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Wild Nights

Veena Thomas

My sister Sapana came to visit me over Patriot’s Day weekend. I figured I could show her around Boston and she could get a feel for my college life. She arrived on Friday just in time for the Lip Sync. The lip sync ended after 10 p.m., and she looked towards me as to what we would do next. She envisioned a crazy night of partying or something; I’m not quite sure what she thinks I do here.

Well, I was darned if I knew what to do next. Usually my friends and I leave for dinner in the city at about 8 p.m. and come back at around 11 p.m., then hang out or rent a movie. I figured that Sapana would want to be entertained by the thrills of Boston, but all I could think of was to get ice cream. We left Tosci’s at 11 p.m. and returned to my dorm, where we ran into friends and I spilled my ice cream all over the carpet, which she found amusing. We hung out for a while, discussed what to do, decided to rent a movie, realized it would end at 4 p.m., and went to bed. The next day was a little more exciting for her. We cheered on the men’s track team and went to Chili’s. Then she experienced the thrill of rushing across Boston in order to be on time for a laser show.

The laser show ended at nine, and we returned to the dorm where we searched for an available TV so we could watch the movie we rented the previous night. After the movie, we talked about what we could do next, hung out for a while, and ordered a pizza at 2 a.m. It came after 3 a.m., and we ate it and went to bed. Sapana decided I was boring and that all we did was sit around discussing what we should do next. That’s not usually true; I’m always happy just hanging out. She said later that she really did enjoy just talking, but I felt this need to prove that college life is exciting.

I told her that she should have stayed an extra night because Sunday promised to be crazy, with both the infamous Burton-Conner DTYD party and the heavily advertised Next House Lingerie Party. She had gaped at the posters of scantily clad people and made me promise I wouldn’t do anything that could get me arrested for indecent exposure.

So she left on Sunday and I prepared for a night of nonstop partying. I gathered up my friends and we entered DTYD. The metal detector proved to be overkill; it was one of the tamest events I’ve seen. People were sitting around talking; some were listening to the band. A nicely dressed guy presided over the cash bar, where a soda cost $1.25 and alcoholic drinks were even more. A few people walked around with cups of beer, but it was far from the drunken revelry I had expected.

We soon grew bored and decided to check out the lingerie party. It too was a far cry from my expectations. Instead of scores of people wearing next to nothing, I saw a handful of girls in bras, one guy in a bra, and everyone else looked like they always do. At least this party had free soda. Disappointed once more in my so-called wild night, we decided to return to DTYD but were denied admittance because the party was supposedly closed. So we headed over to a certain afterparty, which had promised to put all parties to shame. Yet all I saw were people standing around smoking, and people walking around drinking.

We left this party too, in part because one friend can’t stand smoke, but mostly because it was lame. With two arm bands on my wrist as evidence that I supposedly had a good time, we passed by a foosball table. We played 2 on 1. We played foosball normally, left-handed, with our arms crossed, and with one hand behind the back. Sapana, you can call me boring, but that is my idea of a good time.