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Police Log

The following incidents were reported to the Campus Police between June 3 and July 1. Information is compiled from the CampusPolice's weekly crime summary and from dispatcher logs.

This report does not include alarms, general service calls, or incidents not reported to the dispatcher. "Medical services" include medical shuttles, transports, escorts, and other emergency services.

June 3: Bldg. 5, empty display cases in Hart Nautical Museum; Random Hall, student problem; Hayward Garage, motor vehicle accident; West Garage, motor vehicle accident.Medical service calls:8.

June 4: Bldg. 2, suspicious activity; Student Center, 1) backpack and contents stolen, $10, 2) leather bag and contents stolen, $290; MacGregor House, missing person, father of student reports him missing, later located; Alumni Pool, wallet stolen, $20; Bldg. 5, books stolen, $150; Dewey Library, handbag and contents stolen, $420. Medical service calls:9.

June 5: Ashdown House, harassing phone calls; Killian Court, 1) Louiza Morjane Badaoui of 1125 Quincy Street, Quincy, arrested for disturbing commencement and trespassing after notice, 2) wallet containing cash and credit cards found, $600. Medical service calls:3.

June 6: West Garage, malicious destruction, parking gate broken off; Amherst Alley by Westgate, motor vehicle accident, no injuries; Amherst Alley by Burton, motor vehicle accident, bus damages curb, no injuries. Medical service calls:0.

June 7: New House, noise complaint, unregistered party shut down; Edgerton House, fire alarm, burning cheese in oven; Memorial Drive by Bldg. E52, Motor Vehicle Accident, car on sidewalk into bushes, no operator, towed by State Police. Medical service calls:4.

June 8: Bldg. 16, breaking and entering and larceny of tools, $765; Bldg. 11, fire alarm, construction crew set off alarm accidentally; Bldg. 56, fire alarm, construction crew set off alarm accidentally; Ashdown House, harassing phone calls; Chapel, broken window. Medical service calls:8.

June 9: Bldg. 12, laptop stolen, $2000; Baker House, water flow alarm, construction crew breaks pipe accidentally; Tang Hall, credit card fraud, $1935.38; Bldg. 6, two printers stolen, 1) $400, 2) $400; Senior House, fire alarm, pan burning on stove; Bldg. E15, tape recorder stolen, $600. Medical service calls:3.

June 10: Westgate Lot, malicious destruction, parking gate broken off; Bldg. 2, suspicious activity; Albany Garage, motor vehicle accident, no injuries; Bldg. E51, suspicious activity; Sloan Plaza, skateboarders issued trespass warning. Medical service calls:3.

June 11: Bldg. NE25, annoying phone calls; Alumni Pool, suspicious person; Bldg. Burton-Conner House, threats; Bldg. NW10, harassing e-mail; Massachusetts Ave., two-way radio turned over to Campus Police; Carlton Street, minor vehicle accident. Medical service calls: 6.

June 12: Sigma Phi Epsilon, noise complaint; Bldg. 14S, indecent exposure; East Garage, vehicle broken into, several items stolen, $435; Memorial Dr., Campus Police cruiser struck from rear, minor damage; Vassar St., 1997 Plymouth stolen. Medical service calls: 3.

June 13: Bldg. 16, Water pipe broken. Medical service calls: 2.

June 14: Amherst Alley, sink holes due to heavy rains; Pedestrian struck on Memorial Dr. near Walker Memorial, assist state police, non-affiliated individual was transported to Beth Israel Hospital; Bldg.26, smell of smoke, caused by an oil-based burner overheated. Medical service calls:1.

June 15: Bldg. 4, air conditioner stolen, $400; Bldg. E40, suspicious activity; Bldg. 1, report of person smoking a cigarette in hallway; Bldg. E15, dispute over union and non-union construction workers, same handled without further problems; Bldg. W91, tape player stolen, $175. Medical service calls: 8.

June 16: Bldg. 1, report of a suspicious package, same discovered to be light bulb; Fowler St., vehicle window smashed, nothing taken; Assist other police agency, Ashdown House, served a restraining order; Johnson Athletic Center, pocketbook stolen, $50. Medical service calls: 8.

June 17: Bldg. 9, bike secured with a cable stolen, $100; East Annex lot, hit and run damage to a vehicle; Bldg. E52, CD cassette player stolen, $40; Eastgate, Federal Express package stolen, $400. Medical service calls: 7.

June 18: Pacific lot, several vehicles towed for tampering with parking passes; McDermott Court, lights stolen, $1,990. Medical service calls: 5.

June 19: Student Center, Nicole Philavong taken into custody on outstanding warrant; Bldg. 4, laptop computer stolen $5,000; Marriott Hotel, assist Cambridge Police, harassment; Beta Theta Pi, noise complaint, music turned down. Medical service calls: 5.

June 20: Medical service calls: 0.

June 21: Bldg. 13, toxic gas alarm, no cause found; Bexley Alley, bicycle stolen, $110; DuPont, suspicious activity; Erie St., assist Cambridge Police with suspicious activity; Student Center. suspicious activity; Westgate, bicycle stolen, $100. Medical service calls: 2.

June 22: Bldg. 34, suspicious activity; Westgate, child neglect report; Windsor lot, dispute over parking space; Bldg. 24, CD player and discs stolen, $350; Student Center, camera equipment stolen in April just reported, $2,080; Westgate, report of person screaming, same discovered to be an upset person. Medical service calls: 6.

June 23: Bldg. N52, suspicious activity; Bldg. E18, credit cards stolen; Lobby 7, wallet stolen, $60; Bldg. 3 mailroom, suspicious person; Westgate, food burning on stove causing heavy smoke; Senior House, report of a student problem, marijuana confiscated. Medical service calls: 4.

June 24: Walker, computers stolen, unknown value; Bldg. 10, cellular phone stolen, $280. Medical service calls: 5.

June 25: Bldg. E51, microphone stolen, $100; Bldg. 33, clock, food, and cash stolen, $20. Medical service calls: 5.

June 26: Student Center., bike tire stolen, $175; Mass. Ave., individual on bicycle struck by motor vehicle, minor injuries, transported to MIT Medical. Medical service calls: 9.

June 27: Medical service calls: 2.

June 28: Carlton St., suspicious vehicle, Miasha S. Cummings of 68 Newbury St., Somerville, taken into custody on an outstanding warrant; Sig Ep, noise complaint, same handled without further problems; Bldg. W11, unwanted person, same issued trespass warning. Medical service calls: 0.

June 29: Central Square, Assist Cambridge Police, person stopped for being in possession of stolen property - MIT registered bike; Johnson, 1) construction work caused brick to fall from roof which struck a MIT vehicle, 2) table and empty beer kegs stolen, $185; Hayden Library, cash stolen, $30; Walker, Anil K. Batra of 302 Commercial St., Braintree, placed under arrest for trespassing. Medical service calls: 7.

June 30: Bldg. NE43, suspicious person; Bldg. 6, 1) laptop and VCR stolen, $4,000; 2) scanner stolen, $600; Bldg. 4, printer stolen, $2,000; Albany St., crane being used on MIT property without permission; Bldg. 48, laptop and parts stolen, $1,250; 77 Massachusetts Ave., assist Cambridge Police with a disorderly female; Bldg. 48, suspicious activity; Hayden Library, 1) suspicious person; 2) cash stolen, $20; Bexley, bike secured with a chain stolen, $80. Medical service calls: 2.