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Rush Terms

badmouthing: saying negative things about another fraternity, sorority, or independent living group; prohibited by rush rules

bid: an official invitation to join a fraternity, sorority, or independent living group

Clearinghouse: the computer system used to track freshmen moving among FSILGs. Students can make themselves invisible to living groups in Clearinghouse by contacting the the Office of Residence Life and Student Life Programs in room 549 of the Student Center.

crossrushing: having bids from two or more fraternities simultaneously

crowding: the result of a housing system filled beyond normal capacity. Certain rooms are “crowded” from singles to doubles, double to triples, etc.

Dormcon: Dormitory Council. Dormcon represents students living in the dormitory system and manages dormitory rush.

flushing: slang term for encouraging rushees to leave a living group and/or referring them to another living group

FMS: Freshman Messaging System. Computerized system for messages from parents, the administration, and FSILGs. FMS terminals are available in all dormitories.

FSILG: fraternity, sorority, or independent living group

hazing:method of initiation that willfully endangers the health of a student; prohibited by Massachusetts law. Under the law, hazing includes mental and physical trauma.

housing lottery: the Athena-based lottery used to determine dormitory housing; lasts from 4:00 p.m. tomorrow through 2:00 p.m. Tuesday

IFC: Interfraternity Council, the governing body of all FSILGs; manages FSILG rush

informals: sorority rush activities that are by invite only

in-house rush: used by dormitories to assign entries, floors, suites, and rooms to new residents

Judcomm: Judicial Committee. Judcomm representatives monitor living groups and events for violations of rush rules. Both Dormcon and IFC have their own Judcomm.

Medcomm: Mediation Committee. The committee, made up of representatives from Dormcon and the IFC, prosecutes rush violations that transcend the two groups. It also sets policies for Killian Kick-Off and the Residence Midway.

Panhel: Panhellenic Association, the local chapter of the national sorority association and a sub-group of the IFC; manages sorority rush

pledges: what new members of some fraternities and sororities are called after an initiation program but before they become full members

pref parties: the last parties held by sororities before bid lists are made up

Rho Chi: temporarily deaffiliated sorority member who acts as an impartial counselor for women rushing sororities; cannot mention or discuss her sorority