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Police Log

The following is a summary of incidents reported to the Campus Police dispatcher between Feb. 19 andMarch 9. Information is compiled from the Campus Police's weekly crime summary and from dispatcher logs.

This report does not include alarms, general service calls, or incidents not reported to the dispatcher. "Medical Services" includes medical shuttles, transports, escorts, and other emergency services.

Feb. 19: Alumni Pool, malicious damage, fingernail polish spilled on counter; Walker Memorial, food stolen. Medical Service calls:9.

Feb. 20: Main and Wadsworth Streets, Wellesley Student harassed as she entered a cab; Bldg. NW30, copper stolen, $2,000; Bldg. E15, computer CPU stolen, $4,000; Bldg. E38, bicycle secured with a cable lock stolen, $200; Bldg. E40, laptop stolen, $6,000; Bldg. 26, person burning documents, fire extinguished prior to officers arrival; Bldg. 56, suspicious person; Massachusetts Avenue, overturned boat in Charles River; Magazine Street, SafeRide van involved in accident. Medical Service calls: 10.

Feb. 21: Ashdown, loud noise complaint, no alcohol being served. All persons left area when requested to do so by Campus Police; Tang, loud party complaint and alcohol being consumed, officers determined all persons were over 21, party shut down. Bldg. 10, anti-war teach-in. Medical Service calls:8.

Feb. 22: Eastgate, domestic situation; Bldg. E15, camera equipment stolen, $4,800; Bldg. 4, leather jacket stolen, $1,000. Medical Service calls: 7.

Feb. 23: Fenway House, domestic situation; Bldg. NW21, smoke in building, motor on garage door seized; Memorial Drive, motor vehicle accident nearboathouse; Bldg. E51, intoxicated individual. Medical Service calls:8.

Feb. 24: Bldg. W59, computer reported stolen, later discovered only moved not stolen; Bldg. E40, laptop stolen, $3,000; Bldg W59, bicycle stolen, $280; Bldg. 4, hit and run accident; Walker Memorial, student problem. Medical Service calls:11.

Feb. 25: MacGregor, ambulance called for overdose case; Baker, suspicious phone call; Bldg. 10, suspicious activity; Bexley, report of a past assault; Bldg. E55, domestic situation; Bldg. 2, suspicious person; Windsor lot, 1986 Toyota Camry stolen, later recovered in Wakefield; Bldg. 56, saw stolen, $1,100; Amherst Alley, 1984 Volvo reported stolen, later discovered to be borrowed by friend without permission; Fiji, Brass Rat and equipment stolen; Bldg. 10, breaking and entering. Medical Service calls: 14.

Feb. 26: Networks, cash stolen from an employee, $163; Boathouse, overturned sailboat in Charles River. Medical Service calls:23.

Feb. 27: Hayward lot, Toyota broken into and cellular phone stolen, $69; Briggs Field, past assault reported; Bldg. E39, suspicious person; Bldg. 14, malicious damage to Women's Studies bulletin board; Westgate lot, 1989 Buick stolen; Bldg. W59, two jackets stolen, $330; Bldg. E19, laptop stolen, $2,225; Ashdown, harassment; Bldg. E40, wallet stolen, recovered by 77 Massachusetts Avenue bus stop, $2 missing. Medical Service calls:12.

Feb. 28: Memorial Drive, backpack stolen from vehicle; Bldg. E53, bicycle parts stolen, $400; 77 Massachusetts Avenue, student reports he observed person riding his bicycle reported stolen in September. Person stopped and officers determined person riding the bicycle was the owner. Medical Service calls:5.

March 1: Medical Service calls: 7.

March 2: Bldg. E19, two extension ladders stolen, $565; Next House, 1) bicycle stolen, $100; 2) bicycle stolen, $200; Johnson Athletic Center, cash stolen, $70; duPont, bicycle reported lost was spotted by the owner locked to a bicycle rack; Vassar Street lot, damage to motor vehicle; Amherst Alley, car damaged by potholes, Medical Service calls: 9.

March 3: Bldg. 13, fire in a trash barrel; Bldg. 2, walkman and speakers stolen, $270; Student Center, harassment; Massachusetts Avenue, taxi hits bicyclist at Amherst Street. Medical Service calls: 9.

March 4: Bldg. 6, wallet stolen, $20; McCormick, harassment; Bldg. E51, suspicious activity. Medical Service calls: 7.

March 5: Bldg. 35, suspicious person; MacGregor, wallet stolen, $30; Bldg. 6, annoying phone calls. Medical Service calls: 9.

March 6: Faculty Club, obscene phone calls; Phi Beta Epsilon, harassing e-mail; MacGregor, bicycle stolen from lounge area, $450; West Garage, suspicious activity. Eastgate, breaking and entering, assault. Suspect is a heavy set male, medium build, olive complexion, clean shaven, brownish hair, wearing a black shirt and dark pants. Medical Service calls: 12.

March 7: Bldg. 56, suspicious person; Bldg. 13, domestic situation; Eastgate, food left unattended on stove set off fire alarm, requiring building to be evacuated; Bldg. 2, Mark C. Savage arrested for trespassing; Bldg. 3, suspicious activity; Bldg. 68 lot, motor vehicle accident. Medical Service calls: 2.

March 8: Vassar Street, motor vehicle accident at Metropolitan Storage Company; Massachusetts Avenue bridge; report of jumper; Lobdell, suspicious activity. Medical Service calls:5.

March 9: Bldg. 24, unauthorized use of office space; Bldg. NW12, suspicious activity; Bldg. 14, suspicious person; Bldg. E23, suspicious individual; Next House, bicycle stolen, $90; New House, harassing e-mail. Medical Service calls:10.