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Butt Trumpt delivers electric and acoustic Enema

Though the sound reaches back to the Sex Pistols, Butt Trumpet maintains its own comic/social identity.

Butt Trumpet

Primitive Enema.

Chrysalis/EMI Records.

Concert at Avalon; Friday, May 5 at 6 p.m.

Appearance at Strawberries Records in Kenmore Square, Boston; Saturday, May 6.

By Rob Wagner
Staff Reporter

The band Butt Trumpet formed four years ago in Los Angeles. In the punk-rock style of the Sex Pistols, Butt Trumpet is a hilarious anti-grunge band. Their latest album, Primitive Enema, has one track entirely devoted to killing hippies, and one devoted to the current "police state."

Butt Trumpet consists of Bianca Butthole, lead singer and occasional bassist, Blare N. Bitch, lead guitar and backing vocals, Sharon Needles, bass, backing vocals, and occasional lead vocals, and Jerry Geronimo, who plays the drums and cymbals. The lead singer on Primitive Enema, Thom Bone, quit the band because, according to group members, "he couldn't hang."

Butt Trumpet performed as the opening act for Sam Black Church at Avalon on Friday. How they became associated with a horrible band like Sam Black Church is beyond comprehension. That day also happened to be Bianca Butthole's birthday. As part of the show, men in goofy masks and underwear brought a cake on to the stage and sang to her.

Butt Trumpet played again on Saturday at Strawberries Records in Kenmore Square. They played acoustic versions of songs from the previous night. Band members jokingly dubbed the event "Butt Trumpet Unplugged." This acoustic performance by far outshined their electric performance from the previous night. It highlighted their musical talents and involved less raw noise; also, the lyrics in most songs were actually discernible. In both performances, Butt Trumpet played songs from Primitive Enema as well as new ones, which they hope to release in a new album soon.

Songs from Primitive Enema included the popular "I'm Ugly and I Don't Know Why," which gets radio airplay in Boston; "I've Been so Mad Lately," by far their best song, in which Bianca vents her anger; and "Funeral Crashing Tonite," a rather humorous song about rumbling with a funeral party to steal the body. Other standout tracks include "Pink Gun," about a fifteen year old seeking revenge with a gun; "Dead Dogs," whose subject matter is obvious; and "I Left My Flannel in Seattle," which derides grunge. Showing their hate for grunge at Strawberries, they called for anyone wearing flannel to come up and dance a silly dance for them. At Avalon, Butt Trumpet closed their performance with an unimpressively noisy version of "Dead Dogs," which is silly to begin with.

New songs included "Fish Taco," a song about a cross-dressing prostitute; "Diarrhea," a version of the popular elementary school song; "I Want to be on Epitaph," a song ridiculing the MTV musical program of that name; and "I Hate You," a song about Bianca's ex-husband. Butt Trumpet closed their performance at Strawberries with an impressive acoustic version of "I Hate You," whose electric version was too raw and indecipherable.

Butt Trumpet produced Primitive Enema, their first big release, in two days. They have an album coming out in a few months - they plan to take their time on it and produce it in a week.

As a guiding principle, lead singer Bianca Butthole says she wishes people would "take the cork out and live a little." With a motto like that, what can she do but succeed?

Butt Trumpet may be reached at via the internet.

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