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Young Players Are Key to Continuing NCAA Success

By Mike Duffy and Andrew Heitner
Sports Columnists

Saludos amigos. We hope all our loyal fans have recovered from last weekend's festivities and are gearing up for the NBA All-Star game and March Madness, which are not too far off on the horizon. In the meantime, we offer up some snippets that got cut from last week's 4-page epic. We were hoping to make that a special pull-out section, but were denied by the upper echelon of The Tech. Send complaints to, but please keep the swearing to a minimum.

It has been mentioned in this space the last couple of weeks how strong the NFL and NBA youngins are. It's time to give some credit and due to the rising stars of NCAA basketball, as these are the players that will guarantee continued NBA success and ensure that Dicky V still has a job. Besides, the true excitement does lie in the college game. On the freshman side there are: Joe Smith (Maryland), Rasheed Wallace and Jerry Stackhouse (UNC), Rashard Griffith (Wisconsin), Charles O'Bannon (UCLA), Darnell Robinson (Arkansas), Dontonio Wingfield and Damon Flint (Cincinnati), Antonio McDyess (Alabama), and Bill Winston (MIT). Led by Jason Kidd (Cal), Gary Trent (Ohio), Eddie Benton (Vermont), Corliss Williamson (Arkansas), and John "Butta" Fluker (MIT), the super sophs aren't too bad, either.

Don't be surprised, however, to see Kidd join Glenn Robinson in testing the NBA draft waters this Spring -- as it would be foolish for them not to (at least Robinson, anyway). At last month's NCAA convention the following rule was enacted: "A student-athlete in the sport of basketball may enter a professional league's draft one time during his or her collegiate career without jeopardizing eligibility in that sport, provided the student-athlete declares his or her intention to resume intercollegiate participation within 30 days after the draft." Therefore, it would be foolish for the Big Dog not to enter the draft. This new rule gives him all the chips -- if he doesn't like the team he gets drafted by or is not satisfied with the money offer, he simply can go back to Purdue and reenter the draft next year. Now, of course, this means the NBA is going to have to amend their constitution and change the rule that a team only holds an athlete's rights for one year.

With the guilty plea of Jeff Gillooly and his testimony that Tonya "Hound Dog" Harding actually helped plot the clubbing of Nancy "Box" Kerrigan, many pundits, led by Donut Dan Shaunnessey, have called for the USOC to drop Harding from the Olympic figure skating team. While your humble scribes suspect that Harding was involved in the plot, it would be wrong to throw her off the team at this point.

Those who are calling for her ouster are ignoring one fact of major importance: Harding has not only not been convicted of a crime, she has not even been indicted. This means that no matter how much any of us who are getting information on the case via NBC and CNN suspect that she is guilty, the fact is that after more than three weeks, the people who have done first-hand investigations, the Detroit police, the Oregon DA, and the FBI, don't believe there is enough evidence to even charge Harding with a crime.

By the way, no one with half a brain (this obviously excludes three-fourths of The Boston Globe sports staff) should base any of their opinions on the case on any of the testimony of Gillooly. Where does his lawyer get off calling for Tonya to be removed from the team? Don't forget that Gillooly has many motives for lying, the least of which is the movie deal he will cough up for himself. After all, it was Tonya who dropped Gillooly a week ago, to distance herself from him in the public's eye. It is likely that he is bitter about this, and the only way for him to get back at her is to try to keep her off the team.

A plausible situation could have been: Gillooly, who by many people's accounts tried to ride Tonya's fame to big bucks, devises and carries out the plot to injure Nancy Kerrigan. He tells Tonya about it afterwards, and she lies to the police about it, trying to protect her husband (a wife can not be compelled to testify against her husband). When the story breaks, she divorces him, so he makes up a story, appearing as though he is ratting on Harding.

Although we don't think it happened this way, it is plausible. It is also certainly enough to allow Harding the opportunity to go to the Olympics. They can always take the gold medal away from her after the fact if she's convicted. She won't come close to the gold anyway, because the judges will all be against her.

