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Police Log

Police Log

The following incidents were reported to the MIT Campus Police between Dec.1 and Jan. 8. This summary contains most incidents reported to the Campus Police but does not include incidents such as: medical shuttles, ambulance transfers, false alarms, general service calls, etc.

Dec. 1: Bldg. 48, fax machine stolen, $250; Bldg.14, computer stolen, $6,444; Bldg. 68, keys stolen; Bldg. 45, cash stolen, $120; MacGregor House, VCR stolen, $100; Bldg. E52, pocketbook reported stolen, only misplaced.

Dec. 2: Bldg. 54, harassing phone calls; McCormick House, suspicious activity; Bldg. E60, generator stolen, $800.

Dec. 3: N52, harassing phone calls; Endicott St., assist other police department with motor vehicle accident.

Dec. 4: Bldg. 4, VCR stolen, $1,420; Bldg. 3, 1) VCR and radio stolen, $850; 2) 15 compact discs stolen.

Dec. 5: Bldg. W59, computer monitor stolen, $350; Ashdown, fight involving students.

Dec. 6: Bldg. 13, 1) domestic disturbance; 2) keys and check stolen; Eastgate, heavy smoke from coffee pot left on stove.

Dec. 7: East Campus, harassing phone calls; duPont, unauthorized use of equipment; Bldg. 14, computer stolen, $1,876; Bldg. 4, Joseph Riccordi of Florence St., Somerville, Mass. arrested for trespassing.

Dec. 8: MacGregor, noise complaint; Bldg. 2, suspicious activity; Bldg. E52, suspicious activity; Bldg. 4, power tools stolen, $800; MacGregor, harassing e-mail; Bldg. N52, suspicious person.

Dec. 9: Bldg. 54, suspicious person; Student Center, stolen ATM card, $365 withdrawn from account; Peirce Boathouse, jacket stolen, $185; Burton-Conner House, keys and pocketbook stolen, $35; Bldg. 20, fire, unknown cause.

Dec. 10: Albany garage, bike left unlocked stolen, $330; Bldg. 39, bicycle locked to itself stolen, $300.

Dec. 11: Bldg. E51, bike secured with a chain stolen, $800; Bldg. E23, suspicious activity; Bldg. 54, computer stolen, $50,000; Bldg. E53, wallet stolen, $30; MacGregor, wallet stolen, $120.

Dec. 12: Bldg. 9, graffiti; Bldg. 6, computer stolen, $2,321; Bldg. 38, microwave oven stolen, $100; Bldg. W59, fax a machine stolen, $294.

Dec. 13: Burton, harassing e-mail; Bldg. 7, zip discs stolen, $21.

Dec. 14: Vassar St., assist other police department with locating two individuals involved in a fight that occurred at the Hyatt Hotel; 33 Mass. Avenue, individual stole two bike tires same recovered; Hayden Library, bike secured with cable lock stolen, $340.

Dec. 15: Bldg. 16, wire stolen, $3,000; Student Ctr., bike stolen, unknown value; Baker House, harassing phone calls; Bldg. 36, suspicious person; Bldg. E19, suspicious activity.

Dec. 16: Bldg. 54, attempted break into an area; Bldg. 3, suspicious person; Bldg. 14, male juvenile arrested for trespassing; Alumni Pool, wallet stolen from locker room in October reported, $60 cash, credit cards and watch taken; Bldg. E25, two CDs stolen in July reported.

Dec. 17: Bldg. 4, CD-ROM stolen, $330; New House, report of suspicious person.

Dec. 18: Bldg. E38, annoying e-mail.

Dec. 19: Bldg. 37, suspicious person; Bldg. E15, plaza, intoxicated employee found by Campus Police officer, custodial care obtained; Bldg. 8, computer stolen, $1,600; Student Ctr. Plaza, three juveniles stopped for removing the bulbs from the holiday tree and smashing same; Tang, bike tire stolen, $50.

Dec. 20: Burton, suspicious person; Tennis Bubble, attempted larceny of a bicycle; Amherst St., motor vehicle license plate stolen; Westgate lowrise lot, motor vehicle plate stolen.

Dec. 21: duPont gym, suspicious activity; Bldg. 35 bike rack, attempted larceny of complaintant's bike.

Dec. 22: Bldg. E18, harassing pager message; Bldg. 7, two library books stolen, $80.

Dec. 23: Bldg. 14E, suspicious activity; Bldg. E32, suspicious person; Bldg. NE43, computer parts stolen, $1,010; Bldg. N42, suspicious activity.

Dec. 24: Bldg. E17, CD radio player stolen, $110.

Dec. 27: MIT officers responded to a report that a female had just jumped into the Charles River. Officers arrived within minutes and were able to toss a life ring to the woman and pulled her to safety before other police and fire apparatus arrived. The female has no affiliation with MIT.

Dec. 29: Bldg. E17, compressor stolen, $400; Bldg. 20, computer stolen, $2,800; Bldg. E15 bike secured with a cable stolen, $150; Bldg. 66, computer stolen, $1,500.

Dec. 30: Bldg. NE43, suspicious activity; Bldg. 35, computer parts stolen, $500; Bldg. 56, non-MIT affiliated males, Gregory Stratton of 45 FieldPond Dr., Reading, Mass., David Brown of 41 Ferno Rd., Newton, Mass., David Perletz of 252 Charles St., Reading, MA, Micheal Freed of 62 Mill Rd. Newton, Mass., and Mark Puente of 22 Arlington St., Newton, Mass. arrested for trespassing and drug possession.

Dec. 31: Bldg. W59, malicious damage.

Jan. 1: MacGregor, unlocked bicycle stolen, $850; Delta Tau Delta, working fire, extinguished by Boston Fire Department, probable cause poorly extinguished cigarette.

Jan. 2: Walker, room broken into, unknown if anything taken; East Campus, suspicious activity.

Jan. 3: Killian Court, malicious damage to emergency telephone; Bldg. 20, suspicious activity.

Jan. 5: duPont mens locker room, two lockers broken into and wallets stolen 1) $45; 2) $40.

Jan. 6: Bldg. 35, computer equipment stolen, $100.

Jan. 7: Bldg. 10, vacuum stolen, $500; Bldg. E40, annoying e-mail; Bldg. E53, laptop stolen, $4,000; West lot, suspicious activity.

Jan. 8: Bldg. NW62, snow blower stolen, $1,275; Bldg. 34,overhead projector stolen, later recovered by owner; Bldg. 33, various items stolen, $1,900; Alpha Delta Phi, unwanted person; New House, annoying phone calls; Bldg. 66, cookware stolen, $169; Bldg. 56, blanket stolen, $50; Ashdown House, bicycles secured with a "U" lock stolen, $800.