Bldg. 1, report of suspicious package, same checks out okay; McCormick, annoying phone call; Bldg. 56, John Lockett of 20 Bradston Street, Boston, MA arrested for trespassing; Bldg. 54, suspicious activity, checks out okay; DuPont assist with removal of two non-affiliated persons.

Nov. 27: McCormick, report of suspicious person, area checked negative; rear of Bldg. 42, suspicious vehicle, gone upon CP's arrival; McCormick, assault between person known to each other.

Nov. 28: Bldg. 1, suspicious activity; Bldg. N42, report of a note stating a bomb was in building; Bldg. E15, skateboarders issued a trespass warning; Bldg. 3, reported smell of smoke, same from glass blowing in basement; Bldg. E52, student fell down air shaft, east Campus, report of odor of gasoline, same discovered to be rotten food.

Nov. 29: Westgate, report of person ringing several buzzers in an attempt to gain entry, same gone upon CP’s arrival; Bldg. 1, computer monitors stolen; Bldg. 3, chair and computer stolen, unknown value; Ashdown, wallet containing $100 and credit cards stolen; Bldg. E25, suspicious activity, same checked out okay; Bldg. 36, bike locked to itself with a Kryptonite lock stolen, $300; Bldg. 6, calculator stolen $200; Bldg. 2 report of smoke, discovered to be over heated motor; Bldg. NW10, report of homeless person, same on way to shelter.

Nov. 30: Bldg. W31, sign stolen, unknown value; west Garage, malicious damage to vehicle; Bldg. 18, bike stolen from room $800; 500 Memorial Dr. student return to his room to find unknown person sitting on his bed; Bexley, noise complaint; Bldg. 3, past larceny of credit card; Student Center, employee problem; Ashdown, report of smoke, same found to be burnt food.

Dec. 1: 33 Mass. Ave. HP door opener stolen, unknown value; Student Center, 1) wallet stolen, $44 cash and credit cards; 2) wallet stolen $3; Bldg. 13, annoying phone calls/faxes; West Garage, damage to vehicle; East Campus, wallet containing $100 and credit cards stolen; Bldg. 8, homeless person assisted to shelter; Bldg. E23, suspicious person issued a trespass warning.

Dec. 2: Bldg. E19, CD/clock radio stolen, $40; Albany Garage, hang-up 100 call, area checked no cause found; Bldg. 66, homeless person stopped, trespass warning issued; Bldg. 2, electric equipment stolen $300; Student Center, backpack containing compact disc player and discs $580; Amherst St., report of person looking in cars.

Dec. 3: Kendall Square, student reports having buttocks grabbed; New House, report of homeless person; Memorial Dr. report of person running down street with Christmas tree; Student Center, 1) larceny of cash $1,200, 2) larceny of cash $30; Hayden Library, wallet stolen from coat, $70 cash; Bldg. 4, report of homeless person, gone upon CP's arrival; Mass. Ave. and Vassar Street, assist homeless person to shelter. Dec. 4: Kresge, report of people on roof; Bldg. E51, report of homeless person, same assisted to shelter; Burton House, camera stolen $300; Student Center, graffiti; Bldg. N51, damage to door; Dupont, 1) CD player stolen $50, 2) $30 cash stolen.

Dec. 5: N52 lot, car broken into and camera stolen $800; Tang Hall, smell of smoke discovered to be burnt popcorn.

Dec. 6: Bldg. 4, report of suspicious person; Bexley, wallet stolen $100 cash; Bldg. E55, window broken; Student Center, 1) $49 stolen from wallet which was later found in a trash barrel, 2) wallet stolen $2 cash, 3) wallet stolen $200 cash; Bldg. 4, annoying phone call; Bldg. E1, suspicious activity, trespass warning issued.

Dec. 7: Bldg. N52, suspicious activity; Eastgate, malicious damage; Ashdown, past larceny of credit cards; Bldg. 24, laptop computer stolen $2,245; McDermott Court, racial slurs yelled at person; Bldg. 14, wallet stolen containing $20 cash; Amherst St. and Mass. Ave., James E. Mason of 890 Caterbury Street, Rosindale, MA taken into custody on an outstanding motor vehicle warrant; Bldg. E1, brass beaver statue stolen, later recovered.

Dec. 8: Mass. Ave. by Building 5, complaint of homeless persons, same moved along to shelter; Edgerton House, smoke filled room discovered to be burnt food in crock pot; New House, bike reported stolen discovered to be misplaced; Bldg. N52, suspicious activity.

