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Police Log

The following incidents were reported to the MIT Campus Police between Feb. 4 and Feb. 24. Information is compiled from the Campus Police’s weekly crime summary and from dispatcher logs.

The report does not include alarms, general service calls, or incidents not reported to the dispatcher.

Feb 4: 77 Mass. Ave. vehicle and bicycle accident; Bldg. 2, Umberto Farinato arrested for possession of a controlled substance and hypodermic needle, Leonel Guerro and Steve Mediros arrested for trespassing; Hayward St., check on suspicious vehicle; Ashdown, 7 illegally parked bicycles removed.

Feb 5: Bldg. 45, area broken into, wire stolen $100; Mass. Ave., report of homeless person making kissing sound while female walked by; Student Ctr., report of homeless person in store, in both instances individual had left area upon CP’s arrival; Vassar St. report of suspicious vehicle, ’84 Chevy Camero fled area as officer approached it; Bldg. 16, bicycle secured with chain stolen $125; Bldg. 4, computer stolen, unknown value; Bldg. 37, keyboard and mouse stolen $275; Bldg. NW30, report of homeless persons loitering, gone upon CP’s arrival; Student Ctr. report of male in coffee shop shaking, same gone upon CP’s arrival.

Feb 6: Lot 29, check on well-being of occupant of vehicle, observed with engine running for some time, all okay; MacGregor, suicide; Bldg. NW10, report of suspicious person, same checked out okay; Bldg. E55, emergency telephone call, officers located person with language barrier and everything okay.

Feb 7: Tang Hall, noise complaint; Bldg. E25, vending machine damaged; Bldg. E53, suspicious activity; Bldg. 26, suspicious activity; Bldg. 2, two males stopped and issued warnings; Bldg. W32, security problem.

Feb 8: Bldg. NW12, graffiti; Bldg. 14, chair stolen $500; Bldg. 8, vandalism to bulletin board; West Lot, past hit and run damage to vehicle; 33 Mass. Ave., bike secure with a “U” lock stolen, $600; Bldg. 44, laptop computer stolen, $2,300; Albany St. near NW12, check on suspicious person; Bldg. 8, report of homeless person, same removed from area.

Feb 9: Bldg. 7, coat and wallet stolen $130; Student Ctr., Richard Wilson arrested for trespassing; East Campus, report of annoying mail, same discovered through investigations to be a joke; Bldg. 36, vending machine damaged; Bldg. E51, report of suspicious person, same checked out okay; Bldg. 56, report of suspicious person attempting to enter building, same gone upon CP’s arrival; rear of Bldg. NW30, intoxicated person, same transported to shelter; Bldg. 66, graffiti; Bldg. 7, report of two males trying doors, area checked with negative results; New House, report of harassing phone calls, same discovered through investigations to be a joke.

Feb 10: Amherst and Danforths Streets, investigate a vehicle; rear of Bldg. NW12, report of two suspicious individuals; West Garage, past vandalism to vehicle; Bldg. 10, report of annoying mail; Westgate, report of missing student, same located upon investigation; Bldg. E38, security problem.

Feb 11: Bldg. W59, graffiti, student identified as suspect; Bldg. 9, wallet stolen $500 cash; Amherst St. check on suspicious motor vehicle; Student Ct. backpack stolen, $125; Baker, bicycle secured with “U” lock stolen $500; Albany Garage, report of youths riding bicycles on garage ramps, youths had left area upon CP’s arrival; W31, a person who had previously been issued a trespass warning came into headquarters to speak with an officer; Bldg. 13, report of skateboarders, non-affiliated youths sent on way; Bldg. E19, Cambridge Police report 911 hang-up calls, no cause found; Albany Street, person taken into custody on an outstanding warrant; rear of NW30, suspicious person check; Bldg. 7, suspicious person checked out okay; Bldg. 14, suspicious person, issued trespass warning.

Feb 12: Bldg. NW10, notify student to contact sister; DuPont gym, report of fencing strips stolen $300; Johnson Athletic, vehicle key stolen; East Campus, malicious damage to door; Vassar St., assist Cambridge Fire with vehicle leaking diesel fuel; Student Ctr., report of homeless person smoking, individual had left area prior to CP’s arrival.

