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All Living Groups Have Equal Share of Problems

All Living Groups Have Equal Share of Problems

Tuesday's column by Stacey E. Blau '98 ["Hypocritical Fraternities Embarrass MIT," Feb. 25] demonstrated a lack of journalistic pride and integrity. To instigate and provoke heated crossfire is irresponsible. Considering Blau writes for a paper which is, in principle, a fairly centered and honorably intentioned periodical. Are you out to turn The Tech into the second tabloid campus rag?

What inspired this? Face it. At MIT, there are people who drink a lot, smoke pot, snort coke, drop acid, rape, lie, steal, harass, commit hate crimes, haze, have unprotected sex, vandalize, destroy, swear, eat pork during Passover - people here committed offenses of all types that range all the way from maybe innocent fun, differences of morality, or lapses of maturity, to serious trespasses and illicit activities.

In fact, you might say MIT students are a lot like the rest of the population, except you tend to find more intelligence among them. I'll admit to you that in the past, I have not always been a model student. As a result, I have been around the block at this institution more than a few times. Guess what? More of the stuff I list above happens among those living off campus and in some dormitories than in all fraternities. But putting dormitories on the spot or comparing them to fraternities is not my goal. My point is that people are people. Those are the things that statistically some of them do. No matter where they live. So go ahead, try to point the finger at fraternities. Now make a scientific study. Get a control group. Spend time at a school without fraternities and tell me if you encounter any less immorality.

As a matter of fact, MIT is a fairly upstanding school in general, our fraternities are damn fine, and they contain plenty of intelligent conversation.

If most of what Blau knows about fraternities is hearsay, where does she get off on leveling accusations at them, let alone criticizing them and branding them as hypocritical? If Blau worked at my newspaper, she'd be out of a job.

Christopher L. Kausel '98