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NFL Special from New Hampshire: Take the Yankees?

By Chris Brocoum
Sports Columnist

I take my position as a sports columnist very seriously. It is a lot of fun (which, surprisingly, is why I do it), but it also entails a great deal of responsibility. I mean, I ought to watch all the games and really know my stuff.

I am ashamed because this weekend I watched football for all of five minutes - as in the pre-game introductions for Green Bay-San Francisco, which, I might add was a great game (author's note: it turned out exactly as I called it "Take the Pack in a thriller." Field goal in overtime? Am I good or what?).

All the loyal fans out there - don't despair. I have a good excuse for neglecting the NFL. I was tied up getting in touch with nature camping out in the middle of nowhere somewhere in New Hampshire. Really. I don't think I could have gotten last year's Super Bowl scores out there yet.

As far as I knew, Tampa Bay could have upset Minnesota, Washington could have won yet again, and New Orleans could have amazed da Bears. Wait a minute. That is exactly what happened. Talk about picking a bad week to miss.

This is fodder for excellent commentary. Unfortunately, my knowledge of these games is limited so my discussion will strictly adhere to the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid, which for me translates into don't admit my ignorance).

New Orleans got lucky. Da Bears are horrible. The Vikings are even more horrible(they are so bad I have to make up new words just to describe them). The Redskins are downright amazing. The end.

I thought that this week I would focus on the NFC Central with Green Bay having won, Minnesota being upset and so on. Then I noticed that the entire NFC Central has the week off (Tampa Bay still doesn't count, even if they did beat Minnesota).

Therefore, my job is incredibly easy this week. The NFCCentral teams will remain exactly as they are in the standings except Tampa Bay will have have one more loss.


The picks, week 8

Question: What exactly is the point of a Thursday night game? Answer: Not much apparently, since Kansas City is going to roll all over Seattle.

Indianapolis and New England. The Colts are experiencing great luck this year. New England is experiencing terrible luck. I don't believe in luck, but this is just too sure to be overlooked. Take Indy.

There are two teams in the NFL with worse records than Tampa Bay. Arizona isn't one of those teams. Take Arizona.

In an act of desperation, Jets' management announced that the first 100 fans over the age of six at the Jets game will get to compete for Neil O'Donell's job. The management has since realized that it is doubtful that 100 fans will show up. The Jets ought to just take the rest of the year off. Take Buffalo in a rout.

New Orleaners are going crazy watching the Saints' incredible two-game winning streak. Take Carolina.

This is one time that I can't call a Dallas loss just because of a grudge, no matter how much I want to. Atlanta is that bad.

Denver is going to tear it up against the disastrous Ravens (explanation: I have given up calling them the Browns because they stink).

Jacksonville at St. Louis will be a decent contest for a Division III football game. Take Jacksonville.

Philadelphia and Miami are both having rollercoaster years. I think Miami might be picking up speed again though. Take the Dolphins.

There is a one point spread between Pittsburgh and Houston. That must be a misprint. Let me clear this up real quick: Pittsburgh wins by a whole lot more than one point.

Cincinnati at SanFrancisco is like watching the Bulls play the YMCA Youth Basketball League.

Things are just happening for the 'Skins. The Giants ain't been up to much. I will not try to explain it because I don't think anyone can, but Washington is going to keep winning.

Monday Night Special: Raiders at San Diego. As it is a contest entirely in California, I say that I just don't care. Talk about a letdown after the past three weeks. You can't win them all, I guess. Take the Chargers.

Last week: 85, season record: 3925. (Once again, I think calling Green Bay should count double).