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Police Log

Police Log

The following incidents were reported to the Campus Police between July 1 and July 29. Information is compiled from the Campus Police's weekly crime summary and from dispatcher logs.

This report does not include alarms, general service calls, or incidents not reported to the dispatcher.

July 1: Bldg. 13, toxic gas alarm; Bldg. 6, door knob stolen from Eastman Lobby, unknown value.

July 2: Walker, suspicious activity; Bldg. E25, malicious damage to card reader; Vassar St. and Mass. Ave., provided assistance to non-affiliated intoxicated female; Bldg. E19, tool bag reported stolen, later discovered misplaced; Bldg. 13, toxic gas alarm, no cause found; 33 Mass. Ave., bike secure with Ulock stolen, no known value; Sigma Kappa, credit cards stolen.

July 3: Bldg. WW15, abandoned vehicle towed.

July 4: Bldg. E23, suspicious person; Bldg. E53, bike stolen sometime between May and July, $150; Bldg. 56, credit cards stolen; East Campus, items thrown from window at pedestrians striking and injuring same; Bldg. 4, animal problem in 4-250.

July 5: Kappa Sigma, assist other police department in looking for missing person; 500 Memorial Dr., noise complaint, all quiet.

July 6: Westgate, bicycle stolen, $40; Amherst St., minor motor vehicle accident, one operator taken into custody for an outstanding warrant; Bldg. W85, bike seat stolen; Bldg. 7, Adam Gottleib, of unknown address, arrested for trespassing.

July 7: Student Center turnaround, minor motor vehicle accident; Bldg. E55, check on well being of a child; Bldg. NW30, Martin Smith, of 784 Washington Street, Dorchester, MA, taken into custody on an outstanding warrant.

July 8: 199 Bay State Rd, credit card stolen; Safe Ride driver harassed by group of youths; Bldg. W51, fire alarm; Beta Theta Pi, credit cards stolen.

July 9: New House, gas leak; Hayden Library, suspicious person; Bldg. NW12, unwanted person.

July 10: Bldg. E60, larceny of laptop computer, $3,424; Hermann Garage, damage to motor vehicle; Bldg. 6, chemical spill of one gram of Methyl Iodide.

July 11: Burton Connor, loud party; Bldg. 20, suspicious activity.

July 12: Bldg. W11, larceny of bicycle, $115; Ashdown House, fire alarm; W20, larceny of bicycle, $300; Bldg. 14, suspicious person.

July 13: Bldg. E51, two attempted breaking and enterings; Bldg. 68, fire alarm; Bldg. N42, lost child discovered, returned to parents; Bldg. E51, Larceny of VCR; Bldg. 20, bike stolen.

July 14: New House, larceny of bicycle, $450; Bldg. 4, larceny of laser printer, $1,957; Bldg. 4, suspicious activity; Bldg. 54, suspicious activity; Bldg. 54, Arrest (2 subjects), trespass after notice; Bldg. E52, harassing e-mail; Student Center, larceny of airline tickets, $1100; Bldg. 54, larceny of credit cards; Alpha Tao Omega, larceny of bicycle, $350. Bldg. N42, lost child.

July 15: Student Center, unauthorized party at Toscanini's; Bldg. 6, harassing mail; Killian Court, Suspicious Person; Bldg. 35, Larceny of wallet, $20.

July 16: Bldg. 1, report of suspicious person.

July 17: Beta Theta Pi, report of bottles being thrown from roof of the bldg. at Boston University police officers; Killian Court, generator stolen, $1,625; Bldg. 68, fire alarm caused by smoke backwash.

July 18: Bldg. E19, vending machine broken into, food items stolen; Rockwell Cage, wallet and cellphone stolen, $80; Beacon St., assist Boston Police with suspicious activity.

July 19: 500 Memorial Dr., report of two missing students from summer program, same later returned; Westgate lot, Honda broken into and airbag stolen; Bldg. 8, chilled water pipe broke causing water damage to area; 500 Memorial Dr., report of missing student from summer program, same later returned.

July 20: Killian Court, air compressor stolen; Bldg. 14, printer and power adapter stolen, $250; Phi Beta Epsilon, two wallets and watches stolen, $138; Bldg. 42, suspicious person stopped, checked out okay; Bldg. E23, several small items stolen, $43; Memorial Dr., assist State Police, lightening struck a tree and flying debris caused damage to two vehicles; Theta Xi, 1) laptop stolen, $3,700, 2) wallet stolen, $100; Bldg. 56, bike secured with a cable stolen, $198.

July 21: Area of Bldg. N52, male arrested for malicious destruction of property (taxi cab) and assault and battery of police officers; Bldg. 14, annoying phone calls; Bldg. NW30, boiler stolen, $3,000; Bldg. 2, Robert Dubuc of 152 GoreSt., Cambridge, MA arrested for trespassing; Phi Beta Epsilon, motorcycle helmet stolen, $150; Bldg. Bldg. E38, harassing phone call; Briggs Field, wallet and cash stolen, $80; Bldg. 56, bike stolen.

July 22: Pierce boathouse, security problem, same corrected.

July 23: Ashdown House, problem with contractor, damage to bicycle; Carlton St, motor vehicle accident, no injuries.

July 24: Bldg. E34, harassing e-mail; Albany Lot, motor vehicle accident, no injuries; Bldg. 6, larceny of CD player and compact discs, $330; Bexley Hall, larceny of bicycle, $80.

July 25: Westgate, suspicious activity; Ashdown House, larceny of cell phone, $270; East Garage Annex, property damage to motor vehicle; Bldg. W20, larceny of cash, $984.

July 26: Bldg. W20, motor vehicle accident, no injuries; Bldg. W84, complaint of loud music; Bldg. 20, suspicious activity.

July 27: East Campus, larceny of clothing, $490; Bldg. 41, intoxicated person, transported to MIT Medical; Random Hall, larceny of bicycle, $350; Bldg. E60, Harassing e-mail and phone calls; Burton-Connor, larceny of laptop, $5,000; Bldg. 68, malicious destruction of property.

July 28: Bldg. 14, larceny of computer scanner; MIT Coop, larceny of software; Bldg. 35, larceny of cordless phone/answering machine, $270; Student Center, 1) larceny of computer software; 2) arrest of Arun Sannuti, for larceny and assault and battery on a police officer; Zeta Psi, larceny of bicycle, $250; Alpha Delta Phi, suspicious activity, item thrown from upper floor. Bldg. 68, vandalism of elevator.

July 29: Bldg. E17, missing person, located; Student Center, larceny of laptop, $1000; Bldg. 66, Lab Explosion, unfounded.