Feb 13: Bldg. W59, suspicious activity; Vassar St., check on well being of person in vehicle; Bldg. E25, report of two individuals acting suspiciously, persons had left area upon CP’s arrival; Assist Boston Police, report of robbery on Mass. Ave. Boston and MIT units observing possible subject in area.

Feb 14: Vehicle stolen in January from MIT was recovered in Medford; Bldg. E15, report of youths in-line skating on benches inside E15, individuals had left area upon CP’s arrival; Bldg. W32, report of student problem; Mass. Ave. at Vassar St. MBTA Police request assistance in removing person from bus; Student Center, homeless person issued trespass warning; Bldg. 56, report of suspicious activity; Baker, report of suspicious person, same was gone upon CP’s arrival, area checked out okay.

Feb 15: Bldg’s. 10,14, 68 and E25 vending machines broken into; Bldg. 14, pocketbook and contents stolen $310; Student Ctr. computer and printer stolen $1,650; West Lot, vandalism to vehicle; Bldg. W59, graffiti; Amherst Alley near Green Hall, vehicle stopped for driving erratically; Bldg. 26, report of suspicious person seen in area two hours ago, check of area appears okay; rear of Bldg. W89, two suspicious persons stopped and issued trespass warnings; West Lot, suspicious vehicle stopped; Bldg. 36, report of suspicious package, same checked out okay; Bldg. 7, suspicious person, issued trespass warning.

Feb 16: Vehicle reported stolen to Cambridge Police from Amherst Alley was recovered in Kresge Lot with no damage to ignition; Bldg. 3, radio stolen $60; Bldg. E25, keys stolen, later recovered; Bldg. 13, bike rack, bike left unsecured stolen, unknown value; Bldg. E40, report of startling noise, discovered to be mail delivery; Main Lot, report of persons fighting over parking spot; Albany St. by NW10, transport homeless person to shelter; Bldg. E25, suspicious person stopped, checked out okay.

Feb 17: Bldg. 35, report of two individuals dumpster diving, unable to locate; Student Center, T pass lost or stolen; Pool, report of stolen items from locker, individual went to wrong locker.

Feb 18: DuPont men’s locker room, locker broken into and wallet and other items stolen $135; Student Ctr., wallet reported stolen $25; Bldg. W31, homeless person transported to shelter.

Feb 19: Edgerton House, fire caused by toaster oven; Bldg. 2, Stephen F. Brown arrested for trespassing; CRA lot, hit and run damage to vehicle; Bldg. E52, harassing e-mail; Student Ctr, report of persons on roof; Bldg. E38, bike secured with a cable stolen $450; Memorial Dr., minor vehicle accident involving SafeRide van; Bldg. E1, wallet stolen $35; Bldg. 4, Parrish Coleman arrested for trespassing; Bldg. W31, sex offense reported by third party; Albany St. near NW10, report of homeless person causing a disturbance, individual was making his way to shelter.

Feb 20: Tang Hall, noise complaint; Hayward Garage, SafeRide van minor damage to parked vehicle; Boston, report of a suspicious male trying to entice a person by offering them alcohol and inviting them back to his apartment; Bldg. 4, suspicious person issued a trespass warning; Pacific St. lot, male taken into custody on an outstanding warrant; Student Ctr., suspicious person trespass warning issued; Senior House, report of suspicious person, CP’s unable to locate after checking area.

Feb 21: Student Ctr., wallet stolen from La Sala $20 cash; Main St. assist Cambridge Police with a distraught person; Bldg. 4, suspicious person issued a trespass warning.

Feb 22: Student Ctr.1) suspicious person checked out okay; 2) bike tire stolen $50; Bldg. 24, report of suspicious activity; Bldg. E10, rug stolen $600; Bldg. NW30, hit and run damage to vehicle; duPont, wallet stolen from locker room bench, unknown value; Vassar St. assist Cambridge Police with minor motor vehicle accident.

Feb 23: Bldg. E34, teddy bear stolen $20; Student Ctr. graffiti; MacGregor, telephone answering machine stolen $100; Bldg. 1, 1) CD player stolen $100; 2) electronic translator stolen $300; Student Ctr. reading room, backpack stolen $60.

Feb 24: Burton, harassing phone calls; Student Ctr. laptop computer stolen $2,400; duPont mens’ locker room, wallet and clothes stolen $40; Student Ctr. report of suspicious person, checked out okay.