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Police Log

Police Log

Note: Effective August 1, the ATMs in the lobby of Building 10 will be accessible 24 hours a day.

The following are incidents and crimes reported to the Campus Police between June 14 and July 17:

June 14: Bldg. W16, larceny of computer; Bldg. NE43, larceny of computer parts.

June 15: New House, larceny of backpack; Bldg. 2, larceny of computer; Bldg. E53, larceny of bicycle.

June 16: Bldg. 36, suspicious activity; Bldg. 14, larceny of cash; Bldg. N51, graffiti.

June 17: Student Center, Camilla Smith, of 2262 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester, arrested for wanton destruction and disorderly conduct; Bldg. E15, harassing mail; East Garage Annex Lot, assault between non-affiliated co-workers; Bldg. E56, larceny of backpack.

June 18: Bldg. 20B, larceny of computer; Bldg. 3, larceny of CD player; Bldg. 9, larceny of camera.

June 19: Bldg. E52 bicycle rack, larceny of bicycle; Bldg. E23, disorderly person; Bldg. E52 plaza, larceny of bicycle parts; Bldg. 7, larceny of computer.

June 20: Bldg. 4, larceny of credit cards; Student Center plaza, larceny of bicycle; Bldg. 14, larceny of cash.

June 21: Bldg. 3, larceny of stereo headphones.

June 22: Westgate Lot, motor vehicle accident.

June 23: Bldg. 9 bicycle rack, larceny of bicycle; Bldg. 1 bicycle rack, larceny of bicycle; Bldg. 14, lewd behavior, a male exposing himself to others.

June 24: Bldg. E10, suspicious person; McCormick Hall, larceny of bicycle; Westgate bicycle rack, larceny of bicycle; Bldg. 13 bicycle rack, larceny of bicycle.

June 25: Bldg. N10 Lot, a suspicious male approached a female walking and asked for money, female refused and suspicious male left without incident; Bldg. NE43, larceny of pocketbook and contents.

June 26: Bldg. 20E, larceny of computer; Bldg. E40, larceny of computer parts; Bldg. 2 bicycle rack, larceny of bicycle; Bldg. 1 bicycle rack, larceny of bicycle parts, Amherst Alley, possession of a dangerous weapon (nunchuks).

June 27: Westgate, noise complaint; Bldg. 35, harassing phone calls; Student Center, larceny of bicycle parts.

June 28: Fowler St., larceny of a motorcycle (recovered in Boston); Bldg. E40, larceny of clothes; Senior House, Richard Chiachio, 164 Middlesex St., Weymouth, arrested for breaking and entering in the night and resisting arrest.

June 29: Bldg. 14 bicycle rack, attempted larceny of bicycle parts, Robert Keiser, of 8 Roy Road, Henniker, N.H., arrested for trespassing and possession of pepper spray without FID Card.

June 30: Bldg. 1 bicycle rack, a juvenile arrested for trespassing and attempted larceny.

July 1: CRA lot, windows vandalized in attendants booth; Bldg. E15 bicycle rack, bicycle tire stolen, $100; MacGregor House, bicycle stolen, $300; Westgate, bicycle stolen, $300.

July 2: Bldg. 3, annoying phone calls and mail; Bldg. 2, laboratory experiment use rifle stolen, $250; East Annex lot, wallet stolen, $20; Chapel, musical instrument stolen, $380; Kappa Sigma, bicycle stolen, $200; Bldg. 4 keyboard stolen, $200; Bldg. 9, computer stolen, $3,000; Bldg. 14, vending machine broken into.

July 3: Albany Lot, malicious damage to motor vehicle; Bldg. E40, CD player, CDs, stuffed animal, and a textbook stolen, $306; Bldg E51, suspicious activity; Bldg. 68, briefcase stolen, $60; Student Center plaza, Ramone A. Meadows, of 6 Ware St., Dorchester, taken into custody on an outstanding warrant; Rockwell Cage, camcorder, calculator and CDs stolen, $605; 33 Massachusetts Ave. bicycle rack, attempted larceny of bicycle parts; Albany Garage, malicious damage to a car.

July 5: Baker House, bicycle stolen, $600; West Garage, '88 Ford broken into, nothing missing.

July 6: Bldg. E19, suspicious activity.

July 7: Bldg. 13, $90 bicycle stolen; Bldg. E40, 1) calculator stolen, $60, 2) laptop computer stolen, $5,500; Bldg. E52, $200 bicycle stolen.

July 8: Bldg. 14, computer stolen, $2,300; Bldg. E52, pocketbook stolen, $30; Bldg. 1, laptop stolen, $4,770; Bldg. 66, suspicious activity; Kappa Sigma, bicycle stolen, $400.

July 9: Student Center, homemade dolly stolen, $30; Bldg. 16, suspicious activity; Bldg. E15, suspicious person; Bldg. 48, watch stolen, $100.

July 10: Bldg.18, annoying phone calls; Bldg. NE43, bicycle stolen, $700; Kresge Auditorium, malicious damage to a plaque; Bldg. NE43, CD player, electronic organizer, walkman, and checkbook stolen, $250; Zeta Psi, computer and clothing stolen, $2,600.

July 11: Bldg 16, backpack stolen $20; Audrey Street, 1) car broken into and CD player stolen, 2) car broken into nothing missing; Bldg. E53 plaza, bicycle stolen $200; Bldg 41, cable stolen, $1,000; Baker, annoying phone calls; Bldg. NW16, suspicious activity; Bldg. NE43, Richard Payne, of 35 Wayland Ave., Dorchester, arrested for larceny and other related charges.

July 12: Bldg. 10, suspicious activity; Bldg. 1 bicycle rack, $250 bicycle stolen; Bldg. 20, annoying phone calls; Bldg. 16, $40 cash stolen.

July 13: MacGregor bicycle rack, $180 bicycle stolen; Bldg. 14, suspicious activity; Hayden library, wallet stolen, $50; Bldg. E52, John Haynes, homeless, arrested for trespassing and other related charges.

July 14: Bldg. E52, Robert W. Davis, arrested for trespassing; Bldg. 20, vending machine vandalized; Bldg. 48, bicycle stolen from street sign, $100; Bldg. 7, Maureen Kelleher, of 500 Ocean St., Hyannis, arrested for assault; Eastgate, annoying phone calls.

July 15: Bldg. 33, bicycle, CDs and radio stolen, $525; Student Center turnaround, verbal altercation; Bldg. E39 dumpster, wallet stolen from Massachusetts General Hospital recovered; rear of NW12, 1) Robert Tyo, homeless, arrested for possession Class A substance, 2) Bryant Flowers, homeless, arrested for assaulting a police officer; Bldg. NW17, Daniel Cummane, homeless, arrested for trespassing; Bldg. 7, briefcase stolen, $125; Alumni Pool bicycle rack, $140 bicycle stolen; Chapel, stain glass window broken; N10 parking lot, car radio stolen from a Honda.

July 16: Bldg. 66, Brian Hale, of Essex St., Boston, arrested for trespassing; Bldg. 16, electronic organizer stolen, $200; Student Center plaza, recovered stolen bicycle; Bldg. E40, suspicious person.

July 17: rear of NW30, male taken into custody on an outstanding warrant; Briggs Field, fanny pack stolen, $50; Bldg. 31, video monitor stolen, $1,000; Bldg. E19, electrical item stolen; Bldg. E52 bicycle rack, $180 bicycle stolen.