What the hell was Don "A. A." Beebe doing in the waning moments of the Super Bowl? Did he not realize that it was 4th down and that Buffalo needed a score to cover the spread? Apparently not. That large moan you heard at about 9:20 p.m. last Sunday came from the mouth of Sir Vix, as he realized that the Bills weren't going to cover and that the next flight to Atlanta wasn't departing until Monday. For all the accolades the Beebster got for hustling in last year's game, he deserves enshrinement in Mondongo' Hall of Fame for this year's play.

Best thing about CBS losing the NFL, part II: "I'm a Big Fan's" fast ass won't be plastered on the tube anymore.

Best Super Bowl Commercials

Spanning the dial to bring you the ultimate sports coverage, your humble scribes salute the following commercials for making the Big Game worth watching in the 4th quarter. First, the Nike expose commercials revealing that Johnny Kilroy has been masquerading himself as Michael Jordan in front of the public for a number of years. Next, the Pepsi commercials showing footage from last summer's "24 Years After" Woodstock reunion. Best line: "The green pesto's bad, man."

Simson's Top 4

1. Duke

2. North Carolina

3. Arkansas


Let's Argue Fan Top 5

This week's list was sent in by Robert Mentle '88:

1. NYU


3. Brooklyn College

4. SUNY Stony Brook

5. FIT

You Heard it Here First

After reading today's edition of Let's Argue, women's basketball standouts C.J. Doane '95 and Sarah Davis '97 decide to make themselves eligible for the 1994 World Basketball League draft.

Mondongo's Hueso De La Semana

This week's award goes to Kansas City DH Bob Hamlin, who tore ligaments in his elbow while preparing for an ESPN arm wrestling tournament (sure it was arm wrestling) in Vegas last week. With Hamlin out until May, the Royals were forced to sign such aging vets as Dave Henderson and Steve "Bye, Bye" Balboni in order to give them some power. Funny, but your humble scribes weren't invited to this arm wrestling tourney (must be trying to capitalize on the rental movie success of Over the Top).

Where Are They Now?

Former NY Knicks: Marvin Webster, Cazzie Russell, Louis Orr, Chris McNeely, Len "Truck" Robinson, Walt Bellamy, Rory Sparrow, and Earl "The Pearl" Monroe.

Race For Futility: Mavs 3-40, Bills 0-4 in Super Bowls

A victory last week over the Kings gives the Mavericks as many wins as the number of kings one of your humble scribes held in the final Super Bowl Sunday 7-card Vic poker game. A loss to the 'Boys gives the bills as many Super Bowl losses as the number of fives your other humble scribe held in that same poker game.

Trivia Question of the Week

In what stadium have the most Super Bowls been held? Send answers, comments, and bawdy limericks to

Answer to last week's question: Phil Simms of the Giants, following a victory over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXI, January 1987. Kudos to Frank DiFilippo G who got it right. He wins five free flushes in the new pay toilet outside of the Weisner Building.


Kudos to Puerto Rico's Shining Star, Antonio "Mondongo" Morales who set a personal best in the hammer throw with a toss of 36' 10" in Saturday's indoor meet versus UMass Dartmouth, Suffolk U., and Tufts.

The men's basketball has five players averaging in double figures, led by Keith "Keep on" Whalen '96. Also in doub-figs are Tim "Get my bags" Porter, "Sleepy" Joe Levesque, Randy Hyun "Guns," and Diamond Caruthers. Come see the hoopsters in Rockwell this Tuesday as they have a double dip versus Tufts University. Action starts at 6:00 as the JVs square off, followed by the varsity at 8:00.

Rumbling's from Round the 'Tute

This from John W. Bobbitt, who sat next to one of your humble scribes on an airplane last Friday: "I'm not amused by your trivia gift [the steak knives]. ... Be good, don't get cut. ...Be safe, sleep on your stomach. ... Oh, by the way, I always go with the Picks."

Overheard at The Tech banquet from our former sports editor, Haider Hammoudi: "The funniest nickname you guys ever put in an article had to be Mohammed "Slappin" Salameh. I rolled when I figured that one out."