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Letters To the Editor

I realize as well as anyone that MIT is not a funny place. I can personally attest to the myriad ways in which MIT inflicts pain and suffering upon its students. This is especially true near the end of the term. We at PKT are attempting to add a little comic relief to the nearly endless stream of torture that MIT calls "education."

A fundamental element of humor is its dealing with subject matter deemed reprehensible by society. This has admittedly been a large part of the subject matter in our posters. We have done so with the singular intent of humor.

By taking the honorless course of tearing these posters down, you have shown yourself to be utterly devoid of any sense of humor. Perhaps this is not your fault, but the fault of MIT. But surely even you could not be so dull as to have interpreted the intent of these posters to be anything other than a jest.

I am sorry if we have offended you. You have my eternal condolences, for yours must be a very pale existence.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinions of TEP or PKT.

Jim Goddard '93

Baker House Still `Baker High' to Some

Another happy night at that marvelous dorm we call Baker House has come and gone. Most nights in Baker include the regular adrenaline-pumping activities such as hanging out at the front desk with the "cool" people, or gathering in some West lounge gossiping about what so and so did or who so and so did, what clothes Jimmy wore, and why he didn't...

And then of course, if you're truly lucky, you could enter Baker on a Thursday night when they have the floating keg. If you were there on that glorious night, you too could watch boys turn into true men, and a few times, girls turn into women.

But what if you choose not to waste all of your brain cells? Well, to be fair, most of the residents don't say much, but when you walk by and you're not holding that precious glass of beer in your hand, an inquisitive look takes over their faces, as if to say, "How could you possibly not want to come get so wasted with us that you stand up-side-down on your head and crow like a chicken until the CP's come to get you with white jackets?"

Well, to that, a member of Baker's elite non-drinking community, such as myself, can only bow his head in shame and walk away. Why, oh why am I not cool enough to hang out with those people?

However, tonight was different. There was a special event at Baker: The Awards Night. For you Baker-ignorant people (and believe me, you're lucky), it is a night when a few hard-up people get together and make up awards to present to different members of the Baker community.

To their credit, most of these awards are really mean, low, hurtful, and undeserving -- but then again, what do you expect? As you may recall, most of them are functioning on just over 2 1/2 brain cells. I have known many people in the past who have been the target of some of these vicious insults; until tonight, I had escaped the wrath of Baker.

Let's say my girlfriend's name is Jenny, and she has a sister whose name is Lisa; both of whom are very dear to me, and it upsets me that they too received some generous awards:

Lisa got the "I'm glad I'm not with Mehrdad" Award.

Jenny got the "Drop that loser" Award.

My case is quite short, now that the foundation has been laid. For four years, I lived in that brick building which reminded me of a prison. For the most part, I didn't like it. Why? I was constantly faced with people whose level of (or lack of) maturity baffled me; people who didn't understand what it means to mind their own business, because they don't have any business of their own to attend to, so of course they tend to others' business.

I constantly saw people, obviously the object of ridicule during high school, attempting to be that football captain that probably made their life miserable in high school; I saw people trying to make up for lost times -- the times that we normal people had and were finished with when we left high school. There is a reason the rest of the people at MIT call it Baker High; they nailed it on the head.

Please understand that there are people in Baker whom I respect and admire. When I heard about the award that my girlfriend and her sister received though, it made me sad -- sad to see how pathetic these people really are; during these four years, I never bought the fake acts or the "Seriously man, I am cool" acts; I'm sorry that I continually exposed you for the nerds that you are. I'm sorry that your little acts of bravery and cool didn't hold water with me, and I'm sorry I saw right through it all. But most of all, I'm sorry that seeing the truth and upholding it makes a person a loser in that dorm.

Again, this doesn't apply to everyone in Baker, but I'm sure the ones to whom it does know who they are. To all the close friends I made in Baker, I wish you all the best when we part. To the nerds who are still in hiding and contributed to my award, I have one thing to say: I'm sorry you weren't good enough to go out with Jenny.

Mehrdad Sarlak '9