Dec. 9: McCormick, annoying phone calls; Ashdown, suspicious person; 33 Mass. Ave. bike rack, bike secured with cable stolen $300; Amherst Alley by Baker, report of fight, just noisy students; WILG, homeless person in doorway, assisted to shelter; assist State Police Memorial Dr. and Wadsworth St. with motor vehicle accident; Bldg. 66, report of suspicious package, discovered to be cookies; Student Center, suspicious package.

Dec. 10: Senior House, noise complaint; Baker, complaint of students on roof; ZBT, noise complaint; Ashdown, suspicious activity; Bldg. 54, report of suspicious activity; East Campus, annoying phone calls; Student Center, annoying phone calls; McCormick, annoying e-mail; Albany St., report of homeless persons, same directed to shelter.

Dec. 11: New House, noise complaint of construction work; Nu Delta noise complaint; Bldg. 36, tapes stolen $60; Brookline, ZBT, noise complaint; Student Center, camera lens stolen $7,780.

Dec. 12: Walker, malicious damage to a door; Hayward lot, hit and run damge; Student Center, pocketbook stolen, $20 cash; Memorial Dr by Baker, report of persons yelling no cause found; Bldg. 8, suspicious person; Bldg. 14, two officers chasing a naked person towards Memorial Dr., unknown outcome.

Dec. 13: Bldg. 35, report of suspicious person, same was student; Westgate, past larceny of credit cards; Bldg. E25, chair stolen $500; Student Cnenter, larceny of paints and paper, unknown value; Bldg. 3, ID stolen; New House, credit cards stolen; Bldg. E23, complaint of three persons causing a disturbance; Bldg. E23 assist Cambridge Police with a 911 hang-up call; rear of Bldg. 14, suspicious person stopped and issued a trespass warning.

Dec. 16: Chestnut and Waverly Streets, assist Cambridge Police with a hit and run vehicle accident; Bldg. 16, employee problem; Bldg. 8, computer larceny $3,428; East Campus, unwanted guest; Hayden Library, wallet containing $60 cash stolen; Student Center, report of disorderly person situation resolved; Railroad tracks behind Metropolitan storage, check and inquiry of person; rear of NW10, report of person screaming, gone upon CP’s arrival.

Dec. 17: Student House, noise complaint, no cause found; Cambridge, Kappa Sigma, report of fight, two persons having a loud argument; Bldg. E40, report of homeless person asleep in restroom; Student Center, 1) pocketbook stolen $65 cash; 2) piece of fruit stolen; Bldg. 4, attempted break into an area; Bldg. 16, color monitor and mounting bracket stolen $619; Hayden Library, wallet containing $85 stolen from backpack; Bldg. 11, annoying phone calls; DuPont, past larceny of wallet $40 cash.

Dec. 18: Bldg. 7, suspicious person, checked out okay; 500 Memorial Dr., harassing graffiti; Westgate, report of something burning, discovered to be light fixture burnt out; Johnson Athletic Center, wallets stolen 1) $30, 2) $21, 3) $20; Pacific Lot, check and inquiry of individual, trespass warning issued; Kresge lot, report of person looking in windows of vehicles, gone upon CP’s arrival.

Dec. 19: Student Center, check and inquiry of two individuals, trespass warning issued; Pacific Street Lot, check and inquiry of individual, trespass warning issued.

Dec. 20: Boston, Phi Delta Theta, report of a fight, call unfounded; Eastgate, hateful graffiti; Hayden Library, wallet stolen, contained no cash; Student Center, cash stolen $18.

Dec. 21: Bldg. NW12, suspicious activity; Bldg. 2, fire alarm equipment stolen, unknown value; Bldg. 10, suspicious person, check of area unable to locate.

Dec. 22: Bldg. 13, check and inquiry of person, checks out okay; Student Center, wallet containing several credit cards and $270 cash stolen.

Dec. 23: New House, student problem; Bldg. 6, laptop stolen $4,000; Windsor and Mass. Ave. check on suspicious vehicle.

Dec. 24: Ashdown, past larceny of credit card; Kresge Lot, check and inquiry of person.

Dec. 25: Bldg. NW14, male broke into building, Anthony Labeau of no known address placed under arrest for breaking and entering and other related charges.

Dec. 26: Bldg. 10, report of suspicious activity.

Dec. 27: Bldg. E18, foil stolen $60; East Garage, suspicious